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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Review: MAX Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

2000 Calories = 5 Big Macs

Very very fattening indeed! And that's what MAX Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara promises to do. This is definitely one of the most hyped drugstore mascara in the US. I have been contemplating to buy this for so long that the price eventually hiked due to currency exchange -- Grrr.... But at RM30 after conversion, the price still isn't too bad so I overlooked the big brush (which was what held me back) and ordered this mascara from Drugstore.Com via sgdrugstore. Paris (MyWomenStuff) recently reviewed the 2000 Calorie Mascara as well but I do wonder if it's the same one since the packaging is different. I know they also have the curved brush version and also a waterproof version so those 2000 Calorie Mascaras may perform differently.

"2000 Calorie fattens up each lash for a dramatic, lush effect that washes off easily with cleanser, or soap and water (but still manages to be smudgeproof, so you don't have to worry about raccoon eyes)."

Read on to see how this mascara fairs. I've included some tips on how to get the best results with this mascara.

And it's really not too shabby! Despite the bulky brush I've actually come to be quite fond of this mascara. The formula is a litte thick but it does thicken the lashes and lengthen them without the clumps (unless you do too many coats). The lashes look separated and they curl up even without an eyelash curler. Yes! I did not use an eyelash curler in the photos. Not bad yeah? The mascara doesn't flake or smudge and it's quite gentle to the eyes as well. I haven't tried removing with warm water and soap yet but it does come off rather easily with an eye makeup remover. The brush was somewhat of a turn off but it's not impossible to work with. At least I can still get the lower lashes with the tip of the brush. I have a feeling that this mascara will dry out quite easily because the mascara can get goopy on the brush. I also would not recommend this mascara for droopy lashes since the formula is heavy.

Overall, I think that this is a very good mascara and it has made its way into my bag since my still favorite Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara is drying up. For the price (USD4.99), it's still definitely worth trying.

The most important thing you have to remember when using this mascara is not to double dip. Once you double dip you WILL have treachearous clumps. So, only ONE dip for each eye. Clear?

First, you apply the mascara on the upper lashes until you get the desired thickness and length. Then, move on to the lower lashes. By the time your done, there should be barely any mascara left on the brush and the mascara on the upper lashes has began to dry. Now, comb through the lashes with the mascara wand and push the lashes up and back. As you do that, the lashes should start to curve up. And you'll get very pretty lashes!

Just don't double dip! No matter how tempting! The lashes won't go any longer. They'll just stick together.


Snow falling said...

Thanks for the review !!~~ For been contemplating forever whether to get this mascara or not !~ Will probably try it out after I finish my LashBlast mascara. ^^. So tempted to try the Rimmel one as well. ARGH too many mascaras not enough time !~ (since their expiry date is usually 3 months)

Alex. said...

Wow this mascara looks amazing. I've seen it a few times, but I never bought it because I never used a Max Factor mascara before. My holy grail used to be Maybelline, but after taking a chance and trying LashBlast, I've been open to experimenting with new brands. =) Thanks for the review! <3

gio said...

Thanks for the review. This mascara looks great! I have way too many mascaras, but I'll probably give this a try when I finish them all.

jojoba said...

argh, i don't like the sound of the lash glued together! it reminds me of that Dejavu LE I tried recently. not much length, but just stuck together. i can see your lashes more volume with this on though.

i think i will not look for this as what i need is the length... thanks for killing a lemming. i had been wondering about it.

Tine said...

I'm not too keen on this mascara, I'm afraid. Have you noticed how dry the formula is when you take the brush out? If I'm not mistaken, Paris B also had the same problem with hers, even though the mascara was brand new.

Anyway, this mascara didn't volumise my lashes much. I still very much prefer the Rimmel Glam Eyes :D

Askmewhats said...

WOW! Your lashes are OVERWEIGHT! Super FAT!!! Lol love love love it

ParisB said...

