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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simple Looks + Puppy + Updates

Things have been slow, haven't they? I actually have many posts lined up but I'm yet to compile the pictures. In this post you'll find some simple makeup looks, a new skin care range that I've just started using, adorable puppy pictures, food pictures, and some random rambling about stuff.

Read on for all that and I'll explain this first look, k?

This is the kind of makeup that I do when I don't have much time and I don't want my makeup to look too much. For the face, I tried out the Revlon Color Stay Foundation with the MAC109 brush. On the cheeks is Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in P Orange 55 and MAC MSF in Light Flush. I used L'Oreal HiP Eyeshadow Duo in Riotous, EDM shadow in Cypress with Bobbi's Ivy Shimmer gel liner for the eyes.

On lazier school days, I'd just have on BB cream (Skinfood), Paul and Joe Eye Gloss, MAC Fluidline in Blue Peep then Blacktrack at the base. I attempted to straighten my hair so that it wouldn't look so poofy but it didn't seem to work. I need a haircut *sighs*

I've recently acquired the Origins Light Years Ahead range which is for anti-aging and brightening. Brightening/whitening has never really been my thing but the discoloration around my chin area is bugging the hell outta me. Not sure if this will work but we'll see. It has only been 3 days.
Meet Duncan Oreo, our little puppy. He's Nikki (our Lab) bastard of a puppy. Lol! Quite a monster, he is but awfully cute. He'll be going to his new home in about a month's time. Tremmie makes a cameo appearance here but she's really not too happy with a new dog in the house. The ShiPoo is already a nightmare as it is.

Went for Pasta Mania with Bee and Paris after an eye, neck and shoulder treatment at 128 Faubourg. The beauty specialist that attended to me was Emily Chan and her service was superb. I was so relaxed that I was snoring away.

Finally, I watched Twilight. I know. I'm like so outdated but better late than never, no? I loved the movie so much that I just bought the book. Whee!


Anonymous said...

hi may i know what lip gloss u were using on d 1st pic?lurve d color

fuzkittie said...

Love simple looks! Aww look at the puppy, but of course Tremmie is cuter, hahaha.

Jenn said...

I like your simple looks!! They look like something we can wear in a hurry and know that it'll work!! :D

Awww... Duncan is sooo cute!! I bet you'll miss him much when he's gone to his new home!! :D

eri said...

that's a nice look! i like simple's all i can do! hahaha.

the puppy is ADORABLE!!!
and the food....i'm starved!

jojoba said...

hey, you mentioned Skin Food BB Cream. which do you use? I tried the mushroom #2 and quite like it and think about getting a full size tube.

Like you, i don't believe in whitening up skin but those brown spots bug me big time. I hope your new skin care stuff works. Good luck.

Audrie said...

love the look!
oooh your puppy is so cute, too bad it's going to leave for a new family soon :/

Askmewhats said...

I love dogs so seeing puppies on your post made me smile! love it! and girl! I do love your hair! and it's growing longer! :D

Eli said...

OMG, puppy so cute. I want!

Gwen said...

OMG, the puppy is soooooo adorable! He reminds me of my dog when he was sooo tiny! Now he is pretty much a monsterous dog. He's huge now. Haha, the look is pretty simple and nice. I love how you combine MAC's blue peep fluidline with other colors. Btw i LOVE your Las Vegas inspired look! I would love to wear it, but my makeup skills still needs a little more twigging, sorry i wasn't able to leave comments like before, assignments are stacking. Haha, aiyo....lou soh post again...

Anyhow keep up the good work!

prettybeautiful said...

hows the eye+neck treatment? did they manage to con u into facial?

LyNn said...

my bf's lab is also black with a white line at the bottom!
we named her oreo too!
hahaha they should be friends :P

Cecobi said...


Send my warmest regard to the ehem, macho Mr Duncan there. He's adorable! (n_n). Also....tell Tremmie that he/she (?) can contact me anytime for this personal 'one-on-one-intimidated-relief' sessions,huhu.

On ur lazy days looks-love the idea of only using the BB cream and forget all the foundation-concealer-powder thingy altogether=it's my opinion,i'm the firm believer that BB cream is more on skincare than makeup sides, and that's y i loves it so much and purrrfect for those i'm-to-lazy-to-pile-on-makeup-day!

gio said...

The puppy is adorable!

I like your looks, they're simple but very pretty!

Connie De Alwis said...

Anonymous: It's Origins Once Upon a Shine Lip Gloss in Sheer Fig :)

Fuz: They're underrated but essential nonetheless! Cat-person! I can't say that I'm not more of a kittie person too. hee hee

Jenn: Foolproof looks, I call 'em! I'll definitely miss him but he won't be far. He's going to a very very very good home and to one of our closest friends :)

Eri: Thanks. Well, I guess most of us started with simple looks!

Connie De Alwis said...

Jojoba: I used the Gingko one which I've just reviewed, of course. I really hope they work but my skin has been a mess lately that i'm not sure if the new products are making it worse :( I'd hate to see all those products go to waste. I've been warned about whitening products not being suitable for sensitive skins but I was stubborn.

Audrie: Thank you :) We thought of keeping him but he deserves the best.

Nikki: He really is quite precious! But mischievous too. I'm thinking of getting a hair cut this weekend hopefully

Eli: *gives Eli*

Connie De Alwis said...

Gwen: I think Duncan's gonna be a big doggie too. Practice makes perfect! I'm sure you'll be able to replicate the look. It's nice to have you back here again. Good luck with your studies!

Pretty: Nope! Emily was very understanding. She wasn't pushy at all! And she served me really well. I felt so valued. Lol.

Lynn: how cute!

Shaz: My Tremmie is a Diva. she knows we love her nonetheless. On weekends she sleeps in with me :D I usually reserve BB cream and mineral foundation for school and other foundations for going out

Gio: Thank you! Duncan says thanks too :)

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