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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween 2009 Scare or Share Contest Entries

It's been very difficult to pick a winner since I've received so many great entries for the Halloween 2009 Scare or Share Contest. My decision's still a tad wonky thus the results will only be announced tomorrow.

Meanwhile, why not pick your favorite from each category? Review the entries and take your pick for Category A and Category B.

Read on for the entires...

Note: If you do not see your entries in this post, I did not receive an entry email from you...

Category A: Halloween Tradition

Look #1: "Simple Vampire" by Traclyn
Look #2: "Cute Pirate Trying to Be Scary" by missmicchan
Look #3: "Lady Fang" by myrissa
Look #4: "Zombie Nurse" by Waternymph
Look #5: "Vampire" by Sherry
Look #6: "Witch" by Mia

Category B: Story Time

Story #1: The Mirror
by Karlenma

Mona has been a patient in a mental institution for several years now, ever since she was twelve years old. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Mona has had a strange fascination with mirrors ever since she lost her family in a fire. She can look at her reflection for hours at a time. When she was still a kid, she would play in front of the mirror and talk to her reflection. Sometimes, she'd disappear only to appear again after several hours. She'd just say she went with her family inside the mirror.

When she got older, during her "lucid" moments, Mona would tell stories of her life with her family inside the mirror. Her stories are typical and mundane, the descriptions so vivid the listener would want to believe her. One would think her family's still with her.

One day, Mona told the doctor that she'd be leaving that night to join her family. Naturally, no one believed her.

That night, Mona did disappear without a trace. Nobody knows how. But one patient claims she saw Mona enter the mirror. Until now, that patient tells stories about Mona's life, that she's happily living with her family.

Story #2: The Wandering Soul of a Dying Person
by Bachuchay

My story is mind-boggling and scary. It was 2006, I was at the bedside of my mom who was suffering from cancer that time. We knew she was dying because she was bedridden already and was too weak because of her long battle with cancer. It was only me and my mom in the room. With so many apparatus and needles connected to her body it would have been impossible for her to go out of the room. She couldn't even move.

One morning, it was around 3:00 a.m she was telling me “Dita is dead”. Dita, by the way, is our dog who is in the dog house in our front yard. I told her, ”No Ma, that’s impossible Dita is still alive" but she insisted that our dog was dead. I just ignored it because I was thinking maybe she’s hallucinating because of the tons of medicine given to her.

Around 6am, my brother went to my Mom’s room and saw me there then he whispered to me, “Sis, Dita is dead.. lying in the dog house”. At that moment I couldn't comprehend how my mom, who was at her bed, was able to see that our dog outside was dead.

That same day my Mom died and until now I cannot understand nor fully comprehend how it all happened.

Story #3: A Tuesday, the 13th Wedding
by Lara Garcia-Granero

In Spain, where I‘m from, seems that we are not too fond of Tuesdays: For starters, Friday, the 13th becomes Tuesday, the 13th in our folklore and we have a popular saying that goes “On a Tuesday, don’t get on board and don’t get married”.

Well, a young couple decided to go against conformity and got married on September, 13 2005. Tuesday, of course. Around midnight, they were in a car going back home after the ceremony when they had an accident. Story has it that they crashed and the hubcap of the car flew off, decapitating the bride. Her head or the body of the groom were never found. It’s been said that if you sit near the spot of the accident around midnight of a Tuesday, the 13th, you can see the headless bride appear. It’s not known whether she is looking for her head… or her lost love.

Story #4: Flying Oranges
by Ksusha Rehan

Once when I was still schooling, I was at home alone... and when it was dark and nobody was around.... suddenly I heard some noise of moving plates... then its became louder and louder...
I was shocked

and then light started blinking.... oranges in my house which was on the table start to fly for some seconds

.... sort of .. like somebody pass it to somebody .... weird.... it was really strange... and very scary...

Story #5: Slipper Mishap
by gingerbee

This story is about the friend of my brother. I don’t really know his name, but let’s just call him Marc. Anyway, this just happened recently, during Typhoon Ketsana, when Marc and his friend decided to walk on waist-deep flood to go somewhere. Unfortunately during the course of their little adventure, one of his slippers floated away. He was just about to run (or wade) after it, when a man told him not to bother because there’s a creek nearby and he might just fall into it. They heeded the man’s advice and went on their way.

Just a few minutes after the slipper mishap, they were surprised and sad to find a man’s body floating – apparently drowned by the flood. But upon closer inspection, they saw that it was the same man who warned Marc not to go after the slipper. They were stunned. Could he have died after warning them, or was it his ghost who just saved Marc's life?

Story #6: Who Turned Off the TV?
by Honeys

So, what would you do when the tv in ur hotel room turned off by itself (it's on standby), but you friend/partneris already asleep (and you know she/he won't wake up even if a plane crashes) when the tv's on and you just came out from the bathroom but you knew it wasn't because of the timer because both of you always slept while the tv's on and will turn it off before going to work. Happened to me twice while i was away on outstation from 20th Oct till 1st Nov 09. Heard from the hotel's staff that the hotel's haunted


Arrie said...

creepy stories T^T but i enjoy reading them alot especially story 5 and 2. and look 3 definitely rock the house! i don't even dare looking into her eyes for the second time. =/ anyway good job guys!

p/s:many thanks to our lovely Connie for having this giveaway competition. said...

wahhh scary nye the stories.

If my choice...

Cat A: #4
Cat B: #3

Miu said...

my choice:

Cat A: #4 Zombie nurse by Waternymph!
Cat B: #6 Who turned off the Tv?

can't believe that's waternypmph.. she so innocent and petite in life.. and this pic.. totally different =_= din even know it's her until see the name!

Anonymous said...

Creepy stuff here! But I like Story #1. It has the twist of reality, mystery and fantasy. One would think that maybe Mona is just a psycho... but then, could be true that there are people inside the mirror. One can expound more on this story. But anyway, the happily-ever-after-creepy ending... this is truly a twilight zone material!

-- Gorgeous

*aly said...

I like both #5's. Great contest, too bad I didn't make it. =) Excited to know who wins!!

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