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Friday, November 13, 2009

Here's a Video Tutorial for the Weekend!

So, I had plans to update the blog with new posts but responsibilities and social life got in the way...

As usual, I'll be away for the weekend but I may pop in occasionally ie. if I happen to bring my laptop to somewhere with wifi.

While I'm gone, here's a video tutorial for ya. Full product listing and the intended post to accompany this video shall have to wait.

Who's going to watch 2012 this weekend? I'm going tonight! :D


Sherry said...

so pretty, hehe.. still so much to learn about apply eyeshadow :)

Chloevien said...

Love this, nice colors combination:)

hungeryjack said...

Nice post - Deco ..Keep Posting

Deco - 1024×768

Sherry said...

what you eating in video? mashmellow?

Grace Chan said...

=o! I LIKEE IT! :]

Blovet Beauty said...

u make me hungry! are u eating marshmallows ?
tat vintage gold pigment looks lovely

gio said...

I love this look, the color combo is very pretty!

Connie De Alwis said...

Sherry: Thank you :) Takes patience and practice

Chloevien: Thanks :D

hungeryjack: Thank you :)

Sherry: You'll have to find out in my latest post! :x

Grace: Glad you do! :D

Blovet: I hadn't eaten the whole day! Not marshmallows. Something better... answer in the latest post. lol

Gio: Thank you :)

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