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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ALERT: MAC Brush Dupes! And I'm not talking 'bout Coastalscents

I'm sold. I wanna get the Face Brush Kit which includes 5 brushes at $39!! That's $7USD a brush which is practically a STEAL.

Enpointe of is running a spree [click for spree thread] for Sigma Makeup brushes and her rates aren't too bad either. The Face Brush Kit is RM175.66 which comes up to RM35.13 a brush. Not bad at all!!

I'm so excited!!! :D :D :D Can't you tell?


Hiri said...

i got this set in february, back when the USD rate is still 3.4 something. it's totally worth the price.

the eye brush kit is totally par with my 219 and the concealer brush, forgot the number.

and for the face brush kit, i would say the Angle Brush is as good as my Mac holiday set (2007 version, well, except the ss187 with a bit smelly, paint kind of scent and not as good as MAC, maybe 80% similarity. But it's RM 30 something vs RM 180+ , so it's torelate-able to me LOL.

btw, you are soo pretty. and i like every of your blog but just always too shy to comment....

Connie De Alwis said...

The exchange rate is definitely quite the pinch now! I beat myself up everyday but not knowing better about buying US cosmetics back then

Thanks so much for your input? BTW, was the ss187 flimsy or stiff? I disliked the Coastalscents version of the 187 because it was too flimsy and impossible to stipple with.

I'm glad you like my blog and thanks for supporting what I do. Don't be shy to comment. I always welcome all constructive comments :)

Hiri said...

erm. actually i had 2 SS187, one is from my february purchase and another one is in march when i "tumpang" my friend's haul. I had to say the 2nd batch is much better, fuller volume. (maybe they took Enkore's suggestion and improve it).

Perhaps i can take a photo of comparison and email to you^^

And..coastalscents's 187 is just...awful. the black handle is too soft/flimsy like you said, and the pink version is just..harsh,. i end up using the black handle for light application of blush. and gave away my pink one.

Connie De Alwis said...

Then I hope that the brush that I'm getting would be better.

As long as it's better than CS I'll be clam-happy. I sold my CS. It's usable for blush and powder but that's it.

A comparison picture would be great! thanks :D

心。葵 @ plue said...

no more brushes for me! i got way too many! >_< especially blusher/ face brushes. :(

but it's quite a steal ler! :D

CZEL (Vanity's Child) said...

Hi there! im looking forward to your review when you get your set of brushes.

nice blog. more power!♥

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