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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update: House-sitting + Paintball + Pet Fair + New Stuff @ Watsons!

Here's a shocker; I do have other interests besides makeup! Ok, you can stop gasping now. Seriously, stop it...

This time of the term is the most hectic with mid-term tests and piled-up assignments. Sadly, it gets a lot more worse from here as due dates approach and ultimately, the finals. Funny part is, I'm still out and about on weekends instead of chaining myself to the study like I ought to be.

Read on!

The boy and I were asked to house-sit for a very close friend and with the house came 4 dogs, 4 cats, 7 sugar gliders, and bunch of rabbits, guinea pigs, koi fish and hermit crabs. O_O

All went well and nothing died so *phew!*

"The WCA (World Cup Asia) is like the PC Fair of paintball". Apparently men can be quite the shopper when it comes to shopping for "their" stuff. So, perhaps we shouldn't have to pity the men who have to wait for their women while they shop/grab/snatch.

There were some pretty sweet deals and the boy decided that I should have my own face mask (coming from a guy who complains about buying me makeup). My JT Spectra ProFlex Mask is customizable so I chose a turquoise goggle, olive mouthpiece, pink strap and I intend on changing the black earpieces to yellow :D I'm on a color-high. The pink strap, especially, was so 'me'. The topless chick and "Pussy Galore" on the side caused quite the giggle too.

Last Sunday I was at the Cutie Pet Fair in One U's park. Had a whirlwind of fun chasing after all the adorable doggies... My friend, Hun, was doing a talk on sugar gliders so I brought Lexi to mingle with some people. She was very well behaved, which surprised me :-/

Can you guess which dog's my favorite out of the lot? Which one's your favorite? As you can see, no shih tzus, silky terriers or toy poodles in the collage because I'm simply not a fan...

As a reward for reading all my ramblings, here's a bit of beauty-related news! So, it may be a little outdated but if you don't already know, Watsons now carries K-Palette products. You can read my review on their bestselling Real Lasting Eyeliner. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation is also on sale if you're thinking of buying it after reading my review. Now's a good time! And is that Majolica Majorca's Holiday 2009 Collection I see?


Paris B said...

I was just going to say that that facemask is so you! Nice of the boy to get you your very own. No need to sniff the cooties from the rental ones like the rest of us mortals :P But then, won't the colours make you an easier target? *evil grin* Oh and I'm not into "toy dogs" too :D So when's paintball so i get to see you togged up?

Kizzy said...

I spot a pug! So cute!

Jenn said...

Hey that's a cool helmet! :D

I don't like toy breeds too! >.< Me likes the husky but the Shar Pei is the cutest!!! :D

Sherry said...

I prefer dog that can protect me and if can my home too. I know toy dogs easily stolen as my dad got one stolen. It was just outside the gate and the car stop and take it in and drive away.

Chloevien said...

English Bulldogs all the way, because they are so ugly and cute *lol* Yeah, I have two lazy bulldogs. Your fave? Maybe a Collie?:)

*aly said...

You're not a fan of shih tzus??=0 *gapes Haha, sounds like you had an exciting week. Going to check out watsons today. =)

gio said...

That's a cool mask, it was nice of your boy to get it for you.

The dogs are so cute!

Sue Lynn said...

Nothing died, AND none of them DEVOURED each other! LMAO

Connie hun, making a fashion statement even during paintball! You'll be "dead" real fast with those flashy colours on your mask, tho...Hardly camouflage-colours? :P

Connie De Alwis said...

PB: Hehe, it is, isn't it? :p It's so comfortable too and gives a wide view. I'm good at hiding ;)

Kizzy: I wish I could hug the pug :(

Jenn: The Shar Pei was too cute! Huskies are cool too :)

Sherry: Wow, that must have been a really timid dog!

Connie De Alwis said...

Chloevien: Would love to see pictures of your bulldogs! I'm starting to appreciate them :) Not the collie! The Pug's my favorite although I generally like bigger dogs eg. Labrador, Rottweiler, Great Dane

Aly: nope :x Perhaps cuz they're too overrated and most are spoiled to the point that they get really annoying. No offense though!

Gio: Very nice of him indeed! If only he takes more interest in makeup then I can get him to buy them for me too :p

Sue Lynn: Hehe. in that house, the cats are probably more vicious that the dogs.
I'm really good at hiding! although quite a lousy player :p

Lipglossiping said...

That turquoise eyeliner suits you really well, although I've never seen anyone apply it above their eyebrows like that before! ;)

Seriously though, it was great to read a little bit about you, thanks for sharing! xx

prettybeautiful said...

so cool!!! u even got your own face mask!!! and ohhhhh u pet-sitted a zoo? O_o i pet-sitted my friend's dog once..and it barked nonstop for an hour!!! in the end had to call the owner to collect it. lol.

Blovet Beauty said...

hehee.... looks like its alot of fun. I love the real lasting liner for beginners cause its really easy to use, but it does leave a blue residue after washing.. I guess thats the tattoo effect

Connie De Alwis said...

Lipglossiping: Lol!! I LOVE the turquoise :D i'm glad you enjoyed this post

Blovet Beauty: Yeah, I don't like the staining too but it's not too bad if I use it on top of eyeshadows

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