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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seller + Product Reviews: Acmamall + Bourjois Blush

About a month ago, I was approached by Joe of to have an online shopping experience in their beauty department.
Acmamall is a Malaysia and Singapore based online “mall” that sells a large variety of products ranging from books, clothes, CDs and of course, beauty products.
Taking the chance to get cosmetics that are not locally available, I picked up two Bourjois Blushers in Rose Ambre and Rouge Bonne Mine.

Read on for more... can be converted to several localized versions where the prices are shown in the country’s currency. There is even a local management office in Malaysia which actually made me assumed that my products were being delivered from Malaysia and not Hong Kong. Needless to say, I was rather puzzled when I had to pick up my parcel(s) at the international dispatch office. Registered delivery took less than a week to arrive. Quite peculiar, both blushers were separated and sent as two parcels. The blush pots were very safely wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by several inches of Styrofoam pop corn and sheets. They even tied a pretty white stain ribbon on the box. I was very impressed with how they’ve packaged the products but I do wonder – If I had ordered ten items, would I be getting ten separate parcels? Oh and did I mention that shipping is free for cosmetics?

Acmamall’s beauty department carries over 450 brands, including those that are not in the Malaysian market such as Smashbox and of course, Bourjois. However, the product selection for each brand may not be very extensive. But that’s not to say that you won’t be able to get pretty good stuff! Most of the products have prices that are lower than the retail prices but some are slightly more expensive. I blame that on the currency conversion.

Unlike most international online shopping websites that offer only Pay Pal or credit card payment services, Acmamall accepts payment methods that are more favorable locally. In Malaysia, the preferred payment method is through bank account transfer. From Acmamall itself, you can opt to pay via Maybank2u and even log into your account without having to open another window to access Maybank2u. After payment is made and has been verified, a confirmation e-mail will be immediately sent.

Bourjois Blush

I’ve heard so much about Bourjois blushers and I do like anything that’s baked like macaroni and cheese pie...

The blush is packaged in a cute old-fashioned plastic pot(?). I was indeed excited to see the actual product but the moment I popped the lid open, I caught a whiff (or several) of what I can only describe as scent-of-old-lady. Not that there’s anything wrong with how elder ladies smell. My grandma smells of chrysanthemums. But the powdery rose scent of the blush is so strong that it’s as if the entire blush has been made out of dyed talcum powder. I’m usually not that particular with scents but I just couldn’t stand the smell of this. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to smell it on my cheeks but I actually could.

The color of the blush, however, is very pigmented and gives great lasting power. Rose Ambre gives a very natural flush to the cheeks while Rouge Bonne Mine makes the cheeks look very shapely. The latter’s color is still a little too strong for me but it should suit darker skin tones well.

Although I do agree that these blushers are good quality and affordable, the scent needs to be taken out. It’s just too overbearing for me. I’m quite upset that I wouldn’t be able buy another Bourjois blusher in my lifetime merely because of the scent. Unless I come across a really awesome color then maybe.

Two thumbs up for but only one for Bourjois Blush.


Digie said...

woott! new place to shop. haha. my pocket's getting emptier. i can't stand strong scented cosmetics also. I'll get headache.

pinkyping said...

ooo thank you for solving the mysterious scent smell! haha I have one and I keep thinking whats the scent... I thought it smell like plum. haha

Mellerson said...

I had the same experience with Bourjois in Singapore, and the funny thing is, I never noticed any scent when I was happily swatching away on the testers, but the second I opened up the blush I bought, then phewwww, that rose-stink was enough for me to give the blush away.

Some of the other Bourjois products are also strongly scented. There's one "lipstick opacity in lipgloss form" product called So Delicate Lip Cream that reallly stinks with that distinctly lipstick smell.

That being said, the lip stains called Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Tint are quite nice, with a slightly sweet taste but no scent at all, so I guess it just depends on the product you end up with.

Traclyn Yeoh said...

New place to explore, yay!

I regretted that I never tried Bourjois when I was in Melbourne. *sobs*

aYu LaLaLa said...

I think Acmamall is similar to Same items, but different prices (u can double check for more great offer). Both offer free shipping in a pretty white box with ribbon tied on it. I have a pleasant experience dealing with this two companies and satisfied with their delivery time (usually took only 1 week to arrived to my doorstep)

Tine said...

I have the Rose Ambre, and whilst the colour is nice, I think mine's hardened, so it's rather difficult to scrape out the colour :(

Anonymous said...

I have a Bourjois blusher called 85 Sienne and its really a nice radiant reddish-light brown colour.

Pretty natural. I've heard about the scent of the blushers prior to making a buy, and of course I did get a wave of scent when I first opened the pot. But it kinda reminds me of a light baby powder... quite endearing actually. I'm the type that prefers no scent on anything I put on my face, but this one I bonded with it :)

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