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Thursday, November 12, 2009

LAST CALL: Halloween 2009 Scare or Share Contest

If you haven't submitted your entry for this contest, there's still time. I've gotten a good amount of look submissions but only a few for the Story Time category. Come on, people! I'm still waiting to be scared outta my skin! Please go to the original contest post for details.

A reminder: Please make sure that you send in your entry email AND submit your entry comment on the contest post or I won't be able to qualify you.

Also, from the response of this contest (despite it being open to all), I gathered that the readers prefer random drawing contests rather than judged ones (like this one). So for the time being, no more judged contests.


Grace Chan said...

gah i wish i had time. :[
i have a paper due tomorrow so i really dont have much time to spare. i looked at my bookmarks and saw you had a new post. thats why i stopped by. lol

Grace Chan said...

im such a procrastinator.
gl to all those who entered the contest :]

Sherry said...

thanks for reminder just now I go the pic already to put whats required, you got it by email yeah .. the link :)

mia said...

yeah it is fun, now blog follower :)

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