Hey, you're right, it looks different. I did a check online and I saw there are many different Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara - I have no idea why! Still, it isn't all that bad for me now either :) I'm going to try the Rimmel next based on your rec!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the review!! The one available here looks different from yours too!! But anyways the mascara looks GREAT ya!! really very volumized!! Ohhh, the big mac pics got me craving for a juicy sinful double cheeseburger! >.<

Do let me know if yours dry out fast also like Tine's? And also, does yours come with the plastic wrapping thingy when its new (like all mascaras)?? The ones here don't have one, and so coincidently the first MF mascara i bought dries out in about a month's time. I just bought another MF mascara, it doesn't come with the plastic wrap either!

I'm not sure, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the staff at the counter did not sell me two opened mascaras... >.<

prettybeautiful said...

it works so well for u!!! :(
i am sad with ANY mascaras, coz my lashes are so sad :( they js refuse to stay curl no matter how much i curl them, let alone with heavy formula mascaras

Agnes said...

meh... i saw these in stores in aussie... never really liked it cause the brush is HUGE!! and it looks so dried up till the mascara wand sort of clump up?

did that happen to you?

i have rimmel glam eyes.. i think i might be lacking skills cause i can't seem to apply it nicely T__T

pinkyping said...

wow.. not bad haha but I think I will try rimmel one first. I can never try to put mascara at my lower lash.. :(

KayKamaL said...

ahh~no wonder..i always,always double,triple dip..tx so much..n USD 4.99 seems very reasonable..hurm~ (ideas flashing in d head)

Anonymous said...

i've got the volume one. that time drugstore was having a buy 2 get 1 free deal!

and i love love love love it! :D doesnt smudge on me too.

Connie said...

Snow Falling: If you like Volume then this would be worth the try. I use my mascaras for over 3 months though :p As long as they're not dried up.

Alex: Welcome! Max Factor's range of mascaras are quite well-reviewed so they're definitely worth trying

Gio: Welcome :) If only I am capable of finishing any of my mascaras before I buy a new one... I give in too easily to temptations!

Jojoba: Lol! Glad to have killed a lemming :p But yeah, this is not so much for length. More for volume.

Connie said...

Tine: The formula is definitely goopy for me although still usable. This would be one of the few mascaras that need to be tossed up when 3 month's up. In the meantime, it's still usable.

Nikki: Very fat indeed!

Paris: Perhaps it's just the packaging's different for different regions or something :-/ not sure. Will look forward to your Rimmel Glam Eyes review :)

Jenn: Mine came with the cardboard sheet with those plastic mold thingy attached over it. No plastic wrap. I have a feeling that the mascara will dry out faster than other mascaras since the formula is so thick.

Connie said...

Pretty: Listen to Carmen! Go PERM! :D

Agnes: I was pretty put off by the big brush too but it's workable. At least not as gigantic as Diorshow Mascaras! Those are ginormous! O_O Anyways... my mascara should dry up completely by March. It's already a little goopy. Applying mascara nicely takes a long long time with a lot of patience. I can do it alright but I've seen some people with "PERFECT" lashes. I'm not there yet.

Pinky: A smaller brush would definitely be easier to work with for lower lash. By the way, it was nice meeting you the other day at Daiso! So sorry if I seemed kinda blur. I get disoriented when I'm around cheap stuff >.<

Kay: Some formulas can take a lot of dippings la but not this mascara.

Anonymous: Glad this mascara worked for you and dang it! I missed out on the promo!

valerie:) said...

Hi Connie :) I just found your blog tonight and I can't stop reading the artciles :P It's getting really late though and I have to go to sleep but I just wanted to ask if this mascara would be fine for someone who's got very long natural lashes? I'm still looking for a great mascara that adds "volume", because my lashes are also so very fine. I want them fat, LOL :P Without looking too weird because of their length... Oh well, I guess someday I'll find one that suits me perfectly... Otherwise I might have to cut them a little, lol :P

Thanks :)
Very nice blog, I love it :)

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