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Friday, October 30, 2009

Update: Smashbox in Malaysia + Celebrations + Shu Uemura Beauty Art Makeup Competition 2009

Eight months ago, Paris itched us with the news that Smashbox Cosmetics will be in Malaysian shores and finally, it's here.

October seems to be a celebratory month with enough outings to wear me out. Two birthdays, one graduation and a regional competition -- all in company of awesome people whom I care about.

Read on for more...

I may not be a Smashbox devotee but the sheer excitement that a new American brand has graced Kuala Lumpur is exhilarating. I'm already envisioning brands like Urban Decay and Philosophy coming in. Who knows? Perhaps Sephora will make it here someday!
The sole counter in Parkson Pavilion carries practically the full line of products with very well-equipped testers. To my surprise, the products aren't heavily marked up either. For instance, the Photo Finish Lid Primer ($20 in Sephora) is RM76. I foresee that they'll mark up the prices in the near future so if you've been wanting to get any Smashbox products, make haste.

Last Friday, we celebrated Paul(in white) becoming a doctor at The Library in e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Btw girls, the doctor is single and very eligible *coughs*. Downing a bottle of Chivas with awesome 80's (some 90's and current too) music playing in the background resulted in a dude puking his head off at the end of the night... Good thing we had doctor's supervision :D Congrats, Paul! We're all very proud of you.

Photo courtesy of Rinnah

The next morning, the girls and I executed a birthday surprise on Paris at Bangsar Village II's Marmalade. Pinkelle was the brain behind the somewhat discrete operation. The crew consisted of Bee (decoy), Pretty (postponer), Lisa (pretender), Joanna (early bird) and Rinnah (spy). If there's one perk that I cherish the most from blogging, it's the group of friends I've made over the year. Great company makes waking up early on Saturday morning well worth it. And the expression on Paris' face! Absolutely priceless

All those food and 5 hours of chatting went by too soon... more to come!

On the same night was another surprise for Olivia's 21st birthday at Renaissance's Sagano. I'm pretty sure she didn't suspect a thing. She came over in the afternoon for me to do her makeup simply as a "birthday gift" then I went over to Renaissance shortly after in a different car. We had a pretty close shave because she arrived the same time as we did. With merely 5 minutes of being ahead, the surprise was a success. Hope you had a good one, Olly!

Bee, Paris and I found a reason to dress up a little more than usual for the Shu Uemura Beauty Art Make Up Competion 2009 at Pavilion. Despite being "media", we were more engrossed by the hors dourves (OMG, the scallops!) and wine (ok, that was just me). Well, the colorful makeup, talented contestants and gorgeous models too of course... hehe. The winner for the competition was Adeline Yeoh representing Singapore.

At the event we were joined by Erin of icallitart and Yet Mee of Emmagem. On a side note, check out Erin's new Twitterati project!

Bee snapped me being silly over my Fish Head Vermicelli at Grandmama's

Makeup for the night. I'm not gonna list out what I've used because there's a tutorial coming up soon... How do you like my custom blended OCC Lip Tar?

The dress I wore was a little lacey jewel I found at Amcorp Mall's weekend flea market as recommended by Kahani (click on link for more details). Nicely fitted and only RM18. What a steal eh?

That's all folks! Have a great weekend :)


Sue Lynn said...

Holla! Just an update on my OCC Petty Beige and Traffic...Oh dear...Petty Beige came out way darker than I expected. Somehow, on my lips, it's like how Uber! OMG! And I'm trying to find a medium to mix them with (gloss is the easiest, which I detest)

Are you interested in TKB Trading's Inteference Pigments? Email me if you are ;D

Jamilla Camel said...

What a fun event! Your look is spectacular!

Jenn said...

The dress looks so nice on you!! What a steal!! :D

The Lip Tar looks AMAZING on you!! :D~~~

Anonymous said...

hi! would you know who won the Shu Uemura Beauty Art Make-up competition? :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Sue Lynn: The colors are definitely quite deep. I'll be needing feathered but I'm too lazy to open another spree just yet!

Jamilla: Thank you :)

Jenn: I know right? :D I have that color mixed in a pot. hee hee

Anonymous: oops! accidentally omitted that bit of information :x post edited

beetrice said... was a pretty packed week hor? err..why was prettybeautiful labeled the "postponer" ah? (must've missed something when i was downstairs distracting PB...hmm...)

Anonymous said...

thanks for answering my question! :) i appreciate it

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