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Monday, June 22, 2009

Feedback Wanted!!

Hello *waves*

Lately, I've noticed a different trend of readers for the blog and I'd love your feedback so that I'll be able to figure the changes out. With your comments, hopefully I can find ways to make the blog more reader-friendly.

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Changes (negative and positive):
  • Amazing response towards tutorials and looks
  • Good interaction for the Beauty Budgeting series and popular product reviews
  • Increase in followers (based on Google Friend Connect)
  • Decrease in contest entries. Very perplexed by this! I have MANY contest coming up but with the poor response, I feel reluctant to run the contests.
  • Little to no response towards less known products (despite good/in-depth reviews)
  • Dramatic decrease in unique visitors (I only check once in a while but compared to two months ago, there has been a decrease of around 50%)
I admit that I have the tendency to be defensive (It's a Virgo thing and I'm working on that) but I would really like to view your thoughts anyway. With my kind of ego, I wouldn't ask unless I really have no clue! So help me, I'm desperate.

Please give me your honest feedback on the blog (what you like and what you don't) and perhaps provide me with some pointers on how I can improve the blog eg. what you'd like to read more about or even if there's a specific style that you're looking for.

This is the one time that I'd highly encourage you to comment anonymously if revealing yourself is holding you back from commenting. That way, I won't be having any hard feelings or hold any grudges. I'm only human, as civilized as I try to be. If you dislike me enough to laser-comment with your ID, by all means I can't stop you.

I will not reply to any of the comments in this post but I will view them all and take in as much constructive criticisms as I can. If I highly dislike what I read and cannot accept what's said, I promise to not rant but I may ignore eg. saying that I look like a prostitute.

Knowing that people are benefiting from the blog keeps me going. Bad comments don't dishearten me but seeing my readers go missing discourages me. I'm very grateful for all of you who have supported my passion for beauty blogging and the past 1.5 years have truly been a blast.

Now, fire away!


Anonymous said...

HEY i absolutely love your site! but for some reason it takes ages to load. and it really bothers me. LOL like any site can load normally. just yours takes exspecially long. :{ everything else is great about it :] i mean besides the loading time you have a great site. and idk what you can change. id participate in your contests. although not a lot of people participate those who do will have a higher chance of winning which is great. LOL. so yea. keep the contests and im hoping its international since i live in the US. hm i guess i love the tutorials too. can you do some really neutral looks for school. like high school. nothing like blues or anything just a nice neutral school look. i've seen some on your blog but idk its fun to look at more. :]

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I love the tutorials. Always fun. But perhaps have some more neutral shades. Not so dramatic colours piled on. Especially for newbie who don't have lots to play with and/or prefer natural looks.

Contests are love. Don't take it away! Please!

I think not a lot of people don't respond to the lesser known brands because...some, we can't even get here. So it is hard for us to sample them for ourselves and to give our comments about it. Also, people are pretty buy this time of the year (maybe that's a reason-exams, accounting people ding audit and all).

No idea what unique visitors means. But i visit most days of the week. Unless i am sick, away on vacay, or just plain lazy to get online.

I think that's all i have to say.

Just keep it up! More tips maybe?? And how about a post about cleaning and caring for new/used makeup brushes?? Or have you already done that?

innerchild said...

I'm a new reader and I appreciate your reviews :) I found you from Fuz's blog when she mentioned you on her RMK foundation review. About the slow traffic, I think a lot of bloggers have been under the weather lately. Even I have started to sloth a bit, it's just the summer and the heat and the laziness that comes with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Connie,

I LOVE your blog. Amongst all the Malaysian beauty bloggers out there, you're my favourite because your content is always original and you're so cute and down to earth :o)

My feedback to your changes:
- Tutorials & looks: I love love LOVE, please keep it up!
- Beauty budgeting series: FANTASTIC! Please continue.
- Decrease in contest entries: If I had known earlier I would have joined. Count me in the next one! ;)
- No response to less known product: I'm currently based in UK, so most of your products I won't be able to buy or try :(

