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Friday, June 12, 2009

Beauty Budgeting Chp. 3: Brushes

"A good brush is an investment"
Heard that before? In some ways, that statement is true but most of the time, it's merely an excuse to spend on expensive makeup brushes. Yes, good brushes will last you years but that doesn't necessarily mean that all good brushes should be expensive. Another thought that you should kick out is thinking that "better" brushes will improve your makeup skills. Sure, good brushes make some differences in how your makeup would look but not instantaneously and not without practice.
"What's the most expensive brush that you have in your collection?"

Got a habit spending on brushes? Better read on...

The Lure of Brush Sets

Brush sets are often scammers. They make us think that we're getting a better deal. I mean, 24-brushes in a whole set which only comes up to $x a brush! Take a second look at that brush set. Do you think you will be using every single one of those brushes? Better yet, do you KNOW what each of those brushes are for? Brush sets are often addictive so you'd most probably end up with five flat synthetic brushes that you really don't need. Travel sets are damaging too so don't even think about it. Realistically, we'd only need ONE travel set.

Buying brush sets is not wrong but make sure you choose the right brush set for you. My very first set was the Mini Italian Badger Brush Set. It's the one that started my brush collection 2 years ago and the one that I'm still using to this very day. Every brush in the set is useful and enough to create a complete makeup look. So, if you're thinking of getting a brush set, get one that you'd be sure to use all the brushes in it.

Brushes That Should Be Cheap

Some brushes you simply do not need to spend a lot of money on and they are:
Liner brushes, regardless of the price and "quality", are not meant to last very long and in no time, it will fray. The best alternative to liner brushes are synthetic nylon/taklon liner brushes from art stores. They will cost you less than two bucks (in both RM and USD) and they get the job done. It's practice that will give you a perfect line and not an expensive brush.

Next time you visit say Benefit or MAC, ask the beauty consultant for a disposable mascara wand. And there you have your spoolie!

Awesome and Cheap Brushes

Some of the best brushes that I've ever used are incredibly affordable and even have better quality than their pricier counterparts. I may not have mentioned all but here are a few examples:

elf Eyeshadow Brush
elf Studio Powder Brush (for liquid foundation)
Elianto Eyeshadow Brush
Black Deluxe Shadow Brush (supposed dupe of the MAC227. I've tried the MAC227 and it was scratchy)
Italian Badger Round Crease Brush
Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush
Silk Naturals Fiber Optic Brush
La Mei La Kabuki Brush

"Investment" Brushes

Of course, there are certain brushes that are worth the investment. I used to think that it was my MAC187SE but now that it has been reduced to blush work instead of the initial foundation duty (taken over by elf's $3 Studio Powder Brush), I've changed my mind.

Looking at my stash, if there's one brush that's truly worth its hefty price tag, it would be the Stila #30 brush. Keep in mind though, that everyone's investment brush is different. It all boils down to the brush that you truly utilize. Of course, we tend to make bad investments every now and then before actually seeing profit. The most important thing is not to be easily lured. Anyone can tell you how "worth it" a brush is to them but in the end, you'll be the one using the brush so think carefully before splurging on a brush that you know you will not use much of.


Askmewhats said...

so true, great post ! there are aa lot of brushes out there that we don't need to pay too much :)

K.S. said...

i love elianto eyeshadow brushes and i have them all. i tried their testers for face brushes and they feels scratchy. i am so so proud of their eye brushes! but they're starting to shed dy. own them for nearly a year.

the most expensive brush i've own will be the everyday minerals kabuki brush. :) i still have not own any mac brushes yet cause like you said. i don't think i should spend so much if i can find a cheaper alternative and works decent.

LyNn said...

haha my most expensive brush is the
edm flat top brush
im such a cheapo :P

Jenn said...

Great article!! I agree the brush sets are a little gimmicky - you hardly use everyone of them!! I never gotten around to use my MAC 190SE... and i don't reach for the 168SE often too!! >.<

My most expensive brush is the MAC 138, which is so freaking awesome that i cannot imagine life without it!! lol! :D

Shuu said...

The most expensive brush I own is Lumiere Duo Fiber Optic brush. I agree sometimes there's cheaper alternatives from highly raved brushes :) I also use Elianto e/s brushes and one small e/s brushe from Beautilicious. They do the work well ^^ When it comes to lip brush, I just use any free lip brush I could get :P

P-ham said...

I agree w/this post so much! My HG brush collection includes the ELF Studio Powder brush and a few other really cheap brushes. I've owned a few of the most coveted MAC brushes only to sell/swap/return all of them. They were ok/good, but never worth the price b/c I always found equal/better alternatives. Esp that damn 187, I hate that brush so much! I got a skunk brush at Target for $7, works even better^___^

Marie. said...

My most expensive brush has to be my MAC 109. Every other brush is either ELF or Eco Tools or something under $8 lol.

plue said...

I have all he brushes u mentioned, except the black deluxe shadow brush and elf eye shadow brush :P

Elianto eye brushes are lovely for beginners!

My most exp brush wud be of course the siao siao 187, which I love it to bits. ELF Powder can't quite take over the place, yet :)

I love my brushes, so, um, I like collecting them! Haha!

Audrie said...

I totally agree about brush sets. Most of the brushes are just filler brushes that no one really uses or care to use. That's why I stick to buying individual brushes as I need them. Saves way more money that way!

Elizabeth said...

My most expensive brush is the MAC182 kabuki brush(RM130). Love the super soft goat hair for buffing.

prettybeautiful said...

i have a few brushes that i actually dont use at all. damn i bought them just for the sake of owning them instead of really utilizing them =/

p/s: hope to see yr nail post soon :P

chaborkia said...

thanks for this dear! i have been looking into investing in a new brush set but am boggled with all the options out there. my cousin gave me a cheap set of makeup brushes when she spotted that i loved playing with colors YEARS ago. time to upgrade! :D

Dee said...

I don't have any MAC brushes, but I have found some similar brushes that work just fine. And I totally agree with. Pricer brushes doesn't really make a difference if you don't know how to apply makeup properly. I've had my Sonia Kashuk brushes since highschool and they're about to retire so I'm trying to look into other brushes. My most expensive brush was a bent eyeliner brush I got from Benefit (I believe US$15) and I ended up giving it to my cousin, lol.

Meri L said...

My most expensive brushes are Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush and MAC 168. Both are RM 130. Totally worth it ;)

Suet Yin said...

Mmy 1st brush was actuall Elianto's shadow brush... It was scratchy at 1st but it became soft eventually. Just bought EDM angled blush brush. Loved it soooo much!

Askmewhats said...

Definitely my MAC187 is the most expensive :) I can't say it's totally worth it, so many dupes out there! LOL

Tine said...

This is a great post. I agree with you; good brushes needn't be expensive. I don't like the ones which come in a set either. More often than not, I wouldn't be using half of what's in there anyway. Get a few basic ones, and build on your repertoire, that's what I say :)

Jan said...

The most expensive brush I own is the MAC 239, which was more than RM100.. Not worth the price in my opinion.. Then I got the 217 for abt RM93. Great blending brush, but found out it was a bit too big for neutral looks (I like this brush for bright and bold looks though). A few days ago I got the Make Up For Ever 14s shadow brush, it was RM92. Great small blending brush, I realize MUFE is an underrated brand. Prior to this, I've bought brushes like Cyber Colors (from Sasa), Etude House, Elianto, Leowe-Cornell, and other painting brushes from art shops :P

OMG, I have spent a fortune on brushes!! :O

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