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Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's a Fact -- Connie Hates to Shower

I'm not ashamed to admit it either! Showering is just one of those things that I merely do out of necessity. Being told to go shower by my mom and Andrew isn't uncommon and almost always, I'd be reluctant to do it. Out of obligation, I'd probably only spend less than 10 minutes in the shower. The reason why I don't like to shower is probably because I don't see the point of doing so unless I'm dirty or sweaty. Other than that, to me, there simply isn't any other benefit to showering.

So, if I told you that there's one product that actually made me look forward to showering everyday, that would be pretty major news, wouldn't it?
Read on to find out what that product is...

The lovely Jenn of Lipglosseater gave me my very first LUSH Soap called Porridge Soap. To a shower-hater, receiving a piece of soap brings up feelings of a kid getting a stationery set for her birthday. Just one of those gifts that you don't go jumping for joy over but you'd use it anyway because it's useful (sorry, Jenn!).

Never did I imagine that the day I brought this funky-looking piece of soap with me to the shower, my showering habits would be completely changed. As the soap is rubbed on the skin, the scrumptious scent of oats and caramelized sugar (should be molasses but I've never smelt that before) is released. The creamy soap lathers the skin while the oat bits invigoratingly massage and exfoliate. Showering actually felt pleasurable. Even the boy loves this soap. Good for scrubbing his butt and back, he says.

I've had pleasant shower sessions before with nice-smelling body scrubs but I bore easily and would ultimately prefer to spend no more than 10 minutes in the shower. The hassle isn't worth it on a daily basis. LUSH Porridge Soap managed to make me commit by transforming how my skin looked and felt. After just a few days of using the Porridge Soap, my skin has been feeling a lot softer and smoother. In the mornings, when the sun hits my legs and arms, I can swear that my skin glows and look more "alive". What more could you ask from a soap that moisturizes, sloughs off dead skin cells, and improves blood circulation?

The Porridge Soap then amazed me further with its super cleaning powers...
I'm slightly embarrassed to say this but I've been having problems with dark underarms for the longest time. Over the years, I've tried scrubbing with a loofah (which caused redness), whitening deodorant (which didn't work), bleaching soap (which made my skin flake) and a handful of other products that were hardly effective.
Quite unexpectedly, my underarms have started to look brighter and smoother since I've been using the Porridge Soap. Areas like my inner thighs and waist also look cleaner than before. Shows how great those Palmolive and Dove shower gels work huh? Showering with those, you might as well don't shower.

Downside of the Porridge Soap is that it probably won't last you very long since it melts. One bar will last you approximately a little over a month if you use it twice a day. To prevent the soap from melting too fast, I don't use it under the shower. First, I wet my body, massage all over with the soap and place it back on a dry soap holder. Then, I wet my palms and lather up.

I can't imagine myself being satisfied with a shower gel ever again. I've totally converted to soap. Very unfortunately, LUSH is not available in Malaysia so to prevent myself from going back to my unclean ways, I've asked a friend to help get me a few more of this wondrous soap.

LUSH is available in 39 countries, retailing at $5.95USD in the United States.


Aleksis said...

I need to get my hands on some LUSH products as well then...because I hate showering too! I like baths, but that's because I don't bathe in them...I just pour some salts and soake in the hot water for relaxation..

e.motion in motion said...

Great review! I always want to try lush products but their shipping is like $36 to Hawaii. Boo :( I feel the same way about showering lol xD

LyNn said...

ahoy robert pattison doesn't shower too :P
the soap does look like a bread thou.
refering to the first pic.

prettybeautiful said...

wahhh this soap is so funky! like the grainy, sunflower seed bread i eat. yummmm

Jenn said...

Eh sorrrrry Connie, i didn't know that you didn't like showering! :(

But i'm glad it did turn out well for you yeah! phew!! haha!! :P

plue said...

i love lush soaps!

bestest soap ever! i wish it was available in SG though :( den can ask Ryan to help me buy :(

verina oei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Askmewhats said...

wow the soaps look ugly but looks can really be deceiving! wow..your shower habit changed because of those? Great one!!! :)

jojoba said...


