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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lancome Oscillation Mascara Giveaway!

Malaysia's buzzing as Lancome's Mobile Lash Lab makes its appearance at hot spots all around Peninsular Malaysia to promote their latest mascara, the Lancome Oscillation Powermascara.

Want your very own Lancome Oscillation Mascara?

Read on for the Mobile Lash Lab locations and find out how you can stand a chance of winning a Lancome Oscillation Mascara!

With 7000 oscillations per minute, this vibrating mascara promises to wrap lashes up to 360 degrees for longer, separated and more volumized curled lashes. See for yourself what the Lancome Oscillation Powermascara can do for your lashes by dropping by the Mobile Lash Lab. Have your lashes diagnosed with Lancome's unique Lash Ruler and experience the Oscillation.

Be the first 50 customers to visit the Mobile Lash Lab for your lash diagnosis and you will receive a sample-sized Lancome Virtuose Mascara as well as an eyebrow trimming voucher worth RM50. Even if you're past #50, you will receive Lancome goodies worth up to RM70.

The Lancome Mobile Lash Lab road show locations:

Kuala Lumpur
  • 29th April (Wednesday): Jalan Raja Chulan (near Hotel Istana)
  • 30th April (Thursday): Jalan Putra (near The Mall Shopping Center)
  • 4th May (Monday): SS15 (near Asia Cafe)
  • 5th May (Tuesday): Jalan Raja Chulan (near Bangunan AmBank)
  • 6th May (Wednesday): Damansara Uptown (near Uptown 5)
  • 11th May (Monday): Jalan Raja Laut (near KWSP)
  • 12th May (Tuesday): Media Prima, TV3 – next to 1utama
  • 13th May (Wednesday): Puchong Commercial Area – near KWSP
  • 14th May (Thursday): Damansara Uptown (near Uptown 5)
  • 15th May (Friday): Klang – near Bkt Tinggi commercial area
  • 16th May (Saturday): Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman – near Sogo
  • 17th May (Sunday): Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Center, Putrajaya
In Red: Revised venue

Johor Bahru
  • 1st May (Friday): Jusco Tebrau City (Entrance 2)
  • 2nd May (Saturday): Plaza Pelangi
  • 3rd May (Sunday): Mahkota Parade
  • 7th May (Thursday): Jalan Northam
  • 8th May (Friday): Gurney Plaza
  • 9th May (Saturday): Queensbay Mall
  • 10th May (Sunday): Kinta City

Opening Hours:

Weekdays (Monday - Friday): 11am to 3pm
Weekends (Saturday & Sunday & Shopping Malls): 11am to 6pm

I have TWO tubes of Lancome Oscillation Powermascara worth RM120 each to give away which means there will be two winners. For your entry, here is what you MUST do:
  1. Visit the Lancome Mobile Lash Lab OR a Lancome Counter at your preferred location
  2. Take a picture of yourself getting your lashes diagnosed OR trying out the Oscillation OR in front of the Mobile Lash Lab*
  3. Leave a comment stating the location of the Mobile Lash Lab or Lancome Counter that you went to and tell me why you wanna win this mascara.
  4. Send the picture and a copy of your comment to my e-mail at
*Pictures will not be published to the public on the blog. If you still feel the need to pixelize your face, by all means.

Closing date for you to submit your giveaway entry is May 19th 2009 GMT +8:00 11.59pm.
This contest is open to Malaysian residents only. One entry per person.

TWO winners will be randomly selected and will be announced on 20th May 2009.


jojoba said...

wow that's the second after Dior. I wonder who is next doing the mobile? I hope it's coming to my neighbourhood... grrr... i said this before, i always miss the fun!

and good luck for whoever gets the goodie. (I am too lazy to enter any contest. LOL)

prettybeautiful said...

gosh. why arent they coming to taman tun???? nearest is uptown but it is still far! and it is a wed :(

a.l.u.s said...

why NO in KK,Sabah?? :(

Anonymous said...

location not so good la......mostly all those jam area + working days.......maybe purposely just for OL working nearby .....

Connie De Alwis said...

Jojoba: Estee perhaps? Lol! They WERE in your neighbourhood. but I hadn't find out about this yet :-/ so sowwy

Pretty: go during lunch time la. hehe

a.l.u.s.: I don't think they can drive to Sabah! if they could, they'd be there!

Anonymous: Maybe that's the whole point. wanting the traffic. hehe.

=MiyUki= said...

oh i'll go mahkota parade(melaka) this sunday!!i'm gonna try it out! =D

=MiyUki= said...

Location of the Mobile Lash Lab:
Mahkota Parade Melaka.

why i wanna win this mascara?
Because it gave my eyes an instant dramatic effect!i love it i love it!!=D

LyNn said...

i went to the ss 15 one.
they weren't there
did anyone manage to see it there?
i left after trying to search it for 3 rounds.

Connie De Alwis said...

today is the 5th of May, my dear. ss15 was yesterday. you went today or yesterday?

Calz said...

Went to the one in Uptown 5 today. They were not there! Walked around and searched for it. Nothing. :(

Calz said...

I called the Loreal Office and guess what? Today (6 may 2009), they are at the weld and not uptown!!!!

LyNn said...

i went on the 4th of may girl.
it was the monday which i start class at 1pm.
so i wanteed to make a dash at it butt :(

LyNn said...

I want to win Lancome Oscillation Powermascara because I'm sick of how all traditional mascaras fail me and I'm desperate to know what all the buzz is about!

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