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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review + Tutorial: Stage Burlesque Ball Holiday Collection

So, I've tempted you with a little sneak peek of the Stage Burlesque Ball Holiday Collection...
A reader, Germaine, went out and got the Scandal palette that I've used in the look but wishes to know how I did it. To fulfill her request and hopefully help some of you who have the palette or are considering to get it, I've done a tutorial. On top of that, you'll find swatches and reviews -- finally!

Read on...

"Curtains open to an intriguing display of our latest show-stopping stars; Scandal and Gossip, be mesmerized as they stir your senses with their versatility and creativity. Sit tight as the bold and risqué clash with vintage and sweet, resulting in the most dramatic collision of sensuality. Brace yourself for a rush of adrenaline with the decadent intensity of Wonderkiss. Now, hold your breath as we end on a high note with the divas of the night; Vodka and Martini. This holiday, misdemeanor takes the spotlight, so let your guard down and begin a voyeuristic adventure with Stage’s Burlesque Ball Holiday Collection." -- Stage Cosmetics

"Be the bearer of juicy news. This versatile palette whisper sweet nothings all day and night. Tease with soft pastels, hypnotize with hues of plum and silver. You’ll have a captive audience in no time..."

The star of the Burlesque Ball Holiday Collection are the 5-Color Eyeshadow Palettes (RM135) -- Scandal and Gossip. Mine is in Scandal, which contains natural colors. Gossip (ParisB has it!) would be the smokier and wilder counterpart. 5 pans of eyeshadows and a dual-ended brush are fitted into a sleek red palette with a full length mirror.

There are no actual color names written on the palette and the names on the little sheet of paper in the box are apparently incorrect. Fortunately, I managed to get the names from the press release. Basically, all the colors are shimmery but they're not chunky and gritty, which is a huge plus for those who hate the disco fever that usually comes with shimmer.

Metallic Violet Shimmer: Mid-toned silverish violet with dense shimmer
Satin Plum: Sheer purple with sparse shimmer
Shimmery Peach: Peachy metallic gold. A better alternative to Stila's "best-selling" Kitten eyeshadow, IMHO. I have them both and Kitten is like so blah and falls all over the place
Satin Pale Pink: Sheer pastel pink with sparse shimmer. Great for highlight
Metallic Pearl white: Bright frosty white with dense shimmer

These eyeshadows have excellent quality in terms of pigmentation and blendability. The brush is usable although not ideal. While I quite like Scandal, my only gripe is that it should've come with one dark color to make the palette more versatile. Check out Prettybeautiful's post on this palette! She adored it too :)

"Wonderkiss Lipcrème is the ultimate lip indulgence when it comes to color, intensity and luxurious care. Wonderkiss is formulated with a unique gel formulation combined with a spherical powder pigment which provides the most intense pure color coverage. Contains hydrating Apple Seed Oil so lips are soft, smooth and pampered. Vitamin E helps defy age and prevent the appearance of fine lines."

PB WOW-ed all of us with the super "Racy" Wonderkiss Lipcreme lipstick (the day I can pull off such a red lip!) but if you're looking for a more subtle approach, perhaps you could be more Coy. The metallic lilac-pink shade is the lightest in the range but it's not nude.

The unique formula feels like a pampering lip balm on the lips while delivering intense color. Although unlike a lip balm, this one has excellent staying power too. Other colors include Swoon, Amuse, Wild, and Thrill. Retails at RM50.

"If you’re the kind of woman who loves being noticed, new Martini Lash will do just that. Inspired by shocking fishnet stockings and soft sensual feathers, Martini lash is the must-have accessory for the limelight, or your private midnight soiree."

The moment I laid eyes on these lashes, I knew I had to have them. They're too fluttery and over-the-top to resist! Martini (RM38) doesn't go with the whole "sweet and innocent" look so I'm reserving them for some future tutorials. The Vodka (RM30) lashes are certainly more "wearable" if extreme drama isn't really your thing. Hehe... "private midnight soiree". So naughty ;)

Continue scrolling down if you wanna know how to achieve this look!

Start by prepping eye with an eyeshadow primer. Using an eyeshadow brush, sweep Shimmery Peach onto the lid. Next, with a fluffy crease brush, apply Satin Plum into the crease and blend well. Place Satin Pale Pink right above the Satin Plum and bring the color up to the brow. Line the lower lash line with a purple pencil eyeliner.

Then, take a small brush and apply Satin Plum over the purple liner. Place some Shimmery Peach into the inner corner. After that, line the upper lash line with a grey gel eyeliner. Add some Metallic Pearl White right under the brow to highlight.

Complete the eye makeup with generous coats of mascara for a dolly-eyed effect.

Items Used:

Shu Uemura UV Under Base in 01
Revlon Age Defying Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige
Revlon Spa Concealer in Medium
Giorgio Armani Loose Powder

RMK Blush in 02 Translucent Coral

elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
Stage Burlesque Ball Palette in Scandal
Stila Smudge Pot in Gray
Stage Drama Lash Mascara
Daiso Auto Eyebrow Pencil
GEO Lens in Ash Wing (Gray)

Stage Wonderkiss Lipcreme in Coy

*Products featured in this post were provided by Stage Cosmetics Malaysia for review on Skindeco.Net


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Can I know what brand of fluffy crease brush you use in this tutorial?
Been looking for one, thanks! =D

Connie De Alwis said...

Anonymous: It's one of the ends from the Stila #30 brush :)

germaine said...

Thank u so much for the i can try out this look, hopefully with success(I'm no that good with eyeshadows-still something very new to me...)

Sherry said...

wow so pretty!

Connie De Alwis said...

Germaine: You're welcome! Happy practicing :)

Sherry: Thank you!

gio said...

This is so pretty, thanks for the tutorial.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Love your look, and these colours look gorgeous! I must remember to try Stage Cosmetics the next time I'm in Malaysia :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Gio: thank you and you're welcome :)

Blue: most definitely! Thank you :)

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