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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Short Reviews: Stage Nail Color + Revlon Nail Enamel

You can stop laughing at my nails now. Looking at the pictures, I think I'm in desperate need of a manicure -- no idea how to remove cuticles. Nail polishes are starting to grow on me though I'm not keen on venturing into nail art (happy enough that I can paint with my left hand!). Off and on I'll do short reviews of nail polishes that I have. Today's post will feature Stage Nail Color and Revlon Nail Enamel.

Read on...

Having such a thick consistency, I was worried that the Stage Nail Color would go on all goopy and chunky. It has a unique one-coat formula which is like a dream come true for me as I usually mess up my nails when I'm doing the second coat. Application was dummy-proof with minimal streaking. Even without a top coat (the one I have is sucky) my nails remained chip-free for a good couple of days. Removing wasn't too much of a hassle either. My only complaint is that I'm not a huge fan of frosty pearlescent colors for my nails. The color that I have is Charming, I think. To fix the problem, I did solid-colored brown french tips and they helped contrast the loud pearlescent finish (will post pictures when I do that again).

Retails at Stage Cosmetics outlets for RM35. Check out some other colors and reviews by Bee and PrettyB.

I couldn't wait to paint my nails with Revlon Nail Enamel in Plum Seduction and Chocolate Truffle the very night I received them. Such an irresistibly delicious pair! The watery formula was easy to apply albeit it makes the color go on sheer. Thus, a second coat is definitely needed. It didn't take long for the nail polish to dry between coats. Despite the fact that the colors are solid, which I love, they do give a glossy finish. Adding a top coat would definitely have helped prevent chipping and increase shine. I'm rather keen on getting a few more colors. At RM19 each, they're quite affordable and easily available from major healthcare stores.

sparked the idea to do dark french tips with Chocolate Truffle and ParisB pulls of Red Hot Tamale effortlessly.


e.motion in motion said...

Pretty! I wish I could paint my nails more carefully xD Btw I was meaning to ask you, did you ever get those cards printed? I'd love to see how it turned out =)

Askmewhats said...

awww the shades are pretty , I am in love with chocolate browns recently :)

beetrice said...

i liked the colour interchange you did with plum seduction and chocolate truffle..wonder if that'll work with the peach shade i have...will try that once my nail recovers!! :s

Connie De Alwis said...

Erynn: I usually have to make a lot of corrections! Yup I did! Thank you!! I got my friend to get the format right and since he was an art student, he tweaked the design as well and insisted that I use a black background -_-" I'll e-mail the design to you if I can find it. hehe

Nikki: same here. it's a better alternative to black

Bee: I don't see why it shouldn't work. hope your nail grows back soon!

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