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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review: Elianto Miracle Multiplex White BB Cream

Shortly after reading about this BB cream on Prettybeautiful.Net, rather coincidentally, I saw that my mom had the Elianto Miracle White Multiplex BB Cream. Naturally, I had to try it since I've been hunting around for a new BB cream.

Elianto has three types of BB creams. Miracle Multiplex for oily skin, Miracle Multiplex White for dry skin and a compact type of BB cream which gives a sheerer coverage or work as a base. Something like that.
The BB cream promises a lot of things; whitening, anti wrinkle, firming, moisturizing -- that I really couldn't care much about in a BB cream.

Read on for the review and swatches.

The texture may look more watery compared to my Missha BB Cream but it's actually very very creamy. As you can see, just a little dollop can be spreaded on a large area. It's generally quite easy to blend but the BB cream takes a little while to settle so that it wouldn't look like it's just sitting on top of the skin. The coverage wasn't too bad either. The finish is smooth and glowy, giving a decent color match but still a tad fair for me. Downside was the strong fragrance that somewhat bothered be.
I thought to myself, "Not too shabby..."

After less than 2 hours, the terror begins. My skin is not the kind that excretes a lot of oil but this BB cream made my face look oilier than a wok that has just been used to fry Hokkien noodles. Mind you, I've used a makeup base underneath and loose powder over it. Then, the makeup started to look blotchy and cakey. I was not a happy camper.

The only way I found to make this BB cream work for was when I use it with my Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup.

It worked fine for Mom so I guess this one's really meant for dry and more matured skin. I'm not tempted to try the Miracle Multiplex BB Cream though when I can get SkinFood BB Cream at the same price (RM49).

Elianto Miracle Multiplex White BB Cream retails for RM59.


ava vampira said...

Thank you for doing the review. Now I can cross that from my shopping list. Lo1!

Try Faceshop Quick & Clean BB cream. I love it!

Connie said...

Welcome! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll make sure to test the BB cream out the next time I go to the Face Shop :)

Askmewhats said...

Yes, I believe some BB Creams are meant to be moisturizing for aged and dry skin <-- mine! :) Thanks for the review :) I think BRTC would be good for you to try as the finish is really dry and matte :)

Connie said...

I think this BB cream would be too oily for even your skin! Seriously. Eek! I really dislike dry and matte finishes. You see, my skin is combination dry so those finishes usually cause a lot of caking and flaking. My skin's dry enough that I have no problems with cream foundations so what I need is something to give me that glowy look and not oily.

kahani said...

thanks so much for the review connie! This cream is definitely not for me! *shudders* said...

Hmmm... I always thought BB creams are for younger skin... I tried Etude Hse and that broke me out crazy!! So I'm not taking any chances anymore even with other brands. I just figured BB creams are not for me. Sigh. I wish my skin is not so temperamental... Thanx for the review. Not curious abt this anymore!!

Connie said...

Kahani: Definitely not for you!

Puss: Oh, don't get me wrong! Some BB creams do control oil and work very well for young skins. There are many different formulas. If you have problem with breakouts, I'd suggest you try Skinfood. I've read that Skinfood BB Cream has even helped to control breakouts.

prettybeautiful said...

omg hokkian mee wok is such a funny yet accurate way to describe it!
thanks for testing it out on face, now i know this is a defnitely BIG NO and the scent is too too too strong for me

Tine said...

LOL at the hokkien mee wok! :P

Hmmm now I'm craving for hokkien mee ......

ning * star said...

too bad. I end up buying nothing from elianto after I tried out the tester of elianto BB cream
it makes me feel awwww and ouchhh... wth is this...duh...

thanks for this review

Anonymous said...

The multiplex white bb cream is really intended for matured skin like mine (46 yrs old). I use the balm first and then the cream. Actually, the cream is cool to the skin. It acts as a primer for my foundation and powder. So far, no allergic reactions.

Anonymous said...

i had tried few bb cream before.but nothing can match i tried elianto.its match me perfectly. may b its not suitable for you dear.

Bebe said...

Hey connie! I think you should try out Elianto's other BB cream: "multiple multiplex" ( without the white). It's really meant for oil controlling unlike the multiple white multiplex. :)

Anonymous said...

yes connie, the green one (BB cream multiple multiplex "without the white") is intended to control oil in your face. :)

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