- You have mad makeup skills and beautiful colour combinations. Inspiring tutorials! Step aside, flat and ugly blue eyeshadow.
- You review useful things. Like the pimple patch, OMG. How amazing is that? :)
- Unbiased reviews, no product snobbery.
- You let the pictures do the talking. Clear and concise explanations.
- Men's grooming. Brilliant idea! How about making it a separate site, and expanding on it? My other half suffers from sensitive skin and acne, and skincare is a very big concern to him, but he won't visit a 'girly' site. *rolls eyes*. He steals my skincare stuff :(. Help!
- Young, fresh and creative content but still relevant to a 30+ year old. Ahem.

- Download time, slow even for us in the UK :(
- If I were to nit pick, I find this blog design to be quite cluttered > . < I'm not sure where to look first.
- Categories for your labels, or maybe simplify them. eg Beauty Budgeting & Budget corner, quite similar?

- Special makeovers for friends or other ladies with different face shapes, eye shapes, skin tones. I'm just so amazed by your colours & techniques, I wonder what it can do for other women :D
- As mentioned above, to expand on men's grooming section, but minus the pink :)
Maybe it's a tab they can click on that gives them the impression it's a 'manly section' ;)

Your fan,
Miss Irky

Séline said...

Hi, I'm going to mention again what I said:
- Brand tags would be great! (even if we can search for specific words)
- A function to comment directly to the person, so we can receive the answer by email.

And ... dunno what else!
Love your before after using stuff; tutorials, honesty!

Btw I received the ELF studio brush; wow, that is amazing. Softer than Mac brushes for sure, so better for my skin. And even applies thick BB cream evenly! Thanks for your tip!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Your blog is doing pretty great now and yea, don't take away the contests!! =D
I'm an avid fan of your blog (Your link on my Favourites list *wink*) and would love to see more of it.
Maybe more reviews (even for the less known brands)? I love reading your reviews and even better when I find new products that work as dupes to expensive items! =D

I think that's it for the moment.
Hope this feedback helps =) Take care!

Anonymous said...

Since it's about changing for the better, I will just comment on the negatives.

1. The decrease in contest entries.
Most(that I have noticed) of the contests you run, the winners are chose at random, so I feel a bit discouraged to join because the lucky one will win and to me it's just like a lucky draw.. It doesn't interest me?? I mean, the prizes are great but there is no competition. I love having to work hard for a prize so =P that's me.

2. Lack of response towards less known brands.
First of all, I'm Malaysian. I loved tuning in to your site because I felt like I could relate to the products you use. Unlike the US or UK-based beauty bloggers, who use lots of brands which are not available in Malaysia. It's really a huge fuss if I have to buy something online but you seem to use very unheard of brands which makes purchasing very difficult and online means look and buy, no testing and sometimes, I feel like I have to test it before I'm satisfied and I buy it. That's why I stick to shopping in malls.

3. Decrease in unique visitors.
Well, everyone's curious to know what Connie can do ;) So I'm pretty sure everyone will put you on their 'to watch list', I do anyway. But once they lose their curiousity towards your writing/blogging, they disperse. Maybe you could try harder at publicizing your blog and adding more new things to keep things interesting.

theotherworldly said...

Hi Connie,

I really like your blog. I visit it religiously everyday. However, I don't comment a lot in case I come off as either too ignorant or too opinionated :) I don't participate in contests because I'm in Singapore, and secondly I only participate if I really want something very much (no point robbing others' chances).

I don't respond to tutorials very much because I only wear foundation, mascara and lip balm! Sorry :( I trust your reviews very much but some of the items are off my local shelves, but I read them any way.

I really like the way you write because it isn't all fluff, and underneath the words is really practical and useful content. I often revisit your reviews to see if there's anything I'd like to buy, LOL! I think your blog is really unique compared to most of the other beauty blogs because it isn't always about hauls.

