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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beauty Budgeting Chp. 9: Gift Sets/Gift With Purchase

Cosmetic companies are evil! Their mission is to suck you dry of your money by luring you with gifts so that you'll buy more... Well, it isn't that extreme but it's not far from the truth either. The year end is one of the best times to shop for cosmetics because a selection of products are packaged in gift sets thus, more "value for money". That's the lie that they're feeding you with -- okay, not entirely true but close enough. Also, companies will tend to offer "free gifts" if you purchase a certain amount aka Gift With Purchase (GWP) eg. "Purchase RM400 and get a 5-piece gift set!". Sounds familiar?

It doesn't take much to get suckered into the tantalizing promotions. As a result, we buy things that we don't actually need. Come on, are you telling me that you use the Estee Lauder shower gel that came in the box set? More often than not, those teeny samples from the free gift sets too go unused and become toys for your dust bunnies.

As tempting as some of those sets or gifts may be, consider if you'll actually use what you buy. No, if-I-buy-it-then-I'll-use-it doesn't count. While those gifts are "free", money is not.

Happy Holidays!! Spend wisely :)

"Would you spend more than you intend to just so you can qualify for free gifts?"


Grace Chan said...

LOL i do that all the time =X
stupid companies and their "good" deals.

ning * star said...

agree, agree... even my mom saw the Shiseido having GWP, she said she rather buy it during the no sale time, much more worth it

Jenn said...

I used to get suckered in by free gifts all the time, but i realised that like you said, most of the time those freebies went unused!! So nowadays i'll only get those Gift Sets if i'll actually use everything in there! :)

Happy Holidays to you too!! :D

Paris B said...

Erm... a friend might like the Estee Lauder shower gel as a birthday/xmas/random gift? ;) But I hear ya. I was one of those who would get suckered in all the time by GWP and PWP and anything that looks like a deal. These days, I think about whether I'd use it then buy it even if there's no deal :) Good tip for saving!

prettybeautiful said...

ok somehow i am not a really GWP sucker ( I think)... muaahahaha

beetrice said...

I used to get suckered by that every time! Nowadays, I'd really rather see if the GWP or PWP is worth looking at (ie. it's sample sizes of products I really want to try, or those that I'm already using which are handy for travel) otherwise I just stay clear and hide. :D

E.vogue said...

Agree! totally agree! There are Vampires..suck ours money!

coco said...

I used to suck for things like that. Just for the gifts even though I usually ended up not using those things that comes with gwp at all!

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