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Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: Jetting Off In a Few Hours!

How I wish those Folli Follie sunnies were mine...

Yep. I'll be leaving KL for Langkawi Island today and be back on Friday. There will be a few scheduled posts so this won't be considered as a hiatus. Hopefully when I get back, I'll have a decent tan to show off with the aid of some tanning gel since it's not very sunny this time of year.
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Have a good week everyone!

Read on for more random pictures and rambling

Somebody needs a haircut... I love the waves though

My very obscene Lab, Nikki. It's her way of saying "Good Morning"

WARNING: Gross (to some) Picture Ahead!!

Mom found this little beauty behind our house and I managed to get her off the bamboo blinds. She was so sweet and never attempted to snap, I think I just may keep her. I named her Princess. To our surprise, she readily took in two... I won't finish that sentence


Anonymous said...


*aly said...

Yup, that was gross.. *gulps I guess Labs are usually like that but as for the snake.. Gosh.. I'm shivering.. But have a great trip! =?

Jessie said...

Poor mouse :(

Vanilla said...

did u touch the snake?loll
hahaha funny dog

Sue Lynn said...

OMG! I actually ZOOMed in on Princess' pic (why!?!??!), and *gags*...Is that a a a white rat/mouse between her jaws? LOL - it's a first to not hear a woman scream and call Bomba at the sight of a "stray" snake, but instead, embrace it as a possible pet :P

Sherry said...

snake!! mom told me if there is rat there is snake.

happy holiday, hope you update which hotel where to go in langkawi :)


Grace Chan said...

hoyl crap. i would freak if i found it behind my house.... LOL

have FUN! :]

Hayley said...

have a safe and fun trip Connie!!

yummy411 said...

have fun!!

Kaoru said...

That snake is sooo cute! Surprised it didn't try to snap when you were holding it. Must be used to humans (maybe it was abandoned, or it escaped, especially considering how hungry she was).

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