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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Review: ~H2O+ Face Oasis Cleansing Water + Hydrating Treatment

It has been about a month since I attended the ~H2O+ store event at Pavilion where the bunch of us were given a set of the Face Oasis Cleansing Water and Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment to use and review.

"Dive into an oasis of oil-free moisture with a superior time-released hydration system that energizes and revitalizes the skin. Sea-derived skincare collection of water-based super-hydrators instantly moisturizes, balances, and transports and distributes hydration for up to eight hours, leaving skin supple and glowing. It's like 8 glasses of water for your skin!"

I've been using both products for a while now and they've definitely made it into my daily skin care routine (fine, I don't have a very consistent routine to begin with).

Read on for the reviews.

Face Oasis Cleansing Water

This oil-free water-activated fluid impressed me upon demonstration. The method for using this cleansing water is similar to how a cleansing oil is used: a pump or two of fluid is massaged onto dry skin, water is then added to work the gentle foam, and finally thoroughly rinsed off. There was immediate brightness (difficult to capture difference by camera) after cleansing and skin felt really refreshed and soft. True enough, there was no feeling of dryness and tautness.

I would say that it's an effective cleanser for day-to-day use but it doesn't remove make-up too well. I was recommended by the ~H2O+ beauty consultants to cleanse twice but that didn't work either. There was still residues of foundation after cleansing. I keep this for my no-makeup days.

The packaging is simple with a lockable pump. I think mine's faulty though because the pump doesn't bounce back up after I've pumped. No biggie really.

The price isn't quite my cup of tea mainly due to how fast the product is being consumed. Even though I've restricted the usage, I'm already almost 1/5 through the 118ml (RM60) bottle. There's a bigger bottle for RM99/243ml. Fine, it's not over the top but it's definitely pricier than most of the cleansers I use!

Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

"a water-based gel that instantly moisturizes and diminishes fine lines... Leaving skin supple and glowing... Intense level of hydration day or night..."

Since I have a couple of day moisturizers already, I started using this Hydrating Treatment for night time. Within a few days of usage, I could already see the effects. The next day, my skin would look plumped and I had rosy cheeks. Rosy cheeks! I never get that! I was totally psyched. This meant that the treatment had been "energizing" my skin to improve the circulation.

The Jell-O texture is very easy to massage as the gel absorbs readily into the skin. There is a slight stickiness but only for about 10-minutes or so. Overall, the gel still feels lightweight. The scent is pleasantly fresh, nothing too distinct.

I love the jar packaging of course -- maximum usage of product. The frosted-glass-lookalike jar is classy and yet light since it's plastic.

It usually takes me a long time to get through a 50ml jar but since the product is in gel form, I find myself using twice the amount than I would with cream. I've also realized that it's providing my skin sufficient water but not enough oil so I tend to get flaky spots ever since I've stopped using my cream-based moisturizers. I now use this as a treatment with an added moisturizer. It seems to be helping the moisturizer absorb better.

RM159 for 50ml is not extreme but still rather high end for a student without a steady income. However, if you can afford this, I would highly recommend it.

Face Oasis Shine Neutralizing Gel

We were given a sample tube of this as well. The function is quite similar to the Hydrating Treatment but it caters more to oilier complexions. The texture is more lightweight and has oil-absorbing benefits to keep the skin looking matte with a velvety finish. Thus, no stickiness at all upon application. I've used this for day and it's certainly not moisturizing enough for my skin. Oily complexions would benefit more from this.

RM159 for 50ml.


lilconstance said...

Hello Connie!

H2O+ is bit pricey... but the packaging looks simple and chic!

On a completely unrelated note, have you tried the toners and moisturizers from Skineeds? What do you think of them?

Connie said...

I've only tried the whitening moisturizer from skineeds. It's pretty basic. I haven't tried the toner though

B said...

I never understood what Cleansing waters were for but I get it now. There is a reason why they are all so pricey. I may have to take the dive. LOL! Great review, mama.

心。葵 @ plue said...

i want that treatment! oooh! i am so bengang with my dad la! if not i also can go! T_T

Connie said...

B: It was my first time experiencing cleansing water too. I've taken quite a liking to it! I'm waiting til I can buy higher end products without starving. Thank goodness for blogging perks! :p

Plue: Sounds nice right? :p Nvm. got other opportunities next time :)

Askmewhats said...

thanks for this review! I've always seen H2O+ products in China and HK but I didn't have the chance to purchase it and now I'm in the Philippines, I don't see them around here, so it's great to read your thoughts and review! Interesting products!

From Beauty and Care Island said...

Hey! thats products looks great! cool stuffs you got!

kahani said...

Ooh you beat all of us to it! I was waiting the requisitory month before reviewing... in case there was a breakout in the makingt. ^_^

So far, I agree with you that the cleansing water is great fun and wonderful to use. But too expensive for something that doesn't get all the makeup off.

I adore face oasis though! SO MUCH. No flakes for me! In fact it keeps my oily skin so happy I can throw any drying pimple treatment at it with impunity. Hurrah! Full review on my end next week. ^_^

prettybeautiful said...

wow the Oasis hydrating treatment is a miracle? it looks something like clinique's moisture surge to me too, the jello and all. and the price is similar to moisture surge too. would def love to try it if there is a chance. i have never stepped into their booth before, because i have extremely soft ears and always tempted to buy stuff that i dont need :(

Cyndi said...

The hydrating treatment thing sounds really good, I want rosy cheeks too :P

Connie said...

Nikki: Welcome! Kinda odd that they don't have H2O+ in the Philippines. They have a couple of outlets here but still rather low-key.

Anastacia: I'm quite pleased with the products too :)

Kahani: I'm having breakouts regardless. But I've been consistently using it so I've had sufficient time to review the product.
Now I'm curious about OTHER cleansing water. Such a cool product! Looking forward to your review!

Pretty: Not miracle la but it does help. hehe. I've tried Clinique's moisture surge extra and this feels way more hydrating. I didn't quite like the clinique one. It's more pricey too. leave all your cards and cash somewhere else first!

Cyndi: A pretty decent product! I was surprised when I saw I had rosy cheeks.

prettybeautiful said...

wow this is even better than moisture surge? NIKKI DID U HEAR THAT???????? i badly need some financial re-engineering. lol

Connie said...

Lol! I've heard so many great things about moisture surge but I guess it just didn't work for me :(

心。葵 @ plue said...

Connie dearie,

you have been nominated for a Triple Award! :D

see u tmr kay!

Inês said...

Here I am, asking questions almost a year later ^^

Do you think that the Hydrating Treatment will overload my combination skin? I have a semi-oily/blackhead-prone nose, but the other areas are pretty normal. I want to get plumped skin so much, so my pores will be concealed, but I'm afraid it will worsen my oiliness!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I agree with your comments. It's a nice product, but not quite moisturizing enough. I had flakey spots too! :(

My review:

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