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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: Biossentials Coffee Tropical Scrub

Some of us just don't have the time (*coughs* or the budget) to relax in luxurious spas, what with all the shopping to do and TV drama to catch up on...
Thankfully, Biossentials has come up with Spa Kits that you can do-it-yourself in the comfort of your own home. The very dear Bee got me the Coffee Tropical Scrub Body Treatment Kit for Christmas (yes, ages ago!) and I finally brought myself to use it for Valentine's as part of the self-love thing.
I had a whale of a time and I really ought to do this more often! *sighs* Shows how little I love myself.

Read on for the review and pictorial step-by-step!

Each Coffee Scrub Kit contains three body treatments:
- 6 sachets of Coffee Scrub: re-energize and invigorate
- Orange Blossom Pure Floral Water: soothing and toning
- Herbal Bath Sachet: hydrate and rejuvenate
- Wooden ice-cream stick

Coffee Scrub with tropical herbs has a refreshing and intoxicating aroma to awaken and stimulate the senses. Coffee contains natural acids that tone & exfoliate tired skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. Useful scrub to stimulate cellulite prone areas such as buttocks and thighs. Contains: Premium coffee, pandanus leaf, kaffir lime, cassia leaf and others.

One kit is good for 3 treatments but since there's only one Herbal Bath (very odd), I haven't got to using that yet. Each treatment is sufficient for the whole body, especially cellulite-prone areas which includes the legs, buttocks, arms and abdomen. This treatment acts as a body masque and scrub in one.

The coffee aroma is therapeutic and should be able to satisfy any coffee cravings. Following the simple instructions, the tropical body scrub/masque is pretty easy to create. As the masque is applied on the body, there were some loose granules of coffee that refused to stick on the skin so it could get a little messy if you're not doing this in the bathroom (I did it in the living room). The masque gave a cooling effect that made me sway my arms and legs around because the sensation was so comforting. Hee hee.

After about 20 minutes, the masque would have been completely dried and the skin will feel tight. When water is added, the masque becomes a scrub that has granules of just the right size for the body. I was told that the scrub brightens the skin so you can imagine the shock that I had when I saw that my legs looked darker after I've washed off the scrub. With a little closer look, it turned out that my skin was actually having a red tinge, like it's flushed. This meant that the scrub was truly improving the blood circulation of my skin -- neat! After a few more minutes, the color of my skin went back to normal and I was left with soft, smooth and supple skin that glows, Ikidyounot. I couldn't resist rubbing my legs together all the time. Hee hee hee. Even the rough skin on my elbows and knees were immediately softened.

Only downside was that my skin started to feel itchy (I think it's the after-effect of the raging blood circulation) and I had 2 tiny red bumps each on my legs and arms. I could be allergic to one of the ingredients in there but no biggie really.

I don't know the price for this kit but I'll update as soon as I find out.

Biossentials products are available for retail at:
- British India, One Utama or Great Eastern Mall (the GE outlet's so huge I couldn't find Biossentials @.@)
- Aussino, Ikano Power Centre
- Sunpharma, Sunway Pyramid

You'll need a bowl for mixing, the mixers, a cup of water, the stick, instructions and a brush to apply the mask (not pictured here)

Empty the two sachets of coffee mix into the bowl and then add in 1tsp of Floral Water. After that, add in enough water to mix. Keep stirring and adding water (if needed) until you get a goopy paste.

Get your brush (I used the glazing brush I found in the kitchen :p) and dip it into the mixture -- like duh! Brush the masque onto your skin and try to do it in one direction so that the granules won't fall out. Leave it to dry for about 20 minutes. After it has completely dried (very obvious), wet your palms and start gently scrubbing in circular motions. Finally, rinse off and follow with a body moisturizer.

Click to read my review for the Biossentials Face Polish which I LOVE!


fuzkittie said...

Woooo I love coffee!! I'd be tempted to put this in my coffee maker and drink it... hahahaa.

Askmewhats said...

coffee is wonderful for cellulite! It does decrease cellulite, I've seen my colleague and it works for her! I am just too lazy to do these! :) Thanks for the wonderful post Connie :) Now I want to drink coffee! but not the coffee you used ha? hahahaha

gingerbee said...

Coffee scrub! :) I love coffee scrubs. :) there's this one I'm using that I consider my HG scrub!

prettybeautiful said...

yeah my colleague also told me that she bakes coffee beans at home, then apply on herself to reduce cellulite! i have a pack of chocolate body mask sample....havent used it yet due to

beetrice said... glad you liked it! :) it retails at RM33 (if the prices haven't gone up since end-2008) and they have a storefront in Hartamas.

Jenn said...

ahhh... i must try this out someday (and see if they work for my cellulite but shhhhh XD)!!!

Coffe scented stuff are soo yum!! :D

Connie said...

fuz: Thank goodness I'm not a coffee addict or I'd seriously be tempted too!

Nikki: Really? then I ought to use it more often! :p

Gingerbee: care to share what's your HG product? ;)

Connie said...

Pretty: oooh... so hardworking ah. once in awhile I'd be hyped up to do the whole DIY thing then I get lazy >.< ChHOCOLATE!! What brand? biossentials? <3 choc

Bee: I do! Thank you! My next special occasion is in march so I get to use it again soon! Yoh.. hartamas.. so inaccessible for me -_-

Jenn: you got cellulite one meh? :p ahhh.... now I'm so curious about chocolate body mask... drooling already. I wonder if I can just use plain cocoa powder. :p

Flutterby said...


I was hoping u could help me out. What;s the difference between the NYX mega shine lip gloss & NYX girls round lip gloss? Thanks!


gingerbee said...

Hey, hey :) You can find it here (

Mmm, it's definitely coarser, but the best thing about it is it smells like dark chocolate! :) If you're interested to try it, just tell, and I'll send you one.

Tine said...

Aiyaaaa .... I bought this together with Bee, and I left it in Malaysia!!! :(

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