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Monday, May 25, 2009

Adidas Shower Gel "Fair Play"

The hot unbearable heat in the recent weeks has definitely left everyone feeling icky and sticky, at least for me, I guess. However there’s one product that I truly recommend to leave you feeling cool and refreshed.

Read on to find out more.

Basically this time, I’ll be reviewing on a shower gel instead on facial products. It all started a week back when assignments and chores were piling up that’s when I got frustrated and decided to call up a few friends to have a round of badminton to release my “stress”. When I got back I realize that my body was actually heating up and that’s when I remembered that Connie sent me an Adidas Fair Play Shower Gel.

(pardon my photography skills)

The shower gel comes in a rather unique 250ml bottle packaging with both sides having anti-slip design and just the right size to slip into your gym bag or for travelling purposes. At first, except for its uniquely refreshing fragrance nothing seem really appealing to me, the fact that the texture and see-through gel is just like the other ordinary shower gel. However what makes me change my mind was the after-effect. After using it, I could really feel the immediate fresh feeling on my skin.

I know most of the readers would think, any shower gel that comes with the ingredients such as menthol or mint could easily pass on that feeling. I wouldn’t deny that as I myself have try on shower gels from the likes of Dettol and Shokubutsu which both come with similar refreshing properties. But the cooling effect that lingers on your skin from these products may sometimes be too extreme and in the end cause irritations. However this does not happen with the Adidas Fair Play Shower Gel as the cooling sensation is just right and it stays on for quite some time as well.

Not a single product is perfect therefore this shower gel is no exception as well. For starters, for the price that I’m paying, I find it slightly more expensive compare to the other shower gels in the market. Not only that but some will not be enjoying the unique refreshing fragrance as a few of my friends find it rather, how do I put it “special”.

Overall, Adidas Fair Play Shower Gel is definitely my favourite shower gel for now and I’ve recommended to most of my friends who enjoys outdoor activities or just couldn’t stand the recent heat wave. To sum it up, the pros are the gel provides the right level of cooling sensation not overdoing it, has a uniquely refreshing fragrance and the ergonomic bottle design. And the downside is, it’s slightly overpriced. But kudos Adidas, this is definitely one of the products suitable for men and especially for athletes.

The Adidas Shower Gel is also available in two other varieties, Ice Dive and Team Force but I did see other shower gels during the late of last year which was Adidas Shower Gel Game Spirit. As for the ladies, no worries, there’s three various Adidas Shower Gels catering especially just for you.


Kahani said...

I'm with you on the unbearable heat, mate! I have a large ulcer on my tongue and another on its way. I hate this weatherrr!

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