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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beauty Budgeting Chp. 4: Patience

Many overpaid and impulsive purchases tend to be caused by lack of patience. The urgency to buy something while it's fresh out and before anyone else is probably due to not wanting to feel left out or the desire to create envy in others. I won't blame human social nature but when your funds are easily bruised, perhaps it's time to lower down that ego and bring up the patience. Does "better late than never" ring a bell?

"Which product have you bought that you wish you would've waited?"

Read for tips on achieving Patience

New and Pricey

Not knowing is barely an excuse for purchasing something very new in the market at full price. Most new arrivals are not discounted and since consumers can be so impatient, they'd still be willing to pay full price than to wait. That's how the company gets back their capital. The discounts are meant to get money from the lower level consumers who value the product at a lower price. Makes sense? For instance, I wouldn't buy a Majolica Majorca mascara when it's originally priced at RM46.90 but I wouldn't think so much when it has been discounted to RM39.90 because I value the mascara at that price.

New collections are leeches. If you crave for Limited Edition stuff that easily go out of stock (mostly due to other impatient consumers), I really can't help you. It depends on how you perceive the actual value of the product. Personally, I don't crave for Limited Edition things. I'd be happy if I get them but I won't exactly go chasing after them or pay loads of money for them. I've seen MAC MSF in Light Flush being sold at almost $40USD and I bought mine well over the collection was out at RM70. Would I have paid $40USD for Light Flush? Most definitely not.

So, when it comes to newly launched products, it wouldn't hurt to just wait it out a little and you'll eventually get a better deal.

Sales and Discounts

Even existing products will go on sale every now and then. I put off getting the Urban Decay Primer Potion until the 30% Friends and Family sale and save about RM30 for my tube. Same goes for my Paul and Joe Foundation, which I've patiently waited to get from the warehouse sale. And thankfully I waited since the foundation ended up looking too fair and oily! If you're in America, you can easily return or exchange the product but in Malaysia, we don't have such privileges.

Research First

How many times have your purchases been determined by the description on the back of the box or the convincing from sales assistants? It's the age of the Internet! Don't feel obligated to buy something just because you've looked at it for more than 2 minutes. The first hand information is often distorted so researching a little more before making a purchase is advisable. Nobody wants that horrible feeling of being so excited to buy something only to find out that it doesn't work. Reviews are out there for a reason. Make use of them! When reviews are good, chances of disappointment are low although not entirely impossible. Nevertheless, chances are still low. Taking the time to actually educate yourself about a particular product will save you from regretful spending.


Marie. said...

The new MAC Prep + Prime line filler. I actually ended up returning it. A lot of my buys are impulse buys, I end up returning a lot of them though.

leslielovesmakeup said...

i have never really ever bought anything when it freshly came out. i guess i've learned from that saying, "people buy things to impress people they don't like" but i have bought things just cause i was bored. haha patience is key though! great trip

HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Haha I'm not really a Limited Edition hunter too. Honestly, I dont follow MAC's never-ending new collections at all. I just go for the basics like PlushLash mascara and the liner. I can b really impulsive, sometimes. But most of the time, I think carefully before making a purchase which I only ended not using it at all.

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