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Friday, August 21, 2009

Review: Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation

I may be turning only 22 (in less than 2 weeks *coughs*) but I have Sahara-like skin that wails for rich moisturizing products. Imagine what my skin is gonna be like when I'm no longer a spring chicken (in the words of Paris B)! This fall, Anna Sui Beauty has released an upgraded range of base makeup called Moisture Rich, which includes a Foundation Primer, Fluid Foundation and Powder Foundation -- someone must have heard my prayers.

Tongue in Chic in partnership with Anna Sui presented me with an opportunity to test out the Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation, which I accepted with high expectations. The foundation promised me a smooth texture and a natural flawless glow but is it a favorite?

Read on for the full review...

Anna Sui gets major cookie (Yes, cookie! Not brownie!) points for beautifully packaging their products. The Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation is no exception with the frosted glass bottle shaped like a rose and the cap, like a rose bud. The removable pump allows for a hygenic way to dispense the foundation.

I chose B03, which is a close enough match. However, the beige undertones have hints of orange causing my skin to look warmer than usual. It's not a concern for me but I understand that many Asian women prefer rosier complexions. Something very distinctive that I noticed was Anna Sui's trademarked strong rose scent and although I'm not concerned again, others may be.

On to the foundation, it is a watery type of liquid foundation thus, I apply it with the elf Studio Powder Brush. Oh boy, blending this foundation isn't easy at all as it doesn't seem to adhere to the skin. Can a foundation be too water-like? I understand that it's water-based but the texture is definitely very peculiar! It took awhile for the foundation to dry and eventually adhere to the skin. After that little commotion and a generous dusting of loose powder, I was left with a sheer-medium coverage and a beautiful glowy finish that I seek in liquid foundations. And then it hit me; if it was already so glowy when freshly applied, what's it gonna look like 2 hours later?

My skepticism came true when about an hour later my skin started to shine instead of glow. The more hours went by, the more I shone. Malaysia has a hot and humid climate so sweating is unavoidable but rolling beads of WHITE sweat should be! I was under the sun for only 15 minutes and already my foundation was starting to melt. By the time I got home, there were only several patches of foundation left on my face.

Bottom line, this foundation may feel great on dry skin but it cannot sustain Malaysian weather. If you're living in a cold climate and you have dry skin, I'd highly recommend this foundation. Otherwise, this foundation will be too oily and it will not stay very long on your skin.

Perhaps the Moisture Rich Powder Foundation would be more suitable for us sweaty people. I'm actually quite inclined to give it a try. It promises to give a smooth finish, flawless glow AND long lasting effect. I'll keep you posted if I ever do try it!

Prices are as below:
Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation: RM134
Moisture Rich Powder Foundation (case): RM52
Moisture Rich Powder Foundation (refil): RM108


MilknCookiie said...

Oh well, at least you didn't have to waste any money. That is always a big problem when you want to try new foundations, especially when you order them online. I ordered the Lunasol Water Cream foundaiton today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it would work out for me.

♥ Milk

Connie De Alwis said...

Milk: That's a plus at least! I'll probably only wear this if I know I'll be in proper air conditioning. Hope the Lunasol foundation works for you :)

Kahani said...

eeek this one sounds like my hell in a bottle...*hugs revlon colorstay*

Connie De Alwis said...

Kahani: Lol! This definitely would not be right for you. Thank goodness for Revlon eh?

Eli said...

I am afraid I oogled more over your sugar glider than the foundation bottle. Is it the younger one?

Connie De Alwis said...

Eli: Lol! It took a few worms to get her to pose :p yeah, it's the younger one, Lexi. She's calm in open spaces

Jamilla Camel said...

Happy Birthday!

Re: Your question on the Armani Foundation, I recommend the Face Fabric Foundation. I've done reviews on my blog--the compact foundations are for dry skin, and I think they'd be too oily for you.

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