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Monday, March 30, 2009

Celluli Laser Intensive Night

"Biotherm introduces a slimming treatment in synchronization with the body's biological clock"

Last month, Biotherm held a luxurious media launch at the swanky KL Hilton to introduce their new Celluli Laser range of body products coming this April. Eunice of Biotherm was kind enough to extend me an invitation to check out cellulite-battling in action as well as learn some moves on the pole *winks*.

Read on for more...

Check out the sweet suite! And this is just the bedroom... Even their toilet seats are heated...

Biotherm trainer, Vanessa Tan, showed us how to massage away those nasty cellulites!

Bee so comfortably parked on the bed... I would've too but there wasn't enough room

The girls from Viva Vertical showed us some sexy workout moves on the fitness pole. I sucessfully twirled on the pole without falling flat on my butt :D It certainly looks harder than it actually is. Well, at least for the most basic two moves that I did...

Group shot! And the best part is making new friends. Did you know that it was Eunice who inspired me to look for a male co-blogger? She has been very supportive too. Thanks, Eunice!

Last but not least, the Biotherm goodies. Reviews coming up by next week!


prettybeautiful said...

wow thts very interesting and glam launch! next time pls teach me how to hook to the pole too puhlleeeese! :p

Connie De Alwis said...

I don't think I remember the moves! :p

fuzkittie said...

How fun, haha the pole looks like fun too~

Tine said...

FUN!!! Especially the pole dancing bit. That reminds me, I should start looking for pole dancing lessons with some girlfriends. I hear it's great exercise for the abs and legs. Well, and then some *winketty wink*

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