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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review: Stila Perfecting Foundation Stick

It took me awhile to find a stick foundation that agrees with me and I'm proud to announce that the Stila Perfecting Foundation Stick so does! Extra cookie points for getting it at a steal during the Stila Malaysia closing down sales.

Read on for the full review and comparison pictures.

This is your classic stick foundation that twists out from a metal tube like an over sized lipstick. Such a packaging practically screams convenience with the most minimal risk of making a mess.

Shade d 05 is a perfect match for my skin tone with the exception of a very slight peachy undertone. Other than that, it's pretty much a neutral shade that neither looks too yellow or too pink. The foundation is very creamy and thick as expected from a stick foundation.

My way of applying stick foundation is by drawing lines with it all over my face (I usually go for the tiger stripes) and buff it out with a dense synthetic kabuki brush (The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush). Application is swift and flawless as blending is completely effortless. The coverage is medium to full, which is very good in my books, but if you're all for sheer foundations, this may not be for you. Also, there's a chance of getting the feeling that you're "wearing" foundation as it's hardly lightweight.

I probably did not like most stick foundations that I've tried (Benefit Play Sticks, RMK Stick Foundation) because they were too drying and cakey. This one, however, feels so comforting on my dry skin though it offers no oil control. Again, not an issue for me but may be for others. The lasting power is pretty decent too.

A little birdie told me that he experienced breakouts from this foundation so I'd probably suggest to not wear this foundation on a daily basis and remove it properly at the end of the day, just to be safe. Personally, I have not had zits from this.

Can't you tell that the camera loves my skin? The glow is to die for and no white casts! So, if you're looking for something that is guaranteed to come out good in pictures, look no further.
Tutorial for this makeup [here].

Unfortunately, there's no more Stila in Malaysia. I don't see this product on the Stila website either and from reading a few websites, it seems like this one has been *gulps* DISCONTINUED! O_O

Yeah, I had no idea when I was writing the review. Huge bummer! I found it on Strawberrynet so grab it fast!


Meri L said...

I love this foundation too. It gives me full coverage and very easy to use =)

chaborkia said...

i've inherited Bobbi Brown's stick foundation and i didn't like it. terribly dry and drags on my skin.

lol first time i met you i already noticed your thing for glows! lol... definitely suits you. btw are you growing our your hair? time for a trim. short hair is a pain to maintain. >.<

Joby said...

Thanks for the review, it really does make your skin look goodI glow, i am convinced enough to buy.

Aleksis said...

Wow your skin looks flawless in this picture! I would love to try a stick found. but I'm so oily....

Meldee said...

Am jealous. Your skin glows!

And hehe...people have brownie points but you have cookie points eh, just to be different? ;)

chaborkia said...

OMG btw, i found Bourjois and Max Factor here in India! would you like me to look for something? and anything to recommend? heard Max Factor mascaras are da bomb. XD

Connie De Alwis said...

Meri: Glad you love this foundation too :) It's definitely very convenient

Ya Hui: Thanks for the heads up! I haven't tried a BB foundation that I like a lot :-/ no la. not growing out. Just haven't got the time and the car to go back to the hairstylist. I got it trimmed a month back but then the fella like cut nothing *groans*

Joby: welcome! HOpe you manage to get your hands on it :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Aleksis: This one is definitely not for oily skin! but I believe there are other brands that carry stick foundations more suitable for oily skin eg. Benefit

Meldee: hehe. don't be jealous. you can glow too! with the right products ;) Yalor... I like cookies more than brownies ma :p

Ya Hui: Lol! I'll think of something! I heard bourjois eyeshadows are pretty awesome (can't stand the smell of the blush). MAx Factor mascara good but don't think would be good for you cuz the formula is pretty darn heavy!

theng said...

love this product so much ..
and i'm using this product for few years already ... it
match my skin so well ,and looks like doesn't apply any make up on it ...

nw stila had close down , i also duno where to find a foundation tat can match my skin so well ... sob sob ~~~~

fuzkittie said...

Wow, it looks soo glowy on you!! I stay away from sticks because they seem too much effort to apply.. haha.

prettybeautiful said...

i love this too! the application and blending is really sleeek! but yeah, the downside is the greasiness after some hours.

Elizabeth said...

This was my first non-drugstore foundation! So nostalgic reading about it haha. I used up one stick and never went back somehow. Come to think of it, I've never repurchased the same foundation before o.O

e.motion in motion said...

Ooo looks lovely! I've never tried a stick foundation tho lol figured it would be pretty thick :/

DANA said...

Wow!! That face is flawless with this foundation!! Nice coverage and glow too!! Wow! Strawberrynet is having a massive sale on this particular item, grab some while you can! =D It costs around AUD$68 here, but omg thank God for strawberrynet... hehehe

And a Happy happy New Year!!

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