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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review: Ink for Eyes by Urban Decay

Buying Urban Decay Cosmetics is like buying art. Their creative packaging designs, although not always the most practical *coughs* UDPP *coughs*, certainly grab attention and lemmings. My knees weakened when my love for cream/gel liners met Ink for Eyes by Urban Decay... How could I have resisted the beautifully detailed peacock print? After reading several good reviews for this cream liner, I caved and got one in Binge.

Read on for the review

Unlike the typical pot cream liner, the strip of "ink" accommodates half of the casing. The other half holds a dual-sided angled liner and smudger brush. Generally, cream liners aren't supposed to be exposed to the air too much in fear that the liner will dry up in the pot so having a very "open" strip of liner concerned me. Thus far, the liner hasn't been much drier than when I first got it so I suppose the formula is different than your typical cream liner. There's a full-sized mirror on the inside of the lid too.

The brush, while a good addition, did little for me. I had trouble lining with the thick and sparse angled liner brush, which made it difficult for precise lining. Since I don't smudge out my line, I don't have much use for the smudger either.

Being a cream/gel liner veteran, I thought I'd know what to expect from Ink for Eyes but I was in for a surprise. Unfortunately, not a good surprise :( You'd be very wrong if you had thought that you're gonna get a smooth solid line from this liner. The unusually dry texture of the cream felt like crayon and getting a solid line required tons of layering. It got pretty time-consuming and frusting to keep dipping into the ink strip over and over and over again. Only plus side is that you won't have to wait for the liner to dry before resuming to regular blinking.

Yeah-huh. It smudges. Unless you are absolutely positive that you're not gonna touch your eyes, the liner is gonna budge the moment you exert any sort of pressure on it. At this rate, I'd rather use Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil despite the fact that I almost never use eye pencils except to tightline or on waterlines.

Binge is a gorgeous midnight blue color with a slight hint of shimmer. Sadly, it isn't worth the trouble and unreliability. I should've expected the color to not be pigmented because Temptalia's swatches for Binge looked drier compared to Demolition (brown) and Zero (black) but I didn't want another black or brown gel liner. *sighs* I don't wanna trade this off either because I love the packaging so much. It's just a huge shame that the content is close to crap and it's not cheap!

Retails at USD$22 at and


Sherry said...

I always touch my eyes, sometimes itchy you just forgot you got makeup on and rub..

theotherworldly said...

Hi Connie,

Couldn't help but say this -- maybe you'll have to use their primer potion too below! ;)

Askmewhats said...

the shade looks perfect! I love the winged eye look!

Connie De Alwis said...

Sherry: Happens to me often too :)

theotherworldly: I did and it still doesn't work! :(

Nikki: I love the shade. Just too bad the liner's qaulity itself isn't very good

gio said...

Thanks for the review, I was wondering about this. The color is beautiful and it looks great on you, but it's a shame the quality's not that good.

Hayley said...

How should i maintain the quality and softness of the gel eye liner brush? i dint wash it ever since the 1st day i used, i'm doubt whether should i wash it and if yes, how?
the residue of the gel eyeliner remain on the brush so it get thicker and harder as time goes by. usually i just wipe it with a tissue but it doesnt help much eh?

Marie. said...

I was so into buying this when they announced it but the packaging actually turned me off.

Wendy said...

I tried this at Sephora and like you said it's difficult to get a solid line.

Jenn said...

so sad right?!! the color looked so nice, its a shame that the quality is not so good! thanks for the review! :D

Sherry said...

I forgot say got sometimes I sweat then the eyeliner melt, lol... can see so clearly that its there. Sometimes ppl see me weird I better go rest room have a look

Blovet Beauty said...

that color is so pigmented and absolutely gorgeous!

Daituf said...

There's a 30% sale going on at Urban Decay...and there's NOT A THING I would get from them! I even went to Sephora to see what's good...and NOTHING! Everything from UD sucks...
So not impressed...

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