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Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't Let Bad Packaging Stop You!

In my previous review post about the fabulous I Nuovi D27 Eyeshadows, I mentioned how their only flaw is the weird packaging that looks like the capsule out of toy vending machines. For convenience, I've de-potted all of my I Nuovi D27 eyeshadows to fit in the e.l.f. Empty Compact. At only $1USD each, this pan comes with a full-sized mirror and a metal base. Even if you don't have I Nuovi eyeshadows, this compact fits MAC eyeshadows and NYX Trio pans as well.

Read on for the step-by-step and my gushing over the latest D27 in my growing collection.

Deciding on just ONE color to get from the I Nuovi D27 range can be more challenging than voting for the next political party. There are so many colors to choose from and almost all of them are pretty. After about 3 sets of swatches, I finally decided on Spellbound which caught my eye from day one but surpassed me for being "yet another brown". If I wasn't biased towards Velvet and Charcoal, I'd say that this is my favorite color so far.

Spellbound is basically a bronzed brown with a good amount of bronze shimmer so what you get is not metallic or frosty but proper shimmer. This color will look good on anyone and it can easily be matched to any other color. The only reason that I'm not using this much these days is because I don't want to make my other eyeshadows feel abandoned. With that said, if you're considering to get a D27, make this your first color choice. I assure you that you won't go wrong.

See me using this color here, here and here.

We'll need to get the good stuff out of the funky-looking plastic. First step, peel off the label and stick it onto the back of the compact.

Then, use something pointy (I used a pair of forceps) to push the pan out. See that little hole there? If you're having difficulty, try heating up the base of the pan with a lighter to loosen up the glue bond.

Next, cut out a magnetic sheet or you can use any old magnet that fits, and stick it to the back of the pan with double sided tape. This way you can easily pop the pan in and out of the compact.

Finally, pop it into the pan and you're good to go! My brain went missing and UHU-glued down Velvet and Charcoal. Don't do that, k? Do the magnet thing.


plue said...

lol! do the magnet thing! farnee la you!

i never thought of depotting my e/s, cuz i just like them in their original state. hehe :P

Askmewhats said...

I love magnet thingY!!!! and I love how you depotted it!

prettybeautiful said...

eh so cool yr magnet idea!!!! i got all the single colors all around, perhaps its time to magnetify them

Jenn said...

Hahahaha... you're so funny Connie!! Where didcha get the magnet strips?? I'm looking for them too!!

Shuu said...

I de-potted my I Nuovi shadows too. Their spherical container thingy simply takes a lot of spaces on my storage lol.
Good idea on using double-sided tape on the magnet, I used superglue instead haha

Connie De Alwis said...

Plue: I usually keep my shadows in their original casings too but cannot tahan la the D27 :p Very bulky!

Nikki: Thanks :)

Pretty: Yep! that should keep the colors more organized.

Jenn: You can find them in those arts and craft stores. I bought mine from a bookstore near my college. But I do admit that they're rather difficult to find.

Shuu: I did that too until I remembered I had the magnet sheet for this purpose. lol

makeupmag said...

Aww, they don't give out those round magnets any more? They used to have these cool pre-made round magnets that were perfect for the palettes.

I actually like the cute packaging although mine are all depotted, lol!

Connie De Alwis said...

makeupmag: They have empty palettes but I didn't get any round magnets!

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