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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reviews: Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Complex + Intensive Hydrating Silk Masque

When asked what skin problems I'm facing, the first two that would instantly come to mind is "dry" and "dehydrated", closely followed by "allergy-prone".

In response to my predicament, Cellnique Cosmaceutical sent me the Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Complex and Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Silk Masque to try out.

After a month-long trial, I can finally tell if these products are the solution.

Read on for the reviews...

Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Complex comes in a 30ml bottle with a pipet/dropper and is to be applied as a serum before moisturizer. The product claims to hydrate skin making it feel smoother, more supple while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. It's also formulated to treat sensitive and irritated skin.
Upon application, the serum feels gooey on the skin and takes quite some time to absorb. During the trial period, I've tested it out for day time and night time use. My skin became... drier. Say what??!!

Day: Whenever I've applied this serum, my foundation refuses to look good. It will go on blotchy, emphasizing lines and dry patches on my skin. Even when I use moisturizing primers and foundations, this happens. Thus, I've stopped using it in the day.

Night: My skin looks dandy before going to sleep but the next morning, I see dry flaky patches especially on my forehead. To counter the peculiar dryness, I use a very moisturizing/oily night cream and nothing changes.

Here's my question: Can a hydrating product actually make the skin appear drier?

Very much upset that the product doesn't seem to be doing what it claims (I had high hopes!), I consulted an expert* in this field. I was told that the gooey and sticky serum acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss from my skin. At the same time, the barrier prevents my natural oils from surfacing and external moisturizers to be absorbed. This usually doesn't pose a problem to those who have normal to oily complexion but since I have dry skin, lack of oil is a problem besides dehydration. There's water deep down the surface of the desert. What's the point then? Not like I have cactuses growing out of my face *sighs*

*Information was retrieved via casual chatting. Facts may vary. But it makes enough sense to me. Unless someone else can explain it better.

If you don't particularly have dry skin, I'm sure you'll appreciate this product as do ParisB (click for her review on this product). Retails for RM189 at Cellnique salons (click for salon listing) or USD$67 online.

My first thought of the Cellnique Hydrating Silk Masque -- "RM25.80 a piece!" (a box contains 5 sheets)
It pains me to use expensive sheet masks, for some reason. As in, I can't bring myself to use an expensive sheet mask even though I own it. I'd rather give them to someone more deserving or as I'd like to say "Use it when I'm gonna get married".

The silver label that's a mere sticker makes me wonder if the mask is truly by Cellnique...
Anyway, the tissue-thin mask fits quite nicely to my face shape even if it's rather fragile. It was dripping wet with the essence causing a mess on my dresser. The 15-20 minutes waiting time was a relaxing one as my skin cools. After removing the mask, my skin looked like it was slathered with glue. I refered to the box again and rinsed my face as instructed (how odd!). It was as if I never masked.

I think I know why I can't bring myself to use expensive sheet masks; to save myself from the disappointment knowing that a cheap sheet mask works just as well or better.

I'm yet to have a good experience with Cellnique and frankly, I'm jealous that the other girls did:

Jenn (Lipglosseater) and Xin (PrettyBeautiful) found the Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque to effectively clean pores. ParisB (MyWomenStuff) and Kahani (SoLoverly) were impressed by the bestselling Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel. Jenn's review on the Cellnique Vital Cellular Repair Serum got me intrigued.

*Products featured in this post were provided by Cellnique Malaysia for the purpose of review on


Jessie said...

Erm, what about using the serum after moisturizer? Since it is said that it acts as a barrier and seals things in lol

Hayley said...

Hmm, perhaps the product doesnt suit your skin?
i have been using Cellnique products for the past 1 year and so far, everything is fine ;)
guess you'll have to explore further on the perfect products for you...

prettybeautiful said...

thts weird. hydrating serum dries out more? perhaps someone with dry skin should also try it so we know the verdict :D i really like the sebum action gel too.

ning * star said...

oh.... have u tried hada labo from Guardian?
a lot of people said it is pretty moisturizing, i've experienced it too.
but if u are drier skin, i think it will work even better for u

Sue said...

hm. i guess not all things suits everyone though.. the name really sounds like a "must have" item though. hehe.

Kahani said...

Aww so sorry it didn't work for you dear, thanks for the linky though! =D

multivitamin said...

Thanks for sharing such nice information on this product as I just bought it and wanted to know its reviews.

Bombchell said...

face products scare me, because Im prone to breaking out :/

Jenn said...

Awww... i'm sorry these two didn't work for you!! They sound pretty promising huh!! :(

Happy New Year babe!! :D

e.motion in motion said...

Sorry they didn't work for you :( Sounded so promising though! Btw, I nominated you for a blog award!<3

Connie De Alwis said...

Jessie: Lol! I never thought of that! Perhaps should try :p

Hayley: Nope, it doesn't. Very unfortunate. Glad that Cellnique works for you!

Pretty: I have weird skin *sighs*

ning: I have it and I LOVE IT!

Sue: It worked for Paris though so yeah. It's simply not for me but I won't doubt that it'll work for others

Connie De Alwis said...

Kahani: no probs!

multivitamin: You're welcome. hope you found the review helpful

Bombchell: If you often get breakouts from products, you probably should monitor the ingredients to see if they have similar active ingredients that may be the cause

Jenn: I know! I was very hopeful :( Happy New Year!

Erynn: *sighs* oh well. At least all hope is not lost. There are other hydrating products that work for me. Thanks for the nomination :)

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