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Saturday, July 25, 2009

ClarinsMen Boys Night Out

Last Friday, unlike any typical Friday where I usually hang out with peers, I was invited to join a little gathering put together by the Clarins team for Men. That’s right, for Men. It was a gathering where ClarinsMen invited some public guests through a lucky draw contest in the newspaper “The Star” and also some VIP on their list and I was one of the few lucky ones.

This party was basically a feel-good gathering to introduce ClarinsMen to the public. For those who didn’t attend or didn’t join the contest, it was a waste because the party or gathering was a blast. I was first greeted by the ladies of Clarins team and was presented with a goodie bag and a choice of tag between notorious, charmer, and seductive.

To play it safe of course I chose the charmer tag. The party started with a slow momentum where the first hour was mingling about with the ladies from Clarins and other public guests. After that, the show begins, with some introduction to Clarins and this time, their focus is on Men. They showed steps that guys should use for their daily routine and surprise surprise, most guys who attended didn’t really know even the three basic steps. Next there was an introduction to Louis Erard watches and a small competition was held. The last game, the liquor mixer competition was an intriguing competition, where contestants were supposed to mix liquor drinks and serve them to the judges.

Non, LiteFm deejay announcer was there too as he's a ClarinsMen user and so is Will Quah, a well-known TV announcer who, sadly, wasn’t present at the party. With the two announcers proudly using ClarinsMen products, I could not wait to try it out myself. Therefore, stay tuned in a week or so, for my review on a few ClarinsMen product which I myself am eager to try it after some explanation and consultation from the ladies of Clarins.
(from top to bottom: Mr Charmer, Mr Notorious (me) and Mr Seductive, posing with Non from LiteFm.)

P.S. I was certified by the Clarins Ladies as notorious rather than a charmer.


prettybeautiful said...

wow, now i am conviced that, boys + skincare can be fun too. lol.

JtJh said...

but most guys will shy away when it comes to real skincare questions.

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