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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

I first read good things about the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Kahani’s post back when the product wasn’t even in Malaysia. Despite the fact that I’ve been recommending this foundation to my friends when it finally came in, I never did get a tube for myself and up until now, I’m still not sure why.

Months passed and oddly enough, this foundation eventually did make its way to my stash when Grace included a tube for me in a swap package.

16-hour fade-proof fresh finish sounds good, doesn’t it? Read on for the review

"Freshly applied look for 16 hours. Flawless, semi-matte coverage. Rub proof, fade proof, smudge proof. MINERAL BOOST Breathable formula enriched with minerals, for a healthy, smooth complexion. Skin looks fresh, never dull and cakey. Lightweight, oil free texture. Comfortable all day long. " -- Rimmel London

The shade that I have is Natural Beige 400 which is about 2 shades darker than my skin tone. Heck, it’s the darkest shade that they have! Usually, I’m not put off by dark foundations because I figured that I could easily lighten the color with a fairer foundation. So, I did that and the formula claims went to opposite directions. My skin looked oily, felt heavy and the foundation barely stayed on.

To give the foundation a fair fight, I tried it again on its own and sure enough, it was way too dark, though not completely unnatural. Finally, I understood why this foundation was so well-loved. The lightweight medium coverage it gave was exquisite and for a moment there it felt like I was using a luxurious high-end foundation. I loved the soft glow and of course, the lasting power is indisputable. Some of the foundation did transfer onto my tissue when I was wiping off sweat from playing paintball but it didn’t look as if any foundation had disappeared from my face.

Natural Beige 400 is certainly too dark for me to pull off on a regular basis thus, it’s not my foundation of choice, which is quite a shame. I might get another tube in the right shade or a fair shade to mix. The hesitation is due to the fact that I have way too many foundation for my own good :p

The squeeze-tube packaging is nothing glamorous but I suppose it’s practical. My only gripe for this would be the limited shades.

Retails for RM35.90 at Watsons and selected Jusco. USD$7.99 at Walgreens. Rimmel products often go on sale. Comes in 5 shades for Malaysia and 6 shades for the US.


Grace Chan said...

gah sorry. LOL. natural beige sounded quite normal and not so dark to me.. =X

prettybeautiful said...

it reminds me of the maybelline mineral liquid foundation, which was quite too yellow for me. now i am loving the Bobbi B foundation already :D :D

LyNn said...

haha i recommended my sis to get this
im still sticking to the bb cream craze :P
the thing i dont like bout this is that its not 100% mineral
if it was, i would get one already :P

Askmewhats said...

the packaging reminded me of the Maybelline Liquid Mineral foundation! it looks quite light and not too cakey! :) I've read raves about this too!

Blovet Beauty said...

it looks pretty heavy coverage which i dun think u need much of to be honest.

Connie De Alwis said...

Grace: don't worry about it! Still usable ;) I think I got fairer...

Pretty: I have the Maybelline one but it's really really fair (I didn't buy it). I keep it to mix foundations. Perhaps you could use yours to neutralize foundations that may be too pink. good that you found a foundie that works for you! :D

Lynn: It's fine to stick to what works for you ;) Although, occasionally using non-mineral products wouldn't hurt much

Nikki: It doesn't feel heavy but it gives good coverage

Blovet Beauty: Aww, thanks. I usually go for lighter foundations on a daily basis but foundations with heavier coverage photograph well

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