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Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween 2009 Scare or Share Contest Winners!

I've finally made up my mind! The winners for Skin Deco's Halloween 2009 Scare or Share Contest are...

Category A

"The Wandering Soul of a Dying Person"
by Bachuchay

Category B

"Zombie Nurse"
by Waternymph

Congratulations! Winners, please e-mail me your mailing and contact detail within 48 hours so that I can send you your prize.

To those who didn't win, not to despair! There will be many more contests and giveaways for you to participate in the near future :)


La Estrella said...

congrats to the winner...very creepy!!

but i was wondering why u did not received my email..well, maybe my bad.

anyway, looking forward for ur next contest.

sherry said...

congrats winner

myrissa said...

congratulations to both winners! waternymph's costume and Bachuchay's stories were creepy!

Congratuations again!!

honeys said...

Congratulations to Bachuchay & Waternymph =D

i'll be lookin forward for more of ur contest Connie =)

n thanx for posting up my story =)*blush*

love love =)

Miu said...

congrats to both :)

Bachuchay said...

Thank you very much.. actually I've been telling that story to my officemates and they had the same impression that it was really mind-boggling. Anyway, I sent my mailing info and contact details already... =)

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