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Monday, June 29, 2009

Update: Eyebrow Routine + Mom's Birthday + New Contacts

I feel like I'm disappearing with the lack of updates! Shame on me...
First off, I'd like to thank everyone who have posted their feedback on Skin Deco. Your kind words mean the world to me and as for the suggestions, I truly appreciate them. If you've noticed, I've been doing some tweaking here and there, even if it's not a lot. I'm somewhat technologically-challenged so it will take me time to figure out the more technical stuff.

My skin just cleared from a nasty eczema flare, hence the week without any tutorials. Just in case you feel deprived, here's a little update video on my current eyebrow-filling routine.

It was my mom's birthday last Sunday and we had a little dinner to celebrate. And I got new contacts!

That's about it. Read on for more pictures :)

GEO Tricolor Green Lens
I buy them through a friend now so if you wanna buy them, please Google "GEO lens" and your location. The prices change too much and I'm not sure who is reliable and who is not so you'd have to decide for yourself.

Looks less scary here. I swear it looks really good in daylight. :p I did a tutorial for this look but my angle was so off I couldn't post the tutorial *sighs* I'll redo it when I redo it. blegh

The two loves of my life (human wise)


fuzkittie said...

Aw you look cute! Love the green lenses, they go well with your skin tone I think.. on paler skin tones they may look.. too alien. Hahaha. Missed your tutorials! Good that your eczema went away.

e.motion in motion said...

Lenses look great! I want green ones hehe (:

B said...

Happy birthday to your Mommy!! Lovin' the liner on your eyes. It is perfect! Who is it by? And your brows, as always, rock!

Jenn said...

Your brows are always perfect... so is your eyelining skills!! :D The liner matches your contacts so nicely!! :D

Happy Birthday to mum!! :)

prettybeautiful said...

wow yr eyeliner goes really well with yr contacts /the contact goes really well with yr eyeliner! ! ! i never have any colored lens since i am only one-eye-blind, was thinking whether i will take some hours to stuff lens into the other non-blind eye or not...

kristensoong said...

Your lenses looks great on your eyes!! Amazingggg!!!! *jealous*

Connie De Alwis said...

fuz: Thanks :D, maybe green is such an exotic color. but yeah, I think grey and blue tend to look best on paler skins. speaking of which, I need to get me a pair of grey lens since I just threw my Angel Grey lens out. expire *sighs*

erynn: Get em! I'm sure you'll look great with them :D

B: My mom thanks you! :) It's Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner in Ivy Shimmer Ink. LOVE this color to death

Connie De Alwis said...

Jenn: Thanks, sweetie :) Hehe. the matching was intentional! I read on Makeup for life that green eye color will bring out the green in the eye makeup better. and she's right! mummy says thanks!

Pretty: wow. really that bad?? so sorry :(

Kristen: hehe. thanks ;)

silhouette said...

Hi.. What is the brand of the eyebrow liner you are using in this video?

Thanks! Great video by the way!

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