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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Get a Free Gift from I Nuovi Worth RM60!

Click picture for print-out size

Got a Facebook account? Simply print out the voucher above, fill it up and redeem your free gift at any of the participating counters stated on the voucher :) I haven't redeemed mine so I'm eager to know what I'll be getting!

I'm not a Facebook "enthusiast" but if you are, I'd really appreciate it if you'd follow on Facebook [click here]. This way, you'll be able to receive and preview updates comfortably on your Facebook homepage. Thank you in advance!


gracie said...

i don't know if i nouvi is available here locally, but i do hope so

Connie De Alwis said...

Gracie: I Nuovi is not available for retail in the Philippines but you can purchase their products through the international website:

Arrie said...

i've redeemed mine and it's call browcake, a compact eyebrow colour. i got two since i brought my bf to redeem also and both are different colors(oak and taupe)! it comes with a brow wax too, though im not very sure how to use it.

Anonymous said...

wow. guys can redeem also? serious? i thought for girls only haha...

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Sadly, we do have I Nuovi counter here but is not under redemption / participation counter...

Cherish Cyndi said...

Do we have to actually cut the voucher according to its size or we can just present it in A4 size paper?

Connie De Alwis said...

Arrie: Thanks for the heads up :) I think you're supposed to define the brows with the colored wax first then set the brows with the clear wax

Anonymous: cool that they don't discriminate gender huh?

Syn: Perhaps you could try asking a friend to help you out

Cherish: I usually just present the A4 so I don't think you'd actually have to cut out the voucher

Anonymous said...

i got a browcake. bf got a lipstick :D

thanks for the voucher connie *loves*

Miu said...

Hi Connie!

SORRY BABE!!! I was too busy yesterday rushing work off before lunch time. I asked my friends to alert you as they saw the post without the alert popping out. I couldn't go into your site anymore due to the block to leave a comment. I don't have your email as well so the best was to ask others to let you know.

But it's strange as my friends said it didn't happen to them, i figure my anti-virus or etc is just pms-ing for over sensitivity.

Hope there's no problems on your side, glad u got it out :)

plue said...

thanks connie!

i hope i get something good! bweee! :P

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