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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update + Reader Questions

Despite the fact that semester break is supposed to be fun, mine is usually stressful because I literally move between three different places. My "HQ" is a rented room near the college where most of my stuff are and where I normally blog from. When I'm on sem break, I live off several bags and have hardly any internet access. I'm accustomed to having a somewhat predictable and routine life. Unfortunately, I'll have to be in this mode 'til early next month so I apologize for the infrequent posts and lack of enthusiasm. This week I'm back home in Semenyih with mom but I can't stay long because I have to get back to my gliders. So many responsibilities and yet there's only one of me *sighs*

Thank you for reading my whining. You may now proceed to reading about a Shu Uemura event that I've attended recently and also answers to several questions that were sent to my e-mail.

Shirley of Shu Uemura invited me to be a part of their mini workshop/preview which was intended to introduce their new skincare range called Red:juvenus and also two new additions to their base makeup range.

Shu Uemura Red:juvenus replaces the Beta Glucan range as an improvement to targeting concerns of aging. The range consists of five products: Refining Lotion/Lotion Enriched, Intense Concentrate, Retexturizing Emulsion, Retexturizing Cream and Line Reducing Eye Essence. I'm trying to work the products into my regime so reviews will come after I've fully tested them.

The renown Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Foundation now comes in the form of a stick and it's a truly one-of-a-kind foundation. I've only used it once and I'm already impressed.

Another famous Shu Uemura product in new form is the UV Under Base Fluid which is a 2-in-1 sunscreen and make up base with a lightweight fluid texture.

Shu Uemura sure has released pretty awesome products lately!

Feddrick, chief makeup artist, led the workshop and taught us a few tips and tricks on how to use the new products. Picture: One of the many usages of the Nobara Stick Foundation is to shade/contour for more dimensional features.

Reader Questions

1. Are products that are cheap or have unknown brands safe to use?

It's okay to use cheap products but of course, we assume that cheap products generally use poor quality or unsafe ingredients. Unknown products definitely can be risky because most of them may not have any sort of certification for being safe to use. However, they may be just as good or better than some branded products and they're cheap simply because the advertising and branding costs have been eliminated. It's trial and error. If the products don't work out, you wouldn't have wasted too much money. To play safe, test the product on your neck or inside of your arm to check for any allergic reactions. As a thumbrule, I avoid skin care products with unknown brands especially if they're really cheap. Definition of "cheap" is completely up to you.

2. Where are NYX products manufactured? I'm afraid to by products made in China

As far as I know, NYX is an American brand with most of their products made in China. Let's face it. Labour in China is cheap and manufacturing costs are low. These factors contribute to the low prices of most NYX products. Nevertheless, they have very good quality and I wouldn't be worried. After all, hundreds of people have been using NYX products and they have mostly good things to say. We ought not to generalize the quality of a product/brand simply by its origin. Many reputable brands have manufacturers in China eg. Longchamp (bags), Crocs (shoes)
E.L.F. and ecoTools are other American cosmetic brands that have their products made in China. Even MAC has a few products that are made in China eg. MAC 182 brush.

3. Can you recommend me a brand for lipsticks?

First of all, it's difficult for me to side just one brand because as a cosmetic enthusiast, I try out tonnes of brands. I'm not brand loyal, so to speak. I'm not big on lipsticks but I generally turn to NYX for lipsticks because they have a very extensive color range. They're also comfortable to wear. Some other lipsticks that I really like are from Rimmel and RMK.

4. Do new makeup brushes need to be washed before using?

Yes. New brushes have been exposed to a lot of debris during the manufacturing and retail process. You can't tell where the brushes have been and who has touched them. It is advisable to wash new brushes before you start using them. Washing also removes excess dye (for dyed bristles) as well as loose bristles. Some synthetic bristles tend to smell strongly of chemicals while natural bristles can smell of goat/pony/sable/badger. Brush cleansers (eg. MAC Brush Cleanser) are usually able to get the smell out.
If you don't have brush cleansers, you can use shampoo or facial cleansers. Wet the bristles thoroughly, squirt some cleanser on wet palm and lather by running the bristles across the cleanser back and forth. Repeat once or twice if there's a lot of dye coming out. Rinse through, squeeze out water and lay flat on a tissue/paper towel to dry.


Askmewhats said...

well said on the Made in China stuffs, some have high Quality Control so I wouldn't be afraid to use it even if its made in China, it really depends on the company who does Quality control and assurance :D

Sherry said...

I forgot I need to ask new brushes need to wash before use? if yes how to wash is it just plain water?


prettybeautiful said...

i think for china made products, i don't mind buying accessories (scissors, container, etc), those that i don't consume or apply on my body. as for skincare, if i see some dodgy japanese characters but made in china, those are the things that i will never touch.

LyNn said...

i really like nyx lipsticks <3
totally recommend them
the hardest part is choosing a shade :P

KayKamaL said...

im crazy about ELF n NYX..wudnt mind wher they are made oso..the quality is superb! i m rather bothered if they used swine hair tho(cz im a muslim,huu~)..

but so far i guess its fine..i dun see em advertising swine hair..haha

Connie De Alwis said...

Nikki: Products certainly should not be judged by where they're made!

Sherry: I've added that question in the post :)

Pretty: Lol. accessories are usually not a problem. I'm usually quite adventurous hehe

Lynn: I know! I can spend hours just looking at swatches

Kay: I doubt the oink has that much hair to be used for brushes! You should be safe :) But when it comes to shoes and bags, you should probably be more aware. Even our local Zara has pig-skin bags.

gio said...

I finally manage to try a NYX lipstick and I love it! The quality is great! I don't mind using products made in China as long as they are made by reputable brands that do quality controls.

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