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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review + Swatches: RMK Gloss Lips

I found yet another favorite lipgloss and this time it's from the RMK Gloss Lips range. You may have seen cameo appearances of Gloss Lips here, here and here. Having gathered swatches of 8 shades, these glosses are ready to be reviewed.

Read on for more.

The RMK Gloss Lips packaging is a classic tube with a brush applicator that seems to be nothing special but if you paid more attention, you'd be able to tell that the quality is superb. The stopper that squeezes out excess gloss does an excellent job so that the wand comes out clean with gloss only at the end. The brush itself is firm and applies a good amount of color to the lips.

Texture-wise, the gloss is smooth, not sticky and has a pretty decent lasting power. I get a little annoyed by the very shimmery shades though 'cause they tend to feel very gritty, as though they're lip scrubs. That aside, these are very good quality lip glosses that truly separates themselves from budget brands and not just with a high end price tag (RM78)

Most of the Gloss Lips shades are sheer without strong colorations. The shimmer shades contain multi-colored shimmers so that the glosses won't look tacky. One thing that all of the shade have in common is the signature 3D-shine.

  • 01 Clear Peach: Clear with a berry-colored tint. I don't usually wear clear glosses due to my pale lips but this one delivers just the right amount of color to take away the pale-ness
  • 15 Metallic Pink: Pale warm pink with golden and silver shimmers
  • 25 Shiny Brown Pink: Cool-toned brown with pink shimmers. Looks weird from the swatch but this color is great to pair with more intense eye make-up
  • 27 Shiny Sheer Gold: Multi-colored and golden shimmers. Very intense shimmer
  • 28 Silver Pink Beige: Pink-ish beige with silver shimmers. A nude color that won't make the lips look washed-out. My favorite
  • 29 Silver Coral Beige: Quite similar to #28 but more coral and with golden shimmers.
  • 30 Clear Beige: A milder version of #27
  • 32 Neutral Beige: Yellow-ish beige with silver and gold shimmers. Meant to be paired with brown smokey eyes


Jo said...

Hi! I have a request... Can you pls do your version of this:
It's a really nice look, but I can't seem to get it right. Thank you!

Connie De Alwis said...

That looks nice! Kinda like the Puppy Dog Eyes that I've seen on Fuzkittie's blog:

I'll try it to see if it works for me since I've never tried anything like that before. If it does, then I'll do a tutorial :)

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