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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random: Because I'm Trying to Fall Asleep

Did you know that I really like plain white ducks? Sure, the Mandarin ducks are colorful but white ducks... So cute

Ok, that was extremely random. It's almost 4am and I'm not in the mood to do anything productive despite the fact that I can't sleep. To entertain myself, I've compiled a couple of pictures and chucked them into this blog post.

There's nothing beauty-related in this post so you can feel free to skip if you're not interested in looking at other random pictures

Pip's too adorable for words, isn't she? She's getting fatter too. Unfortunately, she's not entirely handle-friendly *sighs*. If you've kept gliders long enough you'd be able to tell that all gliders actually look different. They may have similar colors and markings but their facial structures actually differ and believe it or not, their facial expressions too. Pip has a round and short face, which I love.

I towered at 5'9 wearing these 4-inch heels. I love love love love them! They're from Carlo Rino and probably the most expensive pair of shoes I own... Now, to find a place to wear them to. I've only worn them once :x

The boy can be quite the poser too. Those aren't his guns though. I use an electronic marker/gun that shoots about 15 paintballs a second... and I'm no good at controlling it. Hehe

I have a lot of pets. New to the family is the Common Snapping Turtle candidly named Paul.

A little over a week ago I bought a new camera... and put it up for sale 3 days after. For my "blogging activities" I require a camera that has good macro and produces accurate colors -- this camera didn't quite cut it despite the funky auto-"photoshop" option. There was a sale and a very good salesperson... don't ask. Anyway, I've managed to sell it off and I'll be sticking by my good ol' Lumix for now.

Ok, I think I'm ready for bed. Good night! Hopefully I'll be in the mood to do some Chirstmas looks tutorials tomorrow


e.motion in motion said...

Awww Pip so cute!! I love the fatness hehe. Cute turtle too! Don't those get huuge?? I have a red ear slider ^^

Jenn said...

Awww... Pip looks a little shy here!! hehehe!!

And your heels... they're killer heels indeed!! hehe!! :D So envious of your height!! >.<

Grace Chan said...

=O pip is so cute!

germaine said...

U have so many pets, at home 1 have two dogs, 3 hamster,and 2 turtles, and fishes. your sugar glider really is fat,lol... I never seen one which is shaped like yours...hahahaha...must cut down on the food...

Sue Lynn said...

Awwww...Pip's camera-shy! Is that his fav lil hideout?

Connie De Alwis said...

Erynn: It'll be some time before he gets big. hee. Red ear sliders are cool too :D I had one as a kid

Jenn: and she's usually such a camwhore! I'm ok with my height but the guys aren't! So I don't wear heels often :-/

Grace: I don't feel so bad now about not buying those heels from GoJane. hehe

germaine: you have a lot of pets too :D I used to have a hamster named Melon but he died of old age. Now whatever hamsters in the house can't seem to survive... not mine though. there are gliders a lot fatter! She has a healthy size ;)

Sue Lynn: She loves the coconut hide but I took it out cuz she broke it

gio said...

Pip is so cute!! The turtle and ducks are cute too.

xin said...

ok..connie i know where you can show off your heels next :D

Anonymous said...

When I was doing my practical at Langkawi Underwater World, I had to take care of a bunch of adult snapping turtles in a large pond. They are extremely aggressive, very fast, and will grow big. I've had some break the long plastic food grasper we used to feed them fish when they snapped. Pls do be careful with your one.

Blovet Beauty said...

i like fuji cameras for macro shots.. cannon isnt too bad too :) I like Paul, he's cute! hehehe

Connie De Alwis said...

Gio: hehe. they are, aren't they? :)

Xin: where???

Anonymous: Yup, I'm well aware although thanks so much for your concern. :) Don't worry, I'm careful when it comes to handling my animals. We have pretty scary pets... hehe

Blovet Beauty: Thanks for your input! I'm not familiar with fuji but I've been reading up on canon powershot and ixus

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