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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review: Maybelline The Colossal Mascara

Finally, I opened my Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express mascara after realizing that I won't be using much of the Lash Stiletto. Turbo Boost is one of my most preferred mascaras but the idea of The Colossal promising to give 10x volume instead of Turbo Boost's 5x was intriguing.

I'm all for the funky yellow and purple packaging, now on to the review.

The brush is massive! No wonder they called this The Colossal. Coating the top lashes didn't pose any problems but getting the bottom lashes was a wee bit annoying. Similar to the Lash Stiletto, the formula has a rose-like scent that according to the boyfriend, smells more like cockroach.

As with most Western mascaras, the formula is heavy and weighs my puny Asian lashes down despite curling prior to application. The lashes separated and volumized decently but nothing wow-worthy.

I normally use this with more dramatic eye makeup looks where prominent lashes are not called for. The mascara washes off with warm water but since I highly doubt I'll wear this on its own, that extra point doesn't really count for anything. However, it does remain smudgeproof for long hours.

Retails at about $7 in drugstores. This mascara is not available in Malaysian stores. Please refer to sgdrugstore.


leslielovesmakeup said...

i tried the lash blast and it weighed my lashes down. ehhh. but thanks for the review!

ms.iu said...

have u try CG lashblast...?to me.. it's good,never weighed my lashes..keep it curl from morning till evening..but the brush is big...:P

Jenn said...

I'll be skipping this then... since you say it weighs down the lashes!! God knows i need all the help to keep my poker straight lashes curled!

My husband likes to call me a colossal squid! That man can be so annoying and cute at the same time!! >.<

pinkyping said...

oh man.. It still doesn't seem as good as Turbo Boost. I love Turbo Boost, haha I guess I have to stick to it.

Connie De Alwis said...

leslie: I've never tried Lash Blast before so thanks for the warning!

ms.iu: mixed reviews on the Lash Blast yeah? I'll probably stick to made-for-Asian mascaras. They seem to work better most of the time :-/

Jenn: Time to get another tube of Turbo Boost! Haha. annoying IS part of being cute!

Pinky: Yeah! I was hoping for the 10x volume but it really wasn't all that.

Anonymous said...

Maybelline discontinued Lash Expansion and they have not come up with ANY alternative that compares, brush, was MY favorite!!
PLEASE bring it back!!

Gaby said...

I like this one! Although it doesn't quite give 10X volume, I'll definately be buying it again (=

Anonymous said...

they have colossal mascara in watsons now! i saw it in 1u's :)

Ere said...

My eyes were very ugly. But after using this mascara everyone says beautiful eyes.
Here all credit goes to u.
Thank you so much for this blog...........

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