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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Skinfood Gingko BB Cream

Foundations, I've owned a lot. BB cream, however, is something that I can never seem to come close to finishing. Meet my 2nd tube of BB cream after almost 2 years of owning my first [click to read Missha BB Cream review + BB cream intro]. This Skinfood Gingko BB Cream was given to me by a very kind reader, Lisa.

Read on for the review

The Skinfood Gingko BB Cream has been on my wish list for quite some time, if you've noticed. I was certain that this was the BB cream that I will get next but my bottomless pitt of a BB cream held me back. So finally, I have this in Shade 2, which is still about two shades lighter than my skin tone but acceptable. There's also a slight pinkish tinge that prevents me from layering on too much.

Skinfood's tube isn't as big as Missha's. Thus, I'm hoping that this means I'll be able to get through the tube. The nozzle is flat so there could be some mess. Compared to Missha, Skinfood's cream texture is not as thick and is easier to blend. Somehow I find that the finish isn't as fine and glowy in comparison to Missha's, which is a downside for me. Unless I use a heavier moisturizer underneath, I won't be able to put powder on top of the BB cream without looking all caked up.

Nevertheless, it doesn't slide around without powder and pretty much stayed on through heat and sweat. This BB cream would suit oilier complexions better since it keeps shine at bay and isn't oily at all. The coverage isn't too bad either.

I'm yet to find a BB cream that really wows me. Quite unfortunately, almost all BB creams come in fair shades which I can't accommodate. Any suggestions? I've heard very good things about L'egere but again, shade problem. The texture of Etude House's Mousse Magic BB Cream was gorgeous but the coverage was too sheer and color a wee bit too fair.

Retails at Skinfood stores and kiosks for RM49.90 (again, I can't remember prices but it should be correct)


jojoba said...

thank you so much for doing this review. i wanted to know your view on a BB Cream as I am totally new to this product. many people said BB Cream runs sheer and I also agree. Some companies claim that their BB Cream would infuse into our skin tone no matter what shade you are. And I'd say that's totally bull!

Now I am not sure if I shoudl try out a full sized Mushroom tube.

plue said...

this suits oily skin? but alot of ppl tell me otherwise! >_<

like you, BB creams are always a little too fair, even for me. Haiz.

i am trying the Aloe, Kimoko said it's pretty good :D

Askmewhats said...

come to think of it, I can't recommend either as those that I've used do cater for lighter skin tone!!! I'll give you a holler once I find any :)

prettybeautiful said...

hmmmm now i dont use BB at all already. like no more ooohm. lol. and most of them making my face really oily =/

Connie De Alwis said...

Jojoba: You're welcome :) BB creams to me are more like tinted moisturizers with a little bit more coverage. The color adjust but unfortunately, not to my skin tone! I quite liked the mushroom bb's texture but when i asked for the diff with that and the gingko, the SA told me SPF which I'm not concerned about since I use a separate sunscreen

Plue: it's drying for my skin la and I can't put powder over it. so I assume lor. and my nose not as shiny compared to when I use Missha. Aih, depending on what ppl consider as oily la. I have dry skin so I dunno leh. I know it's not moisturizing for dry skin!

Nikki: I really wish they made BB creams in darker shades! *groans*

Cyndi said...

I heard people said this is for normal to dry skin? But anyway, different skin reacts differently :) skin79 BB creams have darker skintone...the dermarx one, maybe you can try that?

LyNn said...

ooo. its good with oil control eh.
i have been eyeing on skinfood aloe bb for darn long thou. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wondering what eyeliner your wearing for the FOTD? it looks great! love the colour.

@DdY said...

Oh you've made review for this! I've just made one on Aloe. The SA told me Aloe is better in oil controlling properties. but I agree about the shade!

fuzkittie said...

I heard great things about Lioele, but of course I think they only have one shade. I think you should try L'egere, mix it with a darker foundation! :]

Dee said...

I hear Skinfood BB Creams tend to get oily sometimes. At the end of the day, does your skin produce any oil when using this? I wanted to try the Aloe BB Cream, but the shades are so light.

Joy said...

Now i can't decide wish BB Cream to get...Etude House's sounds soo good,Missha M Perfect Cover looks very good too,SF's Mushroom sounds good too...I have no idea which to get...
I dun have any probs with shades as i have to always buy the lightest shades for foundations and other stuffs as in rather fair....
I have no idea which BB Cream to get now..any advice??

Gracie said...

Im using Skinfood BB cream too, Aloe Sun bb cream. The mushroom doesnt suit me because too oily for me. I love my Aloe Sun bb cream! :)

jess said...

hi connie,
have u try out the Dr Gowoonsesang aka DrG bb cream,
i think it worth a try~

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Recently, I've found that Elianto actually came out with their BB Cream with SPF50, it's selling at RM50.00 if I'm not mistaken. Feeling itchy want to try on it yet I'm still on my makeup diet so just passed it for the time being. I'm using Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream too. I like how it gives me glowy & dewy skin, provided if I have a thick layer of moisturizer underneath. Even that, I'm also facing a minor problem with Missha if I'm using it consecutive for more than 3 days, which is little bumps come out from nowhere. It's neither pimple nor millia seeds. No itch or hurt but just some annoying bumps.

Eli said...

I wish BB creams weren't so fair too. My fingers are itching to try L'egere Shiny Pearl (I can never take the names of some BB creams seriously) but I need to finish my massive bottle of Missha Perfect Cover (it's surprisingly cheaper in Australia than M'sia). Do you want a generous sample?

Connie De Alwis said...

Cyndi: It squeezing out whatever oil that I produce! Definitely not dry-skin friendly. Thanks for the rec :)

Lynn: I have a friend who uses the Aloe and it looks great on her. I can't really tell the diff with the Aloe or Gingko or Mushroom :-'

Anonymous: It's MAC Fluidline in Blue Peep :)

Addy: I don't remember the SA telling me anything except for the SPF diff between this and Mushroon. meh.

Fuz: that's what I always do with my BB Creams!

Dee: My face don't produce oil except a wee bit on the nose but with this... even less. Lol.

Joy: I'm not an expert with BB creams but perhaps you could try a few samples first before deciding on a full sized one

Gracie: Glad you found a BB cream that suits you! I admit that I liked Mushroom better but it was rather expensive compared to the others

Jess: nope, haven't. I'll look into it. thanks :)

Syn: I did not like the elianto BB cream at all. the anti aging one. total oil slick! I've tried the Perfect cover but it was just alright

Eli: Not on BB creams. basically anything Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese tend to have weird names! Thanks for the offer! you're too kind. But the perfect cover didn't work for me :( for some reason looked ashy *sighs*

plain.jane said...

i am using BRTC gold caviar - it's pretty good. except the texture is kinda thick and not so fluid. the color is not too fair (comes in foundation like color)

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie!

I love your review on Skinfood's Gingko BB cream. I am thinking of buying this product so I can have a BB cream that is usable for the summer. It seems like this BB cream is very lightweight.

I suggest that you give 'Lioele Triple the Solution' a try. I love how it gives me an excellent coverage despite my hypertrophic scars and dark pigments as a result of acne. It also has good oil control, considering that I have oily skin. Another thing that I really like about it is the nourishing properties that your skin can benefit from. This product is available in one shade. I am nc25 in MAC, and this product adjusts to match my skin tone. For an extensive review of this product, go to

You can also purchase this product at

Anonymous said...

try VOV anti trouble bb cream. It really heals your pimples!

Dayana Nasir said...

i really want to try skin food products and yeah i still looking for any bb cream that will not breaking me out T___T

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