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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update: Semester Break + Lousy Sellers + Twilight Cosmetics

Today is officially the beginning of my semester break. Did my exams go well? Not really. I don't expect to get good results as I haven't had much motivation to study or absorb anything the entire sem. I've lost the will to attend classes even. Being the black sheep truly sucks!

Read on for more whining and other stuff. Normal beauty blogging shall resume tomorrow :)

Besides pulling all-nighters, the past week has been highly stressful. To make matters worse, the boy's grandma passed away hence I was out of town for about 4 days for the funeral. It was a traditional Chinese ceremony with endless amount of paper-folding, burning, prayers... Even with everything behind me, I haven't had the chance to actually rest. My skin has been suffering and my weight keeps fluctuating. Hopefully I'll be back to normal by next week! In less than 2 weeks I'll be jetting off to Langkawi Island for a 5-day trip so no posts on those days either. Maybe I'll put up some scheduled posts if I can manage but no promises.


In my years of online trading, I've been on both a seller and a consumer. With that said, I'm well aware of what consumers expect from a seller and also how a seller should conduct a transaction ethically. While I may not be the best consumer or seller, you know things are really effed up when you read a story like Kahani's experience with a blogshop called Lush Serendipity. Whether you're a seller or a consumer, it all boils down to being honest and responsible. If you dislike conflict, do things right the first time and don't be a bitch.


I have new things on my wish list! You crazed Twilight fans, check out this brand new cosmetics line inspired by the Twilight Saga called Luna Twilight. I know, it's yet one of those products that are plain gimmicks but looking at the line from a beauty enthusiast's perspective, I do find the products quite interesting. Besides the slammin' packaging, the makeup looks well-made and not like some generic re-labelled products. Several of the colors are unique and true to the whole vampire concept but there are more wearable colors for well, non-vampires such as the most of us. Added to my wishlist is the Luna Twilight Mortal Glow Blushing Creme. If I wasn't being realistic, I'd also love the 'First Light' Face Glow, 'Just Bitten' Staining Balm and Lip Venom.
The only products that I'm not too keen on are the eyeshadows (meh color choices) and mascaras. For a department store brand, I think the prices aren't too bad either though they're towards the higher end.

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abby said...

Gosh. You've had a rough time. I hope it gets better soon. And do enjoy your holidays! Sorry to hear about the passing too.

Yeah. What happened to Kahani really sucks big time. I hope everyone learns from this experience.

Oh no. Now you've done it. I am a sucker for the Twilight stuff. And they looks good! But, isn't Lip Venom already taken? The name i mean.

P.S. I started my own blog! Hope you will have the time to stop by sometime.

Happy holidays!

Jamilla Camel said...

You deserve a break with some spa pampering! Take care of yourself!

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

i thought i was going to read a fabulous review but instead, your poor experience! :(

now every reader of yours know what to do...

and since it's holiday already, enjoy. don't think about the results. school isn't everything. :)

LyNn said...

i saw the lip venom quite some time ago.
ahh i love twilight.

Jenn said...

Poor girl!! I hope you feel better soon! *hug* Enjoy your holidays k!

Ahhh i miss langkawi!! Hope to get to go there soon!! :D

prettybeautiful said...

hope u are alright girl :) cant wait till we go makan or something again soon!

Kahani said...

Oh you poor dear. *hugs* Gosh I'm so sorry you've been having a hard time. If you're a black sheep dear, I wouldn't want to be white. You're awesome!

Thanks so much for linking my tale of woe. Be good to yourself and treat yourself to something nice. =)

eliza said...

may she rest in peace and wish u bond voyage~! XD

i read bad reviews of Lush Serendipity and still thought of giving second thoughts. well....after reading the review by kahani i don't think i would want to purchase~

thx for the heads-up =]

Joy Chuah said...

Hey the Luna Twilight cosmetics available in Malaysia??If no, how can do buy them??

gio said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time, I hope it'll get better soon. Take care of yourself and enjoy you holidays.

Connie De Alwis said...

Abby: Thanks for the condolences. Lip Venom is by DuWop. The Twilight version was a collaboration with Luna Twilight. Something like that la...

Jamilla: I'm working on the home spa! I have a very pretty kit waiting for me :D

Jojoba: Sorry for the disappointment. Shows that i'm not jolly happy all the time! hehe. Thanks for the encouragement. just a bummer that worrying is sorta my hobby

Lynn: Now that I'm done with my papers I can continue with Breaking Dawn.

Jenn: Thanks, babe.

Pretty: Thank you.. see you soon!

Kahani: "If you're a black sheep dear, I wouldn't want to be white" I love you for saying that. hehe

Eliza: Thanks for the kind words. It's quite important to know how reliable the store is first. Good thing there are blogshop reviews out there to help us out

Joy: Luna Twilight won't be available in Malaysia. Well, there's pen pals, swap buddies, friends/relatives, personal shoppers, international shipping...

Gio: Thanks, sweetie :)

abby said...

Ah. Collaboration. Got it. Looks good though! Yet more temptations. Why oh why do they play with my heart so

Connie De Alwis said...

Abby: It's called marketing.... *sighs*

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