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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: theBalm to the Rescue Vegan Lip Treatment

To be honest, I'm not easily influenced to buy a product that so-called supports a particular charity. In many cases, companies use charity as a selling point for their products in order to sell more and gain more revenue. They're still profiting a lot more than what they're actually contributing when only a small percentage of sales go to charity. Mind you, cosmetics (high end, especially) are usually marked up by at least 500% from cost. Trust me, I know this for a fact.

theBalm to the Rescue Vegan Lip Treatment is a charity-linked product and yet I bought it. I have my reasons and if you wanna know what they are, read on...

5 Reasons Why I Bought theBalm to the Rescue Vegan Lip Treatment

#1: It's vegan. This means the product does not contain any animal by-products eg. beeswax which is a common ingredient in lip balms and I'm unfortunately, allergic to it. This lip balm also contains many happy ingredients like jojoba seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil and peppermint oil

#2: It's huge. The box says 7 grams but this lip balm is as huge as a powder compact! I know it's just a psycho effect but the amount is still rather generous seeing as how most tube lip balms contain around 4 grams of product

#3: The box packaging has a pug on it. Can you say C-U-T-E?

#4: The compact has doggie paw prints on it. Again! C-U-T-E! There's also a handy mirror

#5: All net procedes are donated to Pug Rescue. There's a HUGE difference between "5% of procedes" and "all net procedes". If you're ever gonna buy something for a good cause, make sure that they're donating a large portion of the sale to charity and not just a toenail

Honest product aside, theBalm to the Rescue is simply a really good lip balm. Micro exfoliating crystals aka jojoba esters gently slough off rough skin leaving lips feeling soft and supple. The formula is non-greasy and shine-free so you can apply it out of the lip perimeter, which I do very often, and not look like you've just taken a huge bite out of a fried chicken drumstick. Go ahead and apply lip color over the colourless lip balm, it won't slide off. The light minty scent is pleasant, soothing other areas of the skin that are dry and irritated. It's quite a bummer that this lip balm does not help treat eczema even though it moisturizes well. You may want to keep this lip balm out of hot conditons because it melts at body temperature.

Selling for RM45 at SaSa outlets, it's actually cheaper here than in the United States ($16). How odd right?


Fifi said...

wow the pan is HUGE!
and the pug is definitely c-u-t-e! ;)

Monica said...

That does look huge! But it also sounds like its good & am always on the hunt for lipbalms.

Jenn said...

The packaging look absolutely adorable!!! Me wants this now!! :D

Sherry said...

wah saw you on the Star paper today!! :D

check out RAGE!

Joy Chuah said...

Hey last a lip balm that actually works..i totally need a lip balm and most that I've tried don't do as it is supposed to.It flakes and dries up on my lips and i really detest that. Thanks for reviewing this balm..going to Sasa soon to grab this...
aaahhh...i saw you in look as gorgeous as the glowing skin look..
you rock Connie..

Sue Lynn said...

Ohhhh...The "shine-free" part totally sold it, well, to me at least. Which is the exact reason why I buy men's lipbalms! Anti-lipglos, me, remember? :P

THIS, I gotta buy, pronto!

Sue Lynn said...

And WOAH! Holy cow! I can now claim that I'm acquainted with a real celebrity! woot woot

Published in a national newspaper, no less!

Meldee said...

I was thinking about getting this one, but demurring over it for so long...with your review now I feel a lemming! O_O

gio said...

That's huge! And the packaging is so cute!!

Thanks for the review.

Slowbrogal said...

Connie!!! You're on the STAR newspaper today. Cool~~~ You're famous now!!

Chloevien said...

I absolutely want this!!!!!!:) Again, your review is dangerous *lol* Btw, the Luminizer from TheBalm is awesome *love*

e.motion in motion said...

Wow, that's huge! Sounds really good, I want some now hehe. Great cause too ^^ Happy Holidays Connie!<3

Connie De Alwis said...

Fifi: LOVE the pug!

Monica: It's certainly one of the better lipbalms that I have

Jenn: Get it! Now that it's accessible and cheaper here

Sherry: hehe. Imma gonna laminate the article :x

Connie De Alwis said...

Joy Chuah: let me know if the lip balm works for you too.
Thank you for the compliment and merry christmas to you too! :)

Sue Lynn: i like men lipbalms cuz they're icy cool. I think you'll appreciate this one :) btw, have you tried Benefit's Smooch? it's a fabulous product and absolutely shine-free (melts into lips). If only I wasn't allergic to it

celebrity? hardly!

Meldee: Get it. Get it!!

Gio: Yup. it double was my pocket mirror

Connie De Alwis said...

Slowbrogal: hehe. Thanks. How I wish! But nowhere near famous

Chloevien: I love to tempt ;) No idea what the Luminizer is but having you say it's good makes me wanna check it out

Erynn: The donation bit is a great bonus :) Happy Holidays!

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