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Monday, November 30, 2009

Reviews + Swatches: NYX Lipglosses

Where did these come from?
I seriously need to stop with the lipglosses... but you know that's not gonna happen, don't you?

NYX produces some of the best valued products out there with quality that contends with pricier cosmetics. With a HUGE color selection, you'll be spoiled for choice and a lipgloss is as affordable as a McDonald's McValue Meal.

This post features the NYX Round Lipglosses and NYX Megashine Lipglosses
Read on for the reviews and swatches

One of their cheaper range of lipglosses, NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss comes in 36 shades with varying textures. I'm rather apprehensive about the sweet orange scent but it does fade within 10 minutes. These glosses are generally non-sticky and really smooth, although that also means that they don't last very long on the lips.

Available at NonPareilBoutique for USD$2 each

Peach: Peachy pink with sparse silver shimmer. Runny texture. My least favorite because I don't like runny lipglosses and I don't like pink

Apricot: Sheer shimmerless apricot. Glossy shine. May look bright on pale lips like mine, if not should be pretty

Cafe Latte: Nude coffee cream with fine dense shimmer. Thick and opaque. Great nude gloss

Whipped: Warm nude pink with light shimmer. Thick but less opaque. Easy-to-wear color

Real Nude: Cool shimmerless mauve. Thick and opaque. May make teeth look more yellow

With twice the price of the Round Lip Gloss, NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss has twice the quality too. The gooier texture (but not sticky!) makes these glosses resemble higher end ones and provide better lasting power. While some may be put off my the cough-syrup-like cherry scent, I prefer it over sweet orange. Having 61 shades is amazing, however, they make choosing a color a tad more difficult than pinning the tail on a donkey. I'll probably get Chestnut and Vanilla next.

Natural: Warm shimmerless mauve and THE PERFECT lipgloss that works like magic. Read more in-depth review of this color [here]

Smokey Look: Nude peach with light shimmer and a lot of shine. Great for pairing with more dramatic eyes. Love this color too

Available at NonPareilBoutique for USD$4 each

Malaysian residents: You can get these glosses via sprees by sgdrugstore


Fifi said...

Nice colors! I like the round lipgloss but the packaging is not too sturdy. Once the tube sealer was coming out just like that and I got lipgloss all over my hands. Not pretty. Lol. But I do love the Megashine. :)

e.motion in motion said...

Thanks for the swatches! NYX's swatches are so off >:( I have whipped and I love it hehe. But now I want to try smokey look, it's gorgeous!

Marce said...

Smokey Look and Peach are gorgeous! They're all rather sheer, but I like them anyway. Thanks for the swatches =)

Jenn said...

Thanks for the swatches! They look so nice!!! I especially liked the two Megashine Lipgloss on you!

So cheap somemore!! I better not start collecting them... :P

rayqueenbee said...

Nice colors, I really like these, definitely great for the prices.

Sofee said...

I really love real nude and smokey look..I have them both and luv them

@ fifi..I had the same problem with the ones I bought last year..but now they have improved them

Askmewhats said...

your lip swatches connie are super sexy!!!!

Lê Mai Trang said...

the color apricot showing on my lip is oranger and kind of peach. I dont like their taste and smell too. Anyway, like ur helpful swatch. Thanks :D

kavukz said...

tks for the swatches Connie. The smokey look & whipped are in my nx NPB list now.

Shaimaa said...

Great swatches , nice colour
i liked the most (Whipped)

Stefanie said...

Great post!! I love the NYX glosses, for the price they are amazing. Whipped is my favourite but I'm loving the look of Real nude and Peach

*aly said...

Thanks for the reviews. Was planning to get it online here in Malaysia but I think I'm just gonna wait till i go outstation to get them. I'm in love with smokey look and your lips look fab btw. =)

gio said...

Thanks for the swatches. They all look beautiful, esp Real Nude and Peaches.

fantastic said...

i like the mega shine glosses, and regardless of how many times i throw it back in the drawer to try a pricier gloss, i always dig it back out in Natural :) Thanks for showing the round glosses..i haven't yet tried those.

Connie De Alwis said...

Fifi: That was a problem with the old round lipgloss packaging but they've improved on the stopper and scent as well

Erynn: I almost never rely on the NYX site swatches. Get Smokey Look! I think it'll look fab on you :)

Marce: Some colors are more opaque than others. you're welcome!

Jenn: Doesn't hurt to have one or two ;)

rayqueenbee: It shows that even at low prices, we can get quality and variety

Connie De Alwis said...

Sofee: Great that Real Nude works for you! not so much on me :( Thanks for the clarification

Nikki: You're too sweet ;) Thank you

Le Mai Trang: Apricot's pretty bright on me too. Glad the swatches help

kavukz: Welcome! you won't regret those two colors. Their bestsellers and out of so many colors, it's quite the accomplishment

Shaimaa: Thanks :) Whipped is gorgeous

Connie De Alwis said...

Stefanie: Real Nude and Peach are certainly more your color than mine! I reckon they'll look great on paler skin tones like yours

Aly: Welcome and thank you! I believe there's NYX in Singapore though I'm not certain of the prices and variety

Gio: welcome! :)

fantastic: I know what you mean! Natural is a totally fail-proof color. it goes with any kind of make and color

babysaffron said...

Love the swatches....thanks.

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