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Monday, January 19, 2009

Eye Shadow 101: Application Styles

I know it seems like forever since I've updated for this series. Although it's easy for me to do tutorials, it's apparently a lot harder to compile all the information into some sort of manual. Especially when there are so many techniques and styles that you can use to apply eyeshadow.

This is just a rough guide on the techniques that you can use to apply eyeshadow. Some may work for you, some may not. Thus, trying out new ways and practicing helps in figuring out what kind of styles will look best for you but I do hope that this guide would be helpful. I've personally gone through many styles before I settled for one that flatters my eyes the most. Usually when you've gotten your own style down, applying eyeshadow can be easy peasy business.

Do you already have a favorite eyeshadow technique? Do share!

Read on for the tips and techniques.

The One-Wash

(Click to see products used for this look!)

Indeed a very popular method for beginners but nowadays you really can't get away with just ONE color eyeshadow on your lids unless you're five. But if time is your issue and one-wash is really all you have time for, try keeping the color on the lids nude. Use skin-like color with a hint of shimmer to brighten up the eye area. It'd look weird to have blue all the way up to the brows and stopping right at the crease leaving a bare patch is just wrong. For more dimension, add a very define eyeliner with generous amount of mascara. This technique would suit those with deep set eyes since they already have a lot of depth.

Version 2.0

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An upgrade to The One-Wash, even with two colors (excluding highlight), you can create quite a cool effect. Just like The One-Wash, a single color is applied on the lid (unless it's nude, don't go too far past the crease) and a darker shade is used to accent the outer corner of the eyes. Similarly, to add more dimension, go for a defined line and full lashes.

The Graduation

(Like this look? Click for the tutorial!)

This is another basic technique that is usually taught in eyeshadow palette pamphlets. Most people can easily achieve this effect using 2 to 3 colors (excluding highlight). Apply the lightest color on the inner 1/3 of the lid followed by a medium shade on the middle lid and finally, a darker on the outer corner. You will then get a graduation of colors. Keep the colors only slightly above the crease and apply a highlight shade below the brow bone to join with the colors on the lid. This style is best used for Asian eyes and almond-shaped eyes.


(Click to see products used for this look!)

This style is easy to blend and has a low chance of looking hideous. Apply the first shade all over the lid beneath the crease. Then, blend the second color (usually lighter) directly into the crease. This helps to make the crease look more defined. To add depth, apply a darker shade into the outer corner of the lid. Highlight should be applied as usual. This technique would look good on eyes without a very defined crease but still with some double-eyelid.


(Like this look? Click for the tutorial!)

This is how you fake deep set eyes with a very defined crease. You cut the crease -- not literally of course. The technique is quite similar to Layering but somewhat reversed. Apply a very light/bright (lighter than your lid color) on the lid. Then, blend a contrastingly darker shade into the crease. This gives and illusion of deep-set eyes. Suitable for basically any eyes except for deep-sets (it may look too deep!). Even monolids can pull off this style but the technique is a little different. The lighter shade should be pulled over the crease and the darker shade is shaped on top of the "crease" line. However, for monolids, the darker shade should not be too contrasting. [Click for eye make-up tips for monolids!]

The Smoker

(Like this look? Click for the tutorial!)

After trying out so many styles of eyeshadow application techniques (there's a lot more than what I've stated above!), I found out that this style works the best for me. I combine The Graduation technique with the Layering technique. I first apply my light colors using the layering technique then to add in depth and bring in more emphasis, I "smoke" the outer corner with a dark color and pull the color slightly into the crease. Using this technique you can smoke any colors so smokey eyes won't just be limited to black and dark brown. So, now I just smoke everything and it's a foolproof technique for me.

Click here for the first part of the Eyeshadow 101 series -- Eye Shapes


ParisB said...

Very good tips! I used to use the Graduation technique but the one that now works for me is what I call the Japanese technique - Dark colours along lash line and smudged upwards and slightly outwards, main colour over lid, highlighter as a wash over the colours to blend and under brow bone to highlight. Makes my eyes look bigger this way :)

Connie said...

Thanks, PB! Ooh! I learned the Japanese technique when RMK released their Jelly x Powder eyeshadows. Definitely a great technique for fast eyes. I've tried it a few times before but no pictures >.<

心。葵 @ plue said...

i dunno which i am using! i mixed! as long the colours comes out alright, and my eyes look better, i never bother dy.

sifu connie, bila u want to do a 101 with silly little me?

but this is an excellent tutorial!

Askmewhats said...

I love all the tips and techniques you included on this post!! love it!

Hmm..gosh, other tips? well on lazy days, I just line the top and bottom part of the eye and it wakes up the whole eyes! it works for me as my eyes are a bit small and my lashes are inexistent, so it helps to make my lashes look fuller :)

Agnes said...

i just do whatever...

omg.. why am i like this T___T...

i need to learn smth... FAST xD...

any nice eye make up to learn to do for a wedding dinner and a church ceremony thingy?

i wanna learn and DIY xD

.: Ya Hui :. said...

might i add a bit? layering is great for monolid eyes to fake a crease if you don't wish to just use nude colors as per your Fake-It tip. :)

outstanding colors like the blue you used or bright gold won't make a monolid look too made up - rather, it will make a non-existent crease stand out! :D

KayKamaL said...

im mixed..but tx so much connie..i never knew got names one..huhu

xin said...

wow so comprehensive O_o

oh no i think i am only at level bad in coloring! :(

Connie said...

Plue: welcome! Just try different styles to see what works best for you lor.

Nikki: Welcome and thanks for sharing! I do that sometimes too since can get it done in the car or while waiting for the train. Lol

Agnes: You're on the right track! From what I see, a lot of your makeup flatters your features well. Wedding and church ah. When is it? I'll think up of something.

Connie said...

Yahui: Thanks for sharing! But sometimes when using the layering technique, the lid color sort of just disappears when the eyes are opened. i think it depends on the kind of monolids.

Kay: Welcome :) I just made up the names la.

Xin: Makeup is all about learning and exploring. It never ends.

Agnes said...

emmm mine is in a month plus xD... i want something that don't look like i pile up 1000 layers of make up T__T...something clean and sweet.

currently the dresses that i am going to wear is.. a white satin dress, and perhaps something darker in colour for the wedding dinner.

something to look picture perfect too! since its my bro's wedding T__T

Jenn said...

Dearest Connie!! I'm finallllly online!! haha!! I received your package safely last Friday! So sorry that i cant inform you earlier because i don't have internet connection!

I usually do the graduation or layering method... though sometimes i get away with the version 2.0 of the one wash!! :P your pics are so clear!! This is such a great post!! :)

Lily said...

i'm gonna try the "fake it" tomorrow!

Connie said...

Agnes: I have some things in mine but I'll have probably only get it out by mid feb once I'm done with my exams. In time for V-day, at least! :D

Jenn: Yay! You finally found civilization! :p Enjoy your package!

Lily: cool! let me know how that turns out :)

Alex. said...

I really want to try the look you used for The Smoker. Your eyes look gaaawgeous in that one! Too bad I don't have any contacts like that though. =/ I feel like it really pulls the look together. =)

Tine said...

Great tips, girl! Lazy me uses the one-wash method for the day. Evenings, I'd use the graduation.

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