Kate said...

I love Porridge! I bought it recently just 'cause I happened to be in a Lush store buying Dark Angels, and I thought Porridge smelled really good. I was pleasantly surprised by how creamy the lather is. I also like Godiva shampoo bar for the jasmine smell, but it does kinda dry out my hair...

beetrice said... we can "convert" you as long as the product really works?!? o.O

that aside, I love LUSH! just wish they'd bring them in - I couldn't buy stocks when I went to UK cos they don't have long shelf life.. :(

Mirna said...

I've tried two types of Lush's soaps, and I love 'em. We have Lush store here in Jakarta. The price is charged based on weight.

Connie De Alwis said...

Okay, I wrote like a long long reply to the comments but accidentally closed the window before posting it >.<

Aleksis: Cool! I'm not some rare shower-hating species! Ahhh... I would love to have a bath tub. Then I can buy bath bombs

Erynn: Another shower-hate! :D Oh man, the shipping is murderous! Perhaps you could get a friend from the mainland to ship LUSH over to you?

Lynn: He sure doesn't ;) My boy though it was cheese cake :-S

Pretty: Funky looking but wonderful! :D

Jenn: Don't be sorry! I thank you for helping me see the goodness in showering :D

Plue: yeah! I find it weird that LUSH is no available in Sinagpore. It'll probably be there first before it'll be in Malaysia though :-/ There could be hope!

Connie De Alwis said...

Verina: Etsy's soaps look really cute!

Nikki: Amazing, isn't it?

Jojoba: But i'm clean now!! :p

Kate: Love the smell. it is pretty moisturizing. I've also noticed that the skin on my shin is no longer scaly. Shampoo bar? sounds pretty peculiar!

Bee: yep! way for a product to prove its awesomeness :D Yeah, the products are too "fresh"

Mirna: I've heard about the charging according to weight. kinda like buying vegetables eh? so nice that Indonesia has LUSH. no sign of it coming to Malaysia yet. *sighs*

KayKamaL said...

uh2..when i was in india.i LOVED lush but the price is a lil off-putting for someone on a student budget..GOTTA LOVE the smell of the store.better u ask jenn to help u stock up..hehe..

btw,d cat pic was hillarious! lol

n andrew used UR soap on HIS butt? adoi~

Connie De Alwis said...

Kay: It is pretty pricey! I limit myself to using it only in the mornings. at night I'd just use shower gel *sighs* Thank goodness for globalization eh? ;)

yep, my soap on his butt. Lol!

Anonymous said...

OMG I feel the same way. Showering makes my skin dry. But then again I shower every other day. LOL. Good thing there is an anonymous setting.

Connie De Alwis said...

Anonymous: Now you've gotten me curious who you are! I wish it was possible to only shower every other day but the weather's too hot and humid which means sweat!

Mirna said...

I love it whenever I go to Lush store, it's like heaven, hehe.... The smell is so nice, I wish I can buy everything.
Yup, they charge based on weight. So it depends on how the sales girl cut the soap, of course according to your request lar. You may get small piece, or big piece.

Anonymous said...

wow.. would love to get my hands on those.. but i don think they sell it here.. sob...

Anonymous said...

LUSH used to be available in Singapore, but it has long closed down, maybe sales weren't too good. Hope they decide to open one in Malaysia soon. Honey i washed the kids soap smells really good too. But it doesn't scrub or anything, just like a normal soap. There's another one, buffy something, i can't quite remember the name, supposed to be like an exfoliating soap i think, but it leaves a layer of oil on my skin, quite disgusting. Needless to say, i've used it once, and bid farewell to it.

THAT'S HOT!how much? said...


omg i am dying to get lush products and i did not know it is available in jakarta and i just came bck from jakarta last week!!!im soo mad at myself now!!whereabout is the lush store?is it in grand indonesia??

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