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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review: Jesse's Girl Baked Eyeshadow

The whole baked cosmetics craze has gotten to me and so does not being able to willingly afford MAC Mineralized Blush and Eyeshadows. I spotted Jesse's Girl Baked Eyeshadows at The Makeup Mix Shop and ultimately picked up Evergeen and Volcanic after reading Vanessa's review. That should help hold the cravings for a while.

Read on for the review and swatches.

The first thing that I noticed about these baked eyeshadows was the size. They're HUGE as in quite impossible to finish using. Next was the shimmery-ness of the eyeshadow which made me weary at first that my eyes might be mistaken as disco balls.

Fortunately, on skin, the shadow gives a smooth coloring with just enough sparkle. True to Vanessa's review, these shadows are incredibly pigmented and they pack on well. All in all, good quality eyeshadows.

Evergreen is a fresh teal green with gold shimmers. I got complimented the first time I wore it but then I realized, I have too many green eyeshadows that looks just like this one and with the vast amount of eyeshadows that I have to alternate, it'll literally take me decades to finish using it. This means that I'll be adding it to my Garage Sales soon in hope that it'll go to better hands.

I bought Volcanic to be used as a blush. Ya'll know I can't pull off pink eyeshadows. As a blush, it gives a very sweet plum shade and the glitter gives the cheeks a pretty glow.

In this picture, I've used both of the eyeshadows for my look. Evergreen on the eyes and Volcanic on the cheeks.

Now on to the downside, the entire line of baked eyeshadows only has 4 colors. FOUR! Even foundations have more shades than that! I really wish they'd make more colors and come up with baked blush as well.

Jesse's Girl Baked Eyeshadows are available from The Makeup Mix Shop for $4.99USD.


LyNn said...

wow this thing looks professional.
really reminded me of the mac grand duos somehow.
wonder how much you selling it for.
btw when they say mineralized baked blusher / eyeshadow does the word mineralized means they are as pure as mineral make ups and wont further provoke skin conditions?

Connie De Alwis said...

It does, doesn't it?

I'm letting go for RM18. And to answer your question about the white line, I haven't used a good one from easily available brands. I'd look into Rimmel. Overall they have great pencil liners.

Mineralized basically means that the product is made from minerals including the colors. For instance iron oxide gives red. So, they're using that instead of Red No.40 Lake. Some people get allergic reactions towards artificial colorings which is why they promote mineralized products to be good for sensitive skin. But it's not always the case.

Askmewhats said...

Super pigmented!!! They are super pretty!!! Thanks for this!

gio said...

wow they are gorgeous and so pigmented!!

Jamilla Camel said...

The green is such a beautiful color on you!!

prettybeautiful said...

i too think that the evergreen looks really nice! i think i really love green shadows

pinkyping said...

wow I love the evergreen. It look really pigmented too. :) Look really good on you as well. Did you only use evergreen on your eyes?

Sue said...

I like how the evergreen shows up on your swatch! So pretty!

jojoba said...

sometimes less is more. maybe 4 is all your need. :P beautiful EOTD there.

makeupmag said...

What a pretty eotd...and shadow! You make me want to order it right now! :D

Connie De Alwis said...

Pinky: gosh.. I don't remember. I think I blended another color into the crease. i'm positive that evergreen is the on the lid below the crease. lol.

Jojoba: 4 eyeshadows will never be enough!! 40 maybe :p

Tine said...

The Evergreen looks very pretty :) But then again, I've always loved green and blue e/s so I'm biased :p

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