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Friday, May 22, 2009

Review: I Nuovi Undercover Under-eye Dark Circle Concealer

In need of a liquid concealer since my e.l.f. Tone Correcting Concealer is running out, I decided to join the majority and got the I Nuovi Undercover Under-eye Dark Circle Concealer. Lately my dark circles and eye bags have become more prominent due to lack of sleep and not using an eye cream *GASPS*. The e.l.f. concealer, although wonderful, is a tad too sheer while the Undercover is formulated specially for concealing under eye dark circles. For extra bonuses, the formula is claimed to be anti-cake and contains treatment for the eye area. Sounds good, no?

Y'all know I've fallen for I Nuovi after discovering so many of their awesome products. Read on to see if the Undercover makes the cut into the favorites and perhaps pick up a few tips for concealing dark circles.

This liquid concealer is packaged in a soft tube with a small nozzle, which is hygienic and practical. Oddly, the tube doesn't dispense the product very well because there seems to be a lot of air filling up the space in the tube, which requires me to squeeze hard for the product to come out. However, when I do manage to squeeze the product out, too much fluid tend to come out and the amount becomes difficult to control. There basically is some flaw somewhere in the packaging that I can't quite figure out.
The concealer itself is very fluid but it does give a medium coverage which is sufficient for my not-so-intense dark circle. For a more yellow-toned color, I got shade 4Y. This formula is not one that would work with fingers due to the fluidity. You can pat all you want and the concealer just won't seem to be concealing because it doesn't adhere to the skin.

Differing from my usual method, applying this concealer with a concealer brush seems to give the best outcome. Here's how I apply the Undercover:
After foundation, I sweep the concealer with a concealer brush right on the dark areas then blend with the brush. After that, I smooth out the edges by patting lightly with my finger. To set the concealer I apply Coastalscents Silica Powder over the concealer.

The Coastalscents Silica Powder was given to me by Kahani (Thanks!) and it's supposed to be a dupe for the Make Up For Ever HD Powder. They're basically the same thing with very different prices. I don't fancy using this as my setting powder because it can be drying and leaves a slight white cast in photos when not buffed properly but a light dusting on the under eye area provides a smooth and bright finish without caking.

Back to the Undercover, it did manage to stay on without fading much throughout the day. As for the anti-cake... not always consistent. Sometimes it cakes and sometimes it doesn't, depending on how heavy I apply the concealer and the type of foundation I have underneath. Regardless, even if does cake, it's not severe.

I must admit that my hopes were rather high for this product and it didn't deliver quite as amazingly as I expected it to. It's still a very good concealer compared to many that I've used but there's room for improvements in terms of packaging and the fluidity of the product.

Retails for RM62/10ml ( I think!). I forgot again. I suck.


prettybeautiful said...

the result looks quite smooth also lah, i had some really high hopes too. lol. but i didnt buy this since i got the NYX concealer. haha

Connie De Alwis said...

It's actually a very good concealer for my kind of dark circles la. hee. Just that I so used to patting on my concealer and I can't with this! Oh well, at least now I have a use for my concealer brush :)

Chian Li said...

I have this too! I've been using fingers to apply this, no wonder it doesn't seem to cover too well.. shall try with a brush tomorrow.

and i agree with you that sometimes it cakes sometimes it doesn't! weird.

Eli said...

Looks smooth! But not pigmented enough for me, aiya...

Connie De Alwis said...

Chian Li: a brush should work a lot better! good luck :)

Eli: Your dark circles are quite severe then! Perhaps cream would work better :-/

Hinale said...

I use this on top of cream concealer to cover my severe dark eye circles. It gives smoother finish than cream alone & makes the concealer last longer. I have this in 4y and like it very much. :)

Séline said...

It is funny that you and I were a bit disappointed with the silica powder. It is VERY soft to the touch, but on my face it looks dry (not cakey). It is not good either for setting concealer. I try to use more and less, still the same result.

Once I went to Sasa in Hong Kong, and SA sold me the I Nuovi concealer in a pot. Unfortunately it was too dry for my taste.
Your liquid one seems better, like Mac cover-up.

My HG concealer is NYX concealer in a jar (the yellow and medium mixed together). Better than Mac Studio Finish (too drying for under-eyes)or even Make Up For Ever Full-Cover. It is indeed medium to heavy coverage and it is relatively cheap. You should try it :)

PS: please ignore my second posting about cleansing; didn't know it was waited for approval :)

Anonymous said...

This stuff works real well I love it to death! (:

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