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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Men Skincare?

Hey guys, I know I’ve been on a hiatus for a month or so and I apologized as I haven’t been keeping my part of blog as active as possible. However along the month my understanding towards certain matter has deepened as well. For example a lot of people around me (guys) asked me, why do they have to use facial care formulated for men. I mean lots of them uses and share facial care products with their girlfriends or sisters. Here’s why.

Like most men wished, beauty is skin deep. But along the way came the phrase “first impression” which leads to more and more men looking after their skin. They must first understand men’s skin is different from the female counterpart. The skin is a hormone sensitive organ and men’s skin is constantly affected by androgens (particularly testosterone). And due to the largely affect of testosterone there are six points that differentiate the men’s skin condition from the women.

o More hairs -> Skin aggressed by shaving.
o More sebum secreted -> shiny skin , open pores
o Thicker epidermis -> more cellular levels and more skin cells
o A denser dermal -> more active fibroblasts and more abundance of collagen
o More prone to redness , under eye puffiness
o Nerve endings positioned differently , thus less sensitive to touch and need more vigorous
application techniques
o Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s

In short, the women’s facial care products aren’t suitable because we generally have “thicker” skin and therefore men’s specially formulated skincare is somewhat “tougher” in passing through those thicker layer skins. Don’t worry, the “thicker” isn’t always bad but it gives us an advantage of aging slower compare to our counterpart. Kudos to us.

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Meng Xue said...

I basically think the skincare are the same depending on skin type. If the guy finds that female products suits them fine, then fine enough. Or if a females with oily skin thinks men skincare works better wonders for her, then she is free to choose.

It's something like, men skincare = skincare for oilier than oily and thicker than thick skin. Yup.

I haven't come across a guy who complains about dry skin or combi skin before. hahaha.

And the best best best part about men's line is that it's generally price so much cheaper (if you don't buy Biotherm Homme)! And most of the time, it's the same thing. e.g. Nugeno vs Bio-essence face-lifting cream, same company, same bottle, different colour.

JtJh said...

Hey Meng Xue,
Thanks for taking the time to read. But as research found that men's skin is thicker therefore it is harder to pass through the epidermis so sometimes gent's skincare are formulated for this problem.

And most guys after 30 or during their 30s will start experiencing dry skin. As for combination skin, I've yet to come across it to from my friends.

Beauty Basics said...

I found that mens skincare line is just a mean for marketing purpose. Mens skin usually a bit oilier and thicker because most of the mens are not really in the skincare products. So, they probably just use soap to clean up the face, and some moisturizer that do not suitable for their skins. That why the skin becomes oily and thicker. As long as the products are suitable for the skin type with exfoliation regularly, mens can use products other than mens skincare line.

Jamilla Camel said...

My other half uses Olay skincare for *ahem* mature skin!! He uses the whitening night cream and eye cream too!

Zwala said...

Hi Connie..this is Zwala...been reading ur blog from several days..n luv ur reviews..and skincare talks.. :D

n there are certain products out there..where there is no much difference between the men's or women's..that just comes under blind marketing strategies..i had a cousin who is in to L'oreal men's range and now using womens, Saying that no difference between..
but i must agree that not all the products are samme.. :)

LyNn said...

I personally found this topic very informative.
It's good to know that there actually is a reason to differentiate women and men skincare
I used to think it was just a method of advertising or some sort :P

Meng Xue said...

Agree with many of the other comments. I believe that men skin being thicker and oilier is true. But though thicker and oilier, the difference doesn't fully renders the necessity for a separate men's line.

If anyone is into marketing, they will know full well that conglomerates are so famous for identifying something, make the tiny thing into a big problem, solve the problem, and advertise it as a need.

Bottomline is to understand your own skin (not let the company tell you what your skin is), and simply use what suits your skin better, whether you are female or male. Can even mix the products, like use men's cleanser, female moisturizer, etc.

Hope this clarifies.

Robin @ said...

While I do think it is valuable for both women and men to have their own skin care products, I think most men do not go to the trouble of using many products. My boyfriend just started using eye cream (mine)....and I told him he would have to be my guinea pig and let my blog readers know how it's working for him! LOL

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