I'd like to see you answering more questions from readers, and sharing more techniques to makeup application. However, my favourite entries from you are the most personal ones, like the one about eczema. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you put in a great deal of effort to run this blog, Connie. Do keep that spirit up.

About the decrease of unique visitors, I think too many of your comments are just friend-based, which is why you see a decrease. I know relationships develop by maintaining constant contact and interaction, but somehow some comments I see are repetitive 'Oh my God I LOVE YOUR xxx' and the sorts. Which is indeed true because your looks are nice. But it tends to gets old when you see the same few persons doing it again and again. Makes the person reading the comment feel dubious about the sincerity. That's just my observation.

But please don't get me wrong. Your looks are indeed amazing, hence the amazing response. I really admire that. And friends who comment loyally aren't necessarily bad either! It means you have established a very strong reader base.

Just keep doing your thing, Connie. Will always be supporting you. I learn a great deal from you too, thanks for imparting your knowledge to your readers. :)

kay kamal said...

hi connie,

i agree with the idea of trying out the makeup on diffrent people w diffrent face shapes n skintones..

or u could also open up guest looks..huhu

d competition to me is a lil discouraging..tried like 4-5 times..but i knw im never lucky..i knw dat cz me winning something on pure luck is like the "bulan jatuh ke riba..." almost

i so love the keep it up..

n ur reviews helped me make my decision a lot..tx much!

theotherworldly said...

Hi again,

I couldn't help but comment again because I really just had to reply the first commenter about the site loading too slowly. My geek girl self will say it's actually due to the header and background image being a very large file that isn't sliced (smaller bitty images that load individually simultaneously). Connie, you could try cutting up all the 100x100px images inside the header so that they load in a jiffy. :)

The next thing is actually due to the coding, which codes that the background stay fixed during scrolling. Both things contribute to slower loading, especially on slower browsers (sidenote: download Google Chrome! Faster!) such as IE.

I think the tags or labels are difficult to sort through. I remember trying to find all your mascara reviews but finding the label "Eyes" instead, and that took many scrollings to dig for the right mascara.

Also, some ideas for blogging could involve other aspects of beauty, such as diet, clothing, hair, etc. You could take us through your workplace, the places you shop at and the food you eat (although it does sidetrack a little). You could also rope in your family for reviewing products so you could get perspectives from other skin types. A good way to increase unique visitors is to network with other beauty bloggers (you probably know this, but how to do it, I have no idea, I'm sorry).

However, my baseline will still be that I really like your blog and the effort you put into doing it well.

fuzkittie said...

I'm a virgo too!! We indeed have a lot in common, haha. I definitely get defensive too and I CAN argue without breaking a sweat. But asking the readers for true opinions is a great idea. We all feel discouraged from time to time.

Actually I have not experienced problem with your page loading slowly at all, unless I'm at a place where the internet is super slow, which is very rare. But I suppose not everyone has super speed internet...

No need to tell you, but I will, that I love everything about your blog. Your effort, passion and honesty show through effortlessly! I like your witty writing, so even if you're writing about a product I'd never be interested in, I would read it just to see what funny things you've said. So definitely keep that sort of spirit up!! This is definitely something different for me from some other blogs... if the writing is dry AND the product doesn't interest me, then I wouldn't read it at all.

It's hard to come across beauty blogs that provide clear, interesting and honest reviews! <333 And your tutorials, I don't need to say more, they're amazing.

As for the decrease in contest entries and unique visitors... Could be people are on vacation in summer time?! xD I've been getting less comments and traffic as well. *shrugs*

Chloevien said...

