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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beauty Budgeting Chp. 8: Products That You Can Skimp On

Why spend a hundred bucks on a mascara when an RM20 one works just as great? While there's nothing wrong with splurging occasionally, buying cheaper products that work equally well can save you a lot of money. In this chapter I'll be giving you several suggestions of products that you can skimp on without looking less fabulous. If you have a shrunken-leather-pants budget as I do, you may find this post helpful.

"What product do you almost never splurge on?"

Products That I Skimp On:

Eye Makeup Remover

An avid eye makeup wearer can go through a bottle in a month so having to spend RM75 on an RMK Eye Makeup Remover every month can be quite a pinch. Maybelline and Elianto get waterproof makeup out effectively for less than RM20 a bottle.

Lip Balm

Some of the most popular lip balms in the market are drugstore brands such as Chapstick, Blistex, Burtsbee and Lip Ice. My personal favorites are from Clinelle and Neutrogena -- both under RM20.

Eyebrow Pencil

I'm using an RM5 eyebrow pencil from Daiso and I can't ask for anything better. ZA and Majolica Majorca make good eyebrow pencils too. Unless you can afford it, there really isn't a need to spend RM65 on a Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil.


Quite frankly, I can't justify spending more than RM50 on a mascara. It has such a short lifespan that it's simply not worth the "investment". Even after trying several high end brands such as Dior, Giorgio Armani, Lancome and RMK, I still find myself falling back to good ol' Maybelline.

Pencil Eyeliner

I can't deny that Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes is awesome. It doesn't budge! Rimmel's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer doesn't either. Bloop's Pencil Eyeliner (RM18) touches my eyes more often than the Dior and Giorgio Armani ones do.

Facial Toner

Simple Soothing Facial Toner (RM15) is probably the most reliable facial toner ever. It cleans, softens, soothes and refreshes the skin. A toner is the least significant product in a skin care regime and usually doesn't treat nor provide any direct benefits to the skin. There are high end toners that cater to specific skin concerns but the impact is normally not drastic.

Products That I Splurge On:


Face Powder


Facial Moisturizer

The others are dependent on the product itself rather than the function.


cecobi said...

I'm absolutely agree on the lip balm and mascara-reminded me on one of my friend who'd always proud of her Kiehls lipbalm and DiorShow mascara. She'd always looks down on every other brands under the same product categories ("drugstores makeup were only for beginnerslah, do you really want to risk your face for the sake of savings") and to make things interesting,one day she forgot to bring her HG two items on a trip-desperate for quick solution, i suggested her the dirt-cheap Daiso's Hyaluronic Acid lipbalm and Maybelline Volume Express mascara-and my, she's lovin' it right about words can really eat on you! >_O

LyNn said...

nice post.
me likey!

just wanna share my take.

-LIP BALM: Vaseline
-EYEBROW: unfortunately i prefer powder onces as pencil ones seems harsher. my Daiso brow powder seemed to break me out. no choice but to get Beautilicious. (even so i grab it during their warehouse sale :P)
-MASCARA: Maybelline Volum' Express Cats Eye (hands down on this one)

haven't found a good pencil liner yet. thanks for the suggestion. will definitely try those out.
and the way you praise simple's toner made me feel like jumping straight out to grab them!
i also feel like trying simple's cleansing wet tissues :P

abby said...

ah nice topic. always wanted to try Clinelle and Neutrogena lip balms. are they really that good? have you tried the Avene one? with cold cream? i wonder what that one is like. the Simple Toner, does it suit all skin types or just one in particular?

any recommendations for the products you DO splurge on? especially the moisturizer. always looking out for a good one. and how about masks?

Connie De Alwis said...

cecobi: I'm yet to try Kiehl's Lip Balm. simply buying into the hype. hehe.

Lynn: Thanks for sharing your suggestions :)For eyebrow powder I really like the elf Studio one. But Beautilicious is great too

Abby: They work really well for me and they are below RM20 so even if they don't work out for you, not too much damage done eh? Yes, I've tried the cold cream one. It leaves a whitish cast and smelled strongly of rose. I didn't quite like it. Simple toner is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Ehh... well, when I review the products that I do splurge on, you'll know. Lol. Masks fall into "others". I don't really set a price when I buy them. Generally, I don't spend much on sheet masks because they're disposable.

Slowbrogal said...

Nice tips Connie!!

I always look for budget product to use.
But I do splurge on skincare product very often as I think that a good skin does better than any makeup. After reading various beauty blog I begin to spend on makeup especially eye palette now.

