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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Review: I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine

One cannot have too many lipglosses. The latest addition to my seemingly endless collection of lipglosses is the brand new I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine. As indicated by the name, this duo sided lippy claims to plump up the lips with velvety metallic lip color and ultra shine lip gloss. To top it off, the hydration and conditioning actions provide long lasting comfort.

How true are the claims? Hint: It's still in my handbag! Read on to find out more.

Duo-sided lipglosses are out there but they're considerably underrated in the market so it's safe to say that the I Nuovi Velvetshine is my first. On one side is a metallic shimmer (Lipvelvet) liquid lipstick and the other side (Lipshine) contains a sheer lipgloss with shimmer. Lipvelvet comes with a brush applicator that helps with percision while Lipshine has a doe-foot applicator to glide on the gloss without budging the bottom layer. The tube is of decent size so it's not one of those duo-sided makeup that'd a scam since they're only giving you very little product that's not worth the value (eg. Benefit Pocket Pal). Hence, it's also bulkier than your average lipgloss.

Lipvelvet is quite thick and creamy so you won't need much to fill the entire lip and the color can easily be layered on if you want it to look more opaque. The shimmer is super fine and dense to give a metallic effect without looking trashy glittery. Despite the fact that I really like the color, I feel that metallic shades tend to emphasize the lines on my lips so I personally would not wear the Lipvelvet on its own. Barely French Lipvelvet is a pale copper color. There's a vanilla-ish scent for both sides but Lipvelvet's is stonger. Lipshine too contains shimmer but it's along the sheer side and although it does give quite a lot of shine, it's not water-like glossy. On its own, the Barely French Lipshine makes a good daily lipgloss that gives just a hint of color. My preferred way of using the Velvetshine is to apply the Lipvelvet first then layer over with the Lipshine.

Texture wise, it's not very sticky and not gritty either. The color goes on smoothly and stays on for a reasonable amount of time. I'm not sure if it moisturizes my lips but it doesn't dry them out either.

Although I'm not raving, I Nuovi Velvetshine is nonetheless a good quality lipgloss that I find myself using very frequently for a MLBB (My Lips But Better) color that goes with almost any kind of makeup -- day or night. It's not too dramatic for the day and yet glamorous enough for the night.

Prettybeautiful is keeping Chinatown Glam in her handbag!

The I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine is available on their international website for $25USD but as with all of their products, the counter retail price is cheaper. Retailing at Malaysian counters for RM60


eliza said...

sexy lips XD~!

prettybeautiful said...

awww connie. the nude colors really suits you a lot! i have paler lips so usually i just go with redder shades to look healthy! :) i really love the lipshine ;) have been using it daily. and also, the tube does not leak! :D

beetrice said...

hehe...I remember preferring the Lipshine to Lipvelvet when I tried it...but great on the "no leak" factor... :)

Askmewhats said...

you do have sexy lips! this is very pretty :D

Jenn said...

"One cannot have too many lipglosses."

AMEN to that from this lipglosseater!! hahaha!! :P

This color is so pretty!! Your pout is sexy!! hehehe!! :D

Sue Lynn said...

In my case, "One cannot have too many lipSTICKS."

:P *OCC doesn't count tho due to its satin/stain finish* muahahahaaha

But this looks interesting hhhmmm

Connie De Alwis said...

Eliza: Aww, thanks :)

Pretty: How I wish that I can pull off red! :(

Bee: I think the Lipvelvet texture needs some getting used to since it's not conventional lipgloss!

Connie De Alwis said...

Nikki: Thank you, sweetie :*

Jenn: Nobody can beat the Lipglosseater! I'm surprised at how much I actually like using this lipgloss. my other lippies are feeling neglected. :p

Sue Lynn: ah... a lipstick girl! Lip Tar is its own category altogether! neither lipgloss or lipstick

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