First, I really love your blog, very informative, really good tutorials (even for an old woman like me *grin*), and detailed reviews.
Honestly, I like your pic tutorials more than vid tutorials, you are really good with step by step pictures:)
How about tags? I believe they make our lives easier as readers/followers:)
Btw, I visit your blog almost everyday, and everytime I try new look, my hubby and daughter ask me, 'is that a new look from Fuzkittie or from Connie?', hehehehe....

yummy411 said...

hey connie, no page probs over here.

love your blog and reviews. you are one of the few bloggers that can still get me thinking or intrigued over an item that i would totally pass over.

the only thing i can really comment on is the little known brands or asian brands that i have no access to. you had me curious about rmk and you actually satisfied my curiosity... thanks a bunch!

i have no idea why the decreased numbers in unique visitors has occurred... most of the unique visitors became loyal readers?? now you have created a strong reader base? good thing?

oh i don't participate in contests because i'm in the US and a beauty blogger (which i don't think many of us stand a chance). now days i might participate here and there.. very rarely esp. if the host makes it clear that other beauty bloggers can enter (yes i've been shut down before on that issue ha!)

keep doing what you are doing well: themed tutorials, clear tutorials, fantastic reviews without rigid structure (that sometimes makes reviews too long and boring) but clear and concise, clue-ing us in on your life, etc.

suggestion-- you've talked about your weight loss before, but can you give helpful tips on how you achieved your goal and maintain. many of us are out here struggling and some help from your voice and view would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Connie!
I love ur blog but as mentioned above, loading time is sooooo LONG! It takes forever! which is why sometimes I don't wait and just cancel the browser..maybe you can do something about that?
I also loved the idea about the makeover of friends..I think it would be interesting to see something like that..=)

Tine said...

Babes, I love your blog, especially the makeup tutorials. And the videos are fab :P

I'm afraid I echo what the rest commented - it takes ages for your site to load. The sidebars are a tad cluttered, hence taking time for the page to load. There will come a time when you have to decide what links, what logos, etc are useful for your blog. In the beginning, I had a lot of blog directory buttons on my blog as I signed my blog up for those. After a while, I realised they weren't benefiting my blog as the visitors come from elsewhere. So out they went.

Re. the decrease in unique visitors, could it be due to the lack of contests? It's like what you told me - people only subscribe to your site when there's a contest, but after it's over, they leave. And it's sad and frustrating. I feel you there. But you know what, at the end of the day, a beauty blog talks about BEAUTY. Not series of contests and giveaways. I consider those as a bonus. Even if you don't run any contests, I'd still be back on your site because you write well, and the photos are good :)

Jenn said...

Eh what happened to my earlier comment?? I swear i posted! :S

Well let me say this again, i'm not trying to blow smoke up your ass (ewww gross), but honestly i love your site because:

1. You're honest about your reviews!! I know i can read your reviews and trust that you do not sugarcoat them!

2. Can tell that you really put alot of heart into this blog!! it really shows how much work you've put into this blog and how much it means to you!

3. You have mad amazing skills that make me jealous!! I've learnt so much from your tutorials and looks! :D

The only complaint i have about your site is that it loads a tad too slow sometimes (especially on Celcom broadband omg... zzzzzzz)!!

I agree with Tine... contest or not i'll still be reading because of your wonderful content!! Readers come and go (mine too...), so don't be discouraged k! :)

Anonymous said...

your blog loads rather slowly for me too =( but i really really enjoy reading your blog! it's like a magazine! so many interesting pictures, great makeup techniques, detailed descriptions/reviews and yet, never ever boring! LOVE :D

keep up the great work, connie!

Anonymous said...

Hey connie,
first time commenting but i've been visiting for a couple of months cause your blog rocks
some comments:
wrt to the contest thing, there are a number of possibilities. First, the ones that require more effort than a few clicks of the mouse and a couple of typed sentences such as the lancome oscillation contest might not get may entries simply because many of us do not have the time. i can't explain the lack of entries for the rest though - maybe everyone thinks that everyone else is entering so everyone(1)'s chances of winning is tiny? i hope that makes sense..

i *love* the video tutorials. it really helps to see just how to apply stuff (yes, i be noob). that doesn't mean i don't read the regular stuff though, it's all good :)

plain.jane said...

hi, love your site, but i don't like the hide "content function" :)

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