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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Sustainable Youth Technologies Immune Performance

A little over a month ago, I received the Sustainable Youth Technologies anti aging system from Abbi of Caridan Marketing Labs. She sent me the Immune Performance line which includes the Elastifirm Supplement, Revitalizing Serum and Elasticity Cream.
Since then, this system has been included into my daily skin care regimen and these organic and environmental-friendly products are ready for review.

Read on for it.

You must be wondering, why on earth would I, a 21-year-old, need to use anti aging products? Believe me, you're not the only one! I have sales assistants who try to talk me out of buying anti aging products because they insist that they're not suitable for my young skin.

Being an eczema sufferer, I have skin that behaves very oddly. The surface of my skin tend to get very dry and frequently peels when eczema occurs. Areas such as my forehead and under eye become weakened and lose elasticity with the frequent peeling, causing lines to appear.

Eczema aside, I also believe that prevention of aging signs should start as early as you can. To wait for your wrinkles to appear and skin to sag before taking action is a little too late, don't you think? Kinda like how ladies in their 40s are using every whitening system in the world hoping for their pigmentation to disappear when they should've started using sunscreen from the age of 12. Same scenario, prevention is definitely better than cure. We are now a more educated generation when it comes to skin care.

The key anti aging ingredient in the Immune Performance system is organic Alasta. Alasta is an active complex derived from aloe vera, a common plant well known for its soothing and collagen-boosting properties.

Sustainable Youth Technologies or SYT believes that aging is caused by inflammation in the body which leads to oxidative stress and free radical reactions. Due to those factors, degradation of collagen and breakdown of free-radical fighters occur in the body causing decrease in skin elasticity and firmness.

Clinical trials have shown that Alasta has the ability to help reduce overall inflammation in the body. When inflmmation is reduced, the results are greater elasticity and firmness of the skin as well as an overall improvement in skin, joint and muscle health.

As an environmentally-friendly company, SYT products use all organic, natural and green ingredients which are formulated with natural preservative without any petrochemicals or parabens. Natural and organic essential oils are also used. The company does not support the usage of genetically modified ingredients and animal derived ingredients as well as animal testing.

Besides Alasta being a sustainable and renewable technology, the materials used in the packaging of the products are also sustainable.

Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement is an all-natural vegan supplement developed to sustain youth from the inside out. To be honest, I am completely horrible when it comes to taking supplements because I keep forgetting to. For the first two weeks, I was quite avid and the lightweight packaging encourages me to carry the product in my bag. The capsules were also quite easy to swallow so it really is just remembering to take them that's the problem. During the time that I was taking these, I doubt I could even tell if there were any changes.

It wasn't until recently that I took another read about the supplement helping with joint and muscle problems. Just before I started taking the supplements, I have had excrutiating muscle ache in my left arm and my lower back. I remember very clearly because I was moaning a lot and kept getting people to punch my back for me. In within the first week of taking the supplement, my problems seemed to have disappeared and overjoyed, it didn't occur to me that it could've been the supplement that helped.

Regular price: $65USD for 60 capsules (1 month supply)
Promo price: $55USD

Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum is my favorite product from the system. This weightless treatment absorbs readily into the skin without leaving any feeling of stickiness. The effect is also immediate as skin feels instantly tightened and firmed upon application. I love using this in the morning because the tightening effect makes my makeup glide over my skin and look great. I've also experienced less foundation (or practically none) sinking into lines throughout the day.

The scent from the essential oils is very calming. The pump packaging is clean and practical but I find that the pump for the serum doesn't dispense enough product with one pump. Two pumps are required to cover my entire face including my under eye area, where I concentrate most second to my forehead.

I've been using this serum once a day, every morning. Why don't I use it at night? You'll find out soon enough.

Regular price: $80USD for 30ml
Promo price: $65USD

Wanting to use the products as a system, I used the serum with the Immune Performance Elasticity Cream every morning because I can only use the cream in the morning. Despite the name, the cream serves as a very good day time moisturizer for me but barely sufficient for night time. Despite my complaint, I think that this anti aging system will also be suitable for skins that are oilier, differing it from most anti aging products that tend to be too "rich" or "heavy".

Unlike the serum, one pump is sufficient for me to distribute the product evenly onto my entire face probably because the absorbtion is slower. Although, it still absorbs pretty quickly compared to most moisturizers. The scent is slightly milky and the texture a little gritty but not much issue there.

Regular price: $80USD for 30ml
Promo price: $65USD

Overall Experience

I wish I had convincing before and after photos to show you but I really don't. It is not because the product didn't work. It's simply because my only visible wrinkles are on my forehead and they are recurring since my eczema does.
  • Although lines can still be seen, my forehead feels a lot smoother now. Previously, I could feel the ridges but not anymore. It seriously feels really smooth now despite how it looks. Heck, my skin always looks a lot worse that it really is.
  • I can practically feel no more line at the corners of my eyes. When I smile, I don't feel my eyes crinkled up at the sides.
  • My cheeks has also gotten firmer and more bouncy... hmm... that could also be caused by the weight gain *sighs* I really need to go on diet soon. Tomorrow, I promise!
  • My concealer and foundation doesn't seem to cake up or collect at the lines often now
Do check out Viva Woman's review on the products. She even has personal before and after pictures to prove the products' effectiveness!

The prices are a little steep for a student like myself but if you do have sufficient income, the products are appropriately priced for the results that they can give. If you are interested in giving the products a try, now is a good time as they're having promotional prices as well as a package promotion: all three products (valued at $225) for $150USD.

All products can be purchased at The site also features additional info on the products and company as well as before and after pictures of users.

Elastifirm Supplement

Revitalizing Serum

Elasticity Cream


Askmewhats said...

Now now! You got me excited! I am just starting to use this product!!!! :) Thanks for your review, knowing that you've got sensitive skin and this doesn't give you negative reactions, I hope it doesn't on me too :) :D wonderful review from you and Viva Woman! :)

fuzkittie said...

Cool review~ Looks like a good anti-aging line.

eliza said...

at what age is more suitable to take this? o.O
the price is v nice hahahaha

Connie De Alwis said...

Nikki: looking forward to your review!

Fuz: It is! and all organic too! The immediate tightening effect reminded me of the La Mer lifting face serum. but i didn't quite like the la mer one since it has those rubbery stuff that comes off... but it's still a miraculous product. crazy spensive though!

Eliza: ehhhh.... as I've explained quite in-depth in the post... there's no age limit for anti aging. I'm 21. go figure. lol. besides! there shouldn't be an age criteria for skin care! it all depends on your own skin. my skin will be ugly as heck if I use products that are "targeted" for "my age". I'd be stuck with anti-acne, super matte, gel stuff that's gonna kill my skin. so yeah. it all depends on your OWN skin. not the age

chita said...

hello-ilove you skindeco.seeyoulither

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