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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner

"Long Lasting" and "Smudge-proof" are highly sought after features in eye liners and while liquid liners usually promise that, they're not the easiest type of eyeliner to use.

K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner offers liquid liner with the convenience of a pencil liner (or pen, rather). Ranked as one of the best selling eyeliners in Japan and Singapore, K-Palette has sold over 1 billion pieces of this baby in three years -- that's a lot of eyeliners!

Needless to say, I was keen to have this and got Bee to pick one up for me during her trip to Singapore a couple of months ago.

Read on for the review and swatch...

K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner is packaged as a sleek gunmetal-colored pen with a very secure cap. Unlike other pen-like eyeliners, K-Palette doesn't have any dial (Majolica) or button (Shu Uemura) at the end of the pen to dispense the liquid. Good thing about this is that the ink flow will almost always be consistent since you won't overclick your eyeliner until the ink overflows.

The tip is a flexible brush that's very fine (finest compared to Majolica and Shu). It allows for great control when you're trying to draw a thin and precise line but I find it too flimsy for thick lines. My winged out line ended up looking "curvy". The black ink is really dark and dries quickly. However, the ink isn't completely opaque meaning that if you line over metallic green eyeshadow for instance, the eyeliner will actually appear as a metallic dark green.

See? Not completely black. The eyeliner holds up to its claim for being super long lasting and smudge-resistant.

I don't usually read instructions on the packaging but I'd advise you to read this one. This eyeliner is not water-resistant so you can remove it with warm water. In other words, I wouldn't recommend swimming or getting wet with this liner on. The formula is meant to repel oil and that's a bummer for me because I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup. I did ignore the instruction and I ended up having eyeliner stained on my lids. So if I do use this eyeliner, I'd have to remove it first with a cotton bud saturated in warm water or cleansing milk before I proceed to removing the rest of my makeup with cleansing oil.

As advised, I store this eyeliner upside down in my brush holder so that the ink doesn't sit at the bottom of the pen.

Overall, this is a decent eyeliner and probably one of the best liquid eyeliner pens I've ever used so I can see why many people are so impressed with this. Unfortunately, I simply don't reach for it very often as I prefer my lines to be controlled, opaque and straight, which I obtain from gel liners. Also, the fact that I can't remove it one shot with the rest of my makeup annoys me.

The K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner is not available for sale in Malaysia. It's easily found in selected Watsons in Singapore. I can't remember the exact the price but I remember paying less that SGD$20 for it. Anyone care to clarify?


SlowBroGaL said...

Nice review Connie!! I guess I'll search for it when I go Singapore..:)

Sherry said...

good review :) I used the in2it eyeliner for now.

Tiha said...

i think i saw this one at sasa
hmm not sure if its the one hehe

Connie De Alwis said...

SlowBroGal: Great! :)

Sherry: I've used in2it before. It's decent for its price but the ink's not dark enough for me

Tiha: K-Palette is not available in our Sasa last I checked. I know SASA sells something similar (many liquid liner pens in the market now) but i can't remember the brands.

Askmewhats said...

wow..this is even darker than the Jessie's girl tattoo pen I own, thanks for sharing!

e.motion in motion said...

Great review :D I use NYX felt tip liner but really want to try the Shu one :P

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Liquid liner is my weakness.. hahaha L'oreal Liquid Liner also quite long lasting, sometimes I find it hard to remove. I like how smooth and nice 'curvy' wing you had...

KayKamaL said...

im also currently using in2it..i used to hav Lakme (indian brand) but it finished off n nobody is around to buy em for me..some more so cheap..i wear daily eyeliner n it lasted for 8 mnnths! the felt tip was rm8 n the brush type is rm3!!

but now my ultimate fav is the i nuovi linerpac i got frm ur i nuovi contest!

im yet 2 try gel liner cz i too lazy wanna dig my wallet since its a lil on my pricey side..huhu (i knw sounds stingy but i dun care..yet..haha)

jojoba said...

darn it. i need to try this and you said it's not sold here. looks awesome on you. do you know that i am in search of a replacement for my HG liquid eyeliner? grrr

Connie De Alwis said...

Nikki: Which reminds me.. I haven't tried my Jessie's girl pen! mine's in purple :)

Erynn: I've thought of trying the NYX one but there has been mixed reviews. Shu's is not bad but I'm annoyed that the brush frays after awhile :-/

Syn: I should take a look at L'Oreal. I feel like I neglect them.

Kay: That's really cheap! too bad you haven't been able to find it. the liner pac is pretty good :)

Jojoba: maybe you can get someone to buy it for you from Singapore? have you tried the Majolica or Kate one? They have liquid liner pens with brush tips too. Yes, I've noticed that you've been looking high and low!

Anonymous said...

thank u for this review :) honestly i've been looking around for bad review of k-palette
the LE WP pink case k-palette is my HG, i love the brush tip that gives an ease of precision, and it removes so easily with any eye remover..
that's why i don't get it why the original one is such a crap, it always smears on the 'wing' of my drawn eyeliner by mid day, and i can't remove it.. it leaves stain on my lid..
i guess i didn't read the directions for removal, cause it says that it can't be removed with oil-based remover :)
so now i know after reading this review, i'll try to use again my abandon original k-palette, and see how it goes
thanks ;)

immorivine♥ said...

it costs $18.90. Since GSS is on, its now retailing at $16.90

Anonymous said...

"The tip is a flexible brush"
meaning it bends during application? Or is it a hard felt tip? Thank you

Tiffany said...

Hi i like this eyeliner because it does not smudge
But it's hard for me to remove. I try to remove it with a cotton bud saturated in water after that i use lancome make up remover. I need to rub many times to get over it and it still stain abit like a soft coloured tatoo. Do u have any idea to remove this eyeliner? Thanks
Love to read your review
Keep your passion on make up :)

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