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Thursday, February 26, 2009

WANTED: Male Co-Blogger

More often than not, I see guys hunching over the pharmacy aisles trying to figure out which facial wash to buy because they couldn't tell the difference between "cleansing foam" and "cleansing gel". As for those who opt to seek for 'professional' help at the cosmetic counters (women territory), I see manly men become so vulnerable as they sit quietly and nod to whatever the pretty beauty consultants tell them to use (and buy!).

It seems to me that guys need help in the grooming department too and even more so than ladies do! As macho as they are, there's always the longing to look good with clear pimple-free skin that doesn't have wrinkles and sagging before hitting thirty. There's the eagerness to shave without those itchy bumps and hairstyles other than bed-hair.

My purpose...

I'm searching for a dude who is interested in co-blogging with me on SkinDeco.Net

(Malaysian residents only. Sorry!)

Read on if you're interested and wanna know more.

What I'm looking for in a guy....

- 18 to 35 years old
- has an interest and is knowledgeable about the following topics (at least 3):
* Skin Care
* Facial Hair Grooming
* Hair styling * Fragrance
* Anything else relevant
- interest in trying out different products and blogging about them
- able to commit to at least one blog post a week

If you think you're able to fulfill that little emptiness in SkinDeco, please drop me an e-mail at with:
-Your personal details: name, age, location
- A picture of yourself
- A sample review/blog-post on male grooming. Ie. What you would write if you were to blog on SkinDeco.

Please submit your entries by 10th March 2009

To make this search a little more interesting, all submissions will be shortlisted to a showdownbetween two finalists.

  • The two finalists will then compete by submitting a blog post that will be posted on SkinDeco.Net
  • The winner will be selected based on the feedback received by the readers. However, the final decision will be made by me.

Of course, what's a contest without prizes right?

The winner will receive a grooming pack which will include loads of products to help kickstart his new grooming-blogging career.


prettybeautiful said...

i totally support this idea!!!
I do buy men's products for my dad and bf, and usually it is not SO easy to get feedback from them. -_- guys.

hope u can find the candidate soon! :D

a.l.u.s said...

Kewl Idea...
Just West Msia???

Good Luck finding the right candidate!!

KayKamaL said...

half the tyme wen my bf is made to try a product he is unfamiliar with..he will sulk for a day,try it on..n it doesnt matter if he loves or hate it..he'll just kip shut till i probe him to the deepest of questions..most of the tyme getting monosyllables as an answer...

so,yeah..its a toughie...

n my dad..he is funnier..he was on the "safi balqis" whitening line (hw cute~) n it took him a YEAR to finish a 30ml bottle of facial,i guess if it takes dat long..the product also malas wanna work alredy..huhu..

n gudluck,connie! i'd love 2 read the male side of the grooming story..ngee~!

Vivien said...

in essence, you are looking for a metrosexual guy? hehe

quite hard to find such guys, IMHO, who blog on beauty product etc

winnie said...

It's a good and creative idea, since guys nowadays are becoming more beauty conscious :)
I think.. not only guys but girls who keen to groom up their bf will be interested to the blog as well...
Wish you all the best in searching and discovering another good blogger :)

Connie said...

Pretty: It think it'll be beneficial lor. There really isn't enough info on men's grooming on the net in comparison to ladies grooming (duh!)

hope I'll find my man :)

Alus: Thanks :) yeah, west MAlaysia since there'll be events to attend and stuff

Kay: Thanks! Hope it'll work out

vivien: yup. a metro. definitely a challenge to find but I know they're out there!

winnie: thank you. I hope I'll get enough entries :-/

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