Oh ya bcoz of ur influence I started my own blog too. Feel free to visit. ^^

prettybeautiful said...

i totally agree on the mascara and toner. i think i love maybelline mascaras the most! as for the toners, i never stick to a brand faithfully. i will just get whatever i see or on sale. lol.

Askmewhats said...

We are the same on our concept of saving and splurging! I always rely back to good ol maybelline because they work and they're cheaper! :) I go for more pricey foundations, powders and those waterproof eyeliners

abby said...

Ah i see. Seems when there is cold cream, there is that rose scent. Good to know about the Clinelle and Neutrogena. Thanks for that. Wow. Simple toner suits sensitive skin too. That's good. And it's cheap too. How great is that!

Ah yes. Splurge more on those good cream masks right? I love masks. Always looking for new ones to try.

thanks for the reply!

*aly said...

Fabulous tips.

The only thing I splurge on the most would be makeup brushes.. I dunno, sometimes it really depends but I'd definitely splurge on something someone else has tested and deemed worth-it.

dmj said...

i have chapped lips for so many years. i've tried a LOT of lipbalm yet nothing work! then connie reviewed Daiso's Hyaluronic Acid lipbalm. tried it and it works! just rm5, fantastic. as for mascara, Maybelline Volume Express is my HG. i'm on my 5th/6th tube.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Yes, so agree wif u.. I'm loving Elianto eye & lip makeup remover, it's cheap yet effective... I won't splurge on expensive mascara... my most expensive mascara that I bought with my own money is new L'oreal Ultra Volume Collagen mascara, RM49.90. My high ends mascara are all free gifts from purchases and I'm still liking drugstore brands mascara.. hahaha... the only pencil eyeliner i would splurge is Guerlain Eye Kohl Liner... so smooth and pretty color... nth can beats it, at least for me.. i dun like MUFE, smudges on me. Toner, I don't use it... Foundation, blusher, eyeshadows r things I would splurge...

Meri L said...

I never splurge on mascara and lipstick. I go for foundation, loose powder, primer, all those basic make up and the most necessary, blusher. I love blusher so much :)

gio said...

Great tips! I totally agree on mascara, toner and lip balm, there's no need to pay a lot for them. I only splurge on foundations, concealers and powders and sometimes brushes. They can last for years if you take proper care of them so I see it as an investement.

pinkyping said...

i totally agree on never splurging on mascara. I think the most expensive I ever bought would be Marjolica Marjoca. haha And yes, lip balm too! I have been using vaseline forever which cause less than RM10

Lavender said...

Yes Connie, you are right. I am also using Elianto eye & lip makeup remover - "Green tea". It's so effective and I am so impressed by it.

As for eyeliner, "In 2 It" waterproof eyeliner (below RM20 - can get from Guardian)is a great product for me. It doesn't smudge and the texture is medium soft not too soft like the Lancome texture.

Connie De Alwis said...

Slowbrogal: Sometimes how well a product works is in spite of the price. if it's good, it's good. Congrats on the blog!

Pretty: I've had too many bad experiences with burning toners! I replenish my Simple toner so that's something for me! hardly replenish anything :x

Nikki: I'm definitely more willing to splurge on foundations and powders. I never thought powders were such a big deal until I saw the difference between a pricey one and a spensive one!

Abby: you're welcome :)

Aly: even when it comes to makeup brushes, I don't think that expensive ones are generally better. I have some pricey ones that suck. lol

Connie De Alwis said...

dmj: It took me many many tubes of mascara to finally decide that I love Maybelline Turbo boost and I finally repurchased it. Lol! That Daiso lipbalm is pretty awesome but I've stopped using it :( bloody allergy to who knows what.

Syn: I used to buy a lot of Elianto remover but stopped ever since I've started using cleansing oil to remove my eye makeup. More money saved! :D compensates for my splurging on cleansing oil :x

Meri L: For some reason, I'm quite willing to pay for blush and I have no idea why! Not to say that I dislike cheap blush though, which I don't.

Gio: I use the word "investment" to merely comfort myself. haha

Pinkyping: same here I think! even when I do buy high end mascara, I only buy it if it's discounted but still very seldom.

Lavender: I had the in2it liner too. I remember quite liking it

a.min said...

i am trying to switch to cheaper face care lately! the comment on toner totally hit the point! thanks!

coco said...

i'm always looking for budget beauty products too. for eye makeup remover there's even a cheaper option - use extra virgin olive oil! as for lip balm, vaseline works great. sometimes i use vaseline on my dry skin on dry winter days.

Sherry said...

love the